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Metis Cub's First Day (26 Mar 2012)

PostPosted: Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:00 pm
by Hazmat
It is currently 17:59 Pacific Time on Sun Mar 25 2012.

Currently the moon is in the waxing Crescent (Theurge) Moon phase (20% full).

Currently in Saint Claire, it is a cloudy day. The temperature is 58 degrees Fahrenheit (14 degrees Celsius). The wind is currently coming in from the east at 3 mph. The barometric pressure reading is 29.71 and steady, and the relative humidity is 42 percent. The dewpoint is 35 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degrees Celsius.)

Industrial Sector, Southwest Side

Several blocks encompassing the southern ends of 13th, 14th and 15th Streets extend in an area poor and abandoned, with but a few businesses struggling to survive. Along the northern edge of the district is a junk yard filled with old washers, dryers, tires, and the myriad other elements of human-created unrecycled waste. Smoke pours from a few factories, and the more productive factories to the east combine with it to lay a thin film of dark ash across much of the streets. Other factories, and warehouses between them, lie abandoned or are home to the poor; at night, from some of those with windows, the orange glow of oil drums used for heating and light shine dully through the grime. Small shops serve the few factory workers who remain in the area beyond the end of the working day, or during the lunch hours grudgingly allowed. In the northeastern corner there is slightly more activity in bars offering drinking and even some gambling in dark corners. Along this stretch of street, the alleyways have stairways to second-floor rooms, with the occasional alley entrance occupied evening and night by painted women making blatant offers to the male passersby. Southwards, on the southern side of Grym Broders Avenue, the train station falls into disrepair similar to the rest of the area.

After getting the phonecall that he will be needing to pick up a Shadow Lord cub, Nik pops out of his room at the Vault and rounds up those present. That would be Alexandra and Ky, which he seems to be quite happy with. Loading them into not the Chevelle this time, but the Expedition (gasp), Nik heads out towards the industrial district and the junkyard he'd said to meet him in front of. There he parks, looking pensive as he scopes the place out. "Kinfetches usually go off when Garou first... " he notes to the others with a frown.

Alexandra asks, "Well, you did say the person called about a metis cub. Would they even bother doing the Rite at all since they _knew_ the cub would change?"

Ky watches it all from the back seat, face nearly pressed up against the window. "How does a metis cub even first change," he asks, glancing toward the pair in the front seat. "Never seen it before. We had Metis come through, but... Not like that."

Nik opens the door to the car. "They're in crinos till they have their first change, just like anyone else, only they can go lupus and homid afterwards. Which means they don't need to be hidden anymore. So I'm curious how this had been working so far. Hang out in here for a minute... " He steps out of the car, making himself more visible, but leaves the door open for the others to be able to hear.

Alexandra says "It must be pretty weird for them. I mean, can you imagine changing into a human when you've spent your whole life as a crinos? When I changed, I felt strong, fast, like my senses were more alive than they'd ever been. Turning into a human would the opposite of that."

"I know," Ky answers. He climbs over the back seat and into the one Nik just vacated. "Gotta be weird for the wolf born ones, too. Only they first sort of more like we do." He leans against the steering wheel, watching the alpha move outside.

The vehicle that arrives is a massive Ford truck with Washington plates and one of those big steel tool boxes in the back. The man behind the wheel is massive as well, the kind of all-over big that one sees in strongman competitions; not heavyweight lifters but the guys who can pull a bus. He's as bald as a bowling ball and has a thick black beard and cold blue eyes. When he gets out of the cab, the truck rocks noticeably.

The boy who gets out the other side is much less impressive and badly dressed to boot. He says nothing, looking about with a bland expression as the driver approaches. "Mr. Hendershot, I presume?"

Nik offers his hand, and though a smile isn't present, his face is openly fairly friendly. "I am," he tells the man. His eyes flicker to the boy, and it's obvious he's looking for that which makes him metis. "And you are...?"

Alexandra lowers her window, arm resting in the space where it had been, falling silent as she watches the exchange.

