Fianna Territorial Holdings

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Fianna Territorial Holdings

Postby Kimpe » Mon Jan 16, 2012 9:58 am

The Grotto is Fianna territory.

Elliot is currently tribal elder, and though he is fairly relaxed on most things, it remains well known that only Fianna and their invited and accompanied guests are allowed into the area; these guests may not stay there, and they must leave when their business is settled. In addition, only ranked and full members of the Tribe (meaning they have completed chiminage to the Sept) are allowed to bring guests, and if this privilege is abused, face the wrath of an angry...ragabash. ... hey, he can be scary. >(

No technology is allowed (and, really, who'd want their tech around that much water?). Nothing that could harm the nature of the Grotto is allowed. We live there; we don't spoil it. Living accommodations are behind the falls; you should find all you need there.

That said, the more booze you bring, the more you'll get on Elliot's good side. <3
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