Moot Preparation/Big Rite

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Moot Preparation/Big Rite

Postby Ren » Wed Feb 08, 2012 6:03 pm

Mouse sends the word out: everyone attending Moot this Friday (and she stresses it should be as many people as possible), should bring a stone with them, washed, about the size of a human head.

Most importantly, Tribal Elders should bring a stone they've selected carefully, washed clean, and decorated to represent their tribe and to honor the Caern. Symbols of hope and renewal, or the changing seasons, are also very appropriate to decorate the stone with. Mouse would also encourage Tribal Elders to prepare, according to their Tribe's traditions, as they would for a large, important rite. Fasting, feasting, vigils, blood-letting, meditation...whatever is both appropriate and not in violation of Sept rules or the sanctity of the Caern. (Tribe members are fully welcome to participate, but the onus is on the elders).

If asked why, Mouse would explain that, on the orders of the Warder (and with the Alpha's permission), the Sept is going to attempt to put the Caern into slumber, as it was way back in the Wheel's history, to protect it from the Wyrm when the Wyld takes over and the Garou can no longer directly guard it.

(I can do this as a scene if you prefer, but since Moot is very soon, I'm putting this out there in case you can't catch me.)

Note: If Tribal Elders can't actually attend (and can't/would prefer not to be puppeted doing their part of the rite), a second can be ICly selected, though this should be someone as high ranked and respected as possible. OOC schedules, after all, do take priority. :)
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