Ky glances at Lex when the boy and driver appear. After a beat, he leans forward and rests his chin on the steering wheel, likewise watching the trio.

"Jakob Arsov," says the kin, grasping Nik's hand. "My family have been watching over... /it/... since it was weaned." He scowls, then adds, curtly, "My brother's." Handshake done, he turns and calls over to the metis, who appears absolutely normal, and barks out an order. "Hey! Here, you!" And he snaps his fingers impatiently.

The metis cub turns sullen eyes to the big man and comes over, slowly. He walks like he's not sure about his body -- though that might also be because his shoes are clearly too big for him.

This young man, well-formed but not stunningly attractive, appears to be somewhere in his middle teenage years. In height and weight he seems quite unremarkable, being somewhere under five and a half feet tall and with a terribly average build, neither thin nor fat, neither scrawny nor especially muscular. His black hair brushes around the bottom of his ears and covers most of a high, wide forehead; it looks in desperate need of cutting. His dark brown eyes are deep-set, with thick lashes and heavy lids. He has a distinctly Roman nose, small ears, and a very slight underbite which is generally only noticeable in profile. As if to compensate for his brow, his chin is small and pointed, with a cleft; he's too young for a beard but has the scruffy potential of one.

He's dressed in faded blue jeans and a sagging brown sweater, both items too large for him. His heavy, scuffed black shoes are a bit too big as well. He could also use a bath, to be honest.

Nik regards the boy with interest as he ambles over. "I see. Have a name at all?" He crosses his arms, but not before gesturing that it's cool to leave the car if his Tribesmates wish.

Alexandra steps out of the car, walking over toward the kin and the boy. "That's a good question." Ignoring the kin, she instead extends her hand to the boy. "I'm Alexandra. What's your name?"

Ky climbs out of the other side of the vehicle, approaching a little more cautiously than Lex. He goes to Nik's side, regarding the other boy in polite silence.

Arsov frowns. "Name it what you will. My duty to it and to my weak-willed man-whore of a brother is done." He starts turning away, clearly intending to leave.

The metis, meanwhile, barely takes any notice of Lex or her proffered hand. His eyes are on Arsov, and for a moment the dull eyes sharpen, narrowing.

Nik opens his mouth to say something, but Arsov is already on his way out. "Hunh," is all the older Ragabash says, rubbing his chin. "Guess he doesn't wanna keep in touch."

Alexandra shifts up to glabro, then, placing a hand firmly, although not forcefully, on the metis's shoulder. ~Don't.~ Maybe she's wrong and he's not thinking it, but she's not taking the chance.

Ky looks between Lex and the metis cub, arms lifting and folding across his chest. Arsov is fairly well ignored, given as much courtesy as he'd shown.

The metis cub stiffens, then pulls away from the hand on his shoulder, stepping closer to the other Garou as he does so. And he watches as the kinsman tromps back to his truck and gets in. No love lost there.

Nik seems to relax a little once the large man is gone, but it's the one they have with them that is dangerous. Peter gets his eyes again. "You prefer to be called something?" There's only business in his manner, now, it seems. "Because when you frenzy in the back of my nice letter interior, I'll need to have something to curse." He offers half a smile.

So long as all he's doing is watching, Alexandra doesn't make any effort to keep hold of him. ~I gave you my human name, but you only received part of the introduction before. My name is also Seeks the Raging Waters to Silence Her Strike, Cliath Ahroun of the Shadow Lords. The one who who just spoke to you is Thunder's Hunter of the Heart-rhya, Fostern Ragabash and our tribal elder. I suggest being polite and introducing yourself properly.~

Ky looks like he might want to say something, though whether it's to introduce himself or add his support to the ranked Garou is unclear. Instead he lets out a small breath and drops his arms to his side, head bowing a little.

Peter continues to watch as the kin drives off in that massive truck. He speaks without looking away, his voice low, his English somewhat halting, like he's being careful with his words. "As he said. No name. Galliard. Metis. Cub." Then he turns and regards the three of them. "I need to bathe." Which he does; even his clothes smell musty and mothbally, unwanted handmedowns for certain.

