Red Talon Territorial Holdings


Red Talon Territorial Holdings

Postby Runtywolf » Fri Jan 13, 2012 4:51 pm

As of the time of writing (13 Jan 2012) the Talons currently claim the Lonely Hilltop and the associated glade, as well as the Undeveloped Forest. The Talon den itself is near the crest of the Lonely Hilltop, and (despite its limited size) open to all Talons. The Undeveloped Forest has been set aside as a safe place for Talon kin and mates. Woodsy lupus who have been invited into the territory will generally be tolerated, however the ape-born are almost universally unwelcome (with very rare exception), and trespassing apes will likely be killed on sight (or, if the Talon is feeling charitable, frightened away through gifts such as Wolf at the Door).

Earth-Whisperer, as current Elder, has made the following very clear:

    1. Any unknown apes should be investigated before being killed. Killing one ape may lead to others returning to investigate their loss. If the ape can be lured elsewhere and scared off, that's the preference. However, if you simply must kill them (looking at you, FD), that's cool. Just don't endanger the territory.
    2. Any known ape-kin should not be killed, but should be Thoroughly Encouraged and Reminded that they are Not Welcome. Chasing them off the territory in Hispo is an entirely acceptable method of this.
    3. We protect the glade. If at all possible, it should be considered that Someone is around keeping an eye on the territory if they aren't actively scening elsewhere.
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