Nik regards the metis for a long while, glance shifting to Alex. "Alright, Closet-Monster," he relents. "We'll take you to get clean and score some new clothes. Then we'll need to have a talk." He gestures for the car, heading towards it.

Alexandra says, "Ky, you take the front seat this time." She waits for the metis cub to head for the vehicle, following after.

"Yes, Lex-rhya," Ky answers quickly. His glance that follows the metis cub is a curious one, cast as he walks around the front of the vehicle to climb into the front seat.

Closet-Monster squints a bit at Nik, then gives a nod, seeming to accept the name. He follows the others toward the car.

Nik grins a little. This wasn't going to be hard at all. He waits until everyone climbs into the car before he starts heading out towards the Vault, making light conversation. "So when did you first, kid? Did you get anything dedicated to you?"

Alexandra shifts back down to homid as she gets into the vehicle. "And are you hungry?" she asks.

Ky half turns in his seat to look at the other cub. "I'm Ky," he finally offers, "True Arrow Finds His Mark. Ragabash and cub, too."

Closet-Monster's attention is divided between watching the scenery go by and his new companions. "Not long. No... dedication, no. Kinfolk do not do rites." A note of scorn oozes through the mule's halting, bland manner. "I ate... this morning. Not since."

Nik frowns a little as he drives. "No, of course not. But your uh... Jakob mentioned something about your father. No big deal though, we'll take care of that. The fostern sucks in a breath as the metis pauses after "I ate" but then lets it out again. Paranoid much? Fortunately they're just down the road from the Vault and Slaughterhouse, as Nik had intended, and eventually they pull into the garage.

The Vault: Auto Shop(#618RJ)

Obviously once used as a manufacturing warehouse, this large, open space still bears the scars of heavy machinery use within. High ceilings are blackened with soot and dust, cement floors are pitted with bearing the blows of falling objects in the past.

The main floor is extensive, and looks to be converted into a rudimentary auto body shop. Benches, desks, toolboxes, compressed air containers, and hoses line the shop, offering everything one might need during the working day. A long, narrow pit allows access to the undercarriage of a vehicle, and a lift resides next to a crane dangling from above. Occasionally, gleaming vehicles can be seen parked within, being worked on. A large, white curtain blocks off a wash area equipped with power washers, and a chamber with a door leading out works as a well-ventilated paint area. There is no visible stairway up to the floors above, but there are many closed doors to storage rooms.

Alexandra exits the vehicle, heading inside. "I'll start making something to eat, then, while he's getting cleaned up."

Closet-Monster stares about the open space, turning his head this way and that as if attempting to study and memorize every detail.

Ky climbs out of the front seat, turning to follow last behind Nik and Closet-Monster.

The Vault: Common Area(#620RJ)

The main room here is large, wide open, taking up the center of the level, an old-school lift leading up from below and opening in a corner. A number of doors and hallways lead away, allowing entrance into the personal rooms of those who live here. A fresh coat of paint upon the walls makes it all rather uniform in appearance, a cream color which brightens the room. Wood flooring is laid out on top of concrete and metal grids to form the floor, area carpets brought in to help soften the steps and provide a bit more insulation. Bare bulbs hang from overhead at regular intervals, providing lighting.

Two large couches have been brought in along with a handful of armchairs, though none of them are part of a matching set. A few shelves, too, have been brought in, though more to store things on rather than for actual books, so at the moment, remain relatively bare. There is the low hum of electricity in the air, providing electricity to the localized heating/cooling unit since warehouses were not originally designed for such.

The common area opens also into a kitchen, the counterspace dividing up the two 'rooms' with stools set along one side as a sort of bar. There is, also, a large, rectangular table with a number of mismatched chairs about it. The refrigerator is small and utilitarian: it has a large dent in the face of it. In the center of the dent, written in marker, it says "Soda is bad for you. :("

There is a Note on the fridge here. (+view Note)

A note, affixed with copious amounts of duct tape to the front of the fridge for permanance, from Nikolai. It reads: "Be nice and get along or I will cut you so bad you wish I didn't cut you so bad. -Nik" Beneath is a rather messy but heartfelt diagram of said threat involving plenty of red crayon.

Alexandra heads over to the fridge. "How does grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup sound to everybody? A little better than frozen pizza, but quicker than the spaghetti would be."

Ky steps off the lift and makes a beeline for the kitchen. Though it's not to seek out food, he actually starts hunting down the makings for soup and sandwiches, bringing out plates and cookware.

Closet-Monster follows after the others, albeit slowly and a bit shuffly as he's still taking stock of everything around him. "Everyone... lives here?"

"No," Nik admits. "Not necessarily. This is just where we... ah.. congregate. I encourage as much traipsing in the wildery bits of the area as possible, but it's nice to be able to have a headquarters in the icky city. If anything, this is where I work out of." He glances at Ky. "And a place you can keep your things, when you get them. Jacinta-rhya, our Warder, isn't likely to let you onto the Bawn until you've been sniffed for Wyrminess."

Alexandra adds, "Not that the bawn is really somewhere you'd want to be right now, anyway." Ky gets a smile and a thank you as he gets out the dishes and the fixings. The tomato soup goes into a pot first, water and milk added to it for flavor, and then she turns her attention to the sandwiches.

Ky appears content to set things out upon the counter and fetch ingredients as needed. There's a stillness to him, though, a quiet demeanor shown in carefully placed plates rather than clattered dishes. Once done, he looks up at Nik then across to the other cub.

Closet-Monster makes his way over toward the counter. He nods slowly at Nik's words, then looks quizzically at Lex. "Why? What is wrong with the bawn?"

Nik glances briefly at Alexandra. He seems ill at ease with the subject, but then gestures to the Guest Bedroom. "There's a shower in there, by the way. And some clothes. Shoes... I might have to find." And with that, he disappears into one of the bedrooms, but the door hangs open.

Alexandra says, "Some recent growth there that makes it a little harder to get around, and has fruit you wouldn't want to eat. It's being dealt with, but I don't think we'll have you out there for a little while." She leaves the rest of the details for Nik to explain some other time. "But go get cleaned up now; dinner should be ready by the time you're done."

Closet-Monster still looks curious, but the lure of new clothes and being clean wins out; he nods to Lex and vanishes into the guest bedroom.

Ky looks toward the Ahroun when she begins speaking of the Bawn, curious once again. "That's why Jacinta-rhya's all... y'know. About me," he fills in, a question posed once the new cub is out of earshot. He climbs onto a stool, elbows resting on the counter.

Nik emerges presently with a worn pair of boots. "Well, in any case we like to check for wyrm taint, obviously. I should learn it from someone, with the amount of unknowns I bring here. At least I can cleanse what someone else can find," he notes. He, Ky, and Alexandra seem to be hanging out and making soup and sandwiches. There's the sound of the pipes being used, a shower on somewhere.

"I don't know for sure," Alexandra answers Ky. "But I'd guess that's at least part of it, yes." She's the one at the stove doing the cooking, which is unlikely to surprise anyone that's known her more than a day or so.

Draco comes up from below, pulling the lift doors open when it stops moving. He seems surprised at seeing so many people. "Oh. Hello." He carries two bags, both seem heavy, their cargo of some weight.

"Hope we can find some kind of proof," the ragabash cub says. "As much for my knowing I'm not being chased anymore as hers." He looks over at the lift, tipping his head toward Draco. "Hi, Draco-rhya."

Nik scowls a little at the topic, crossing his arms and leaning against the side of the couch. When Draco arrives, the metis gets a wave. "Hey, Drac," he notes. "Got ourselves a new one." In his 'we're-gonna-need-a-bigger-boat' attitude.

Draco seems pleased to see Ky, his wan smile widening slightly. He nods to Lex and Nik as well. "Yes, I've met Ky. Good to see you free from bondage." It's only after that that he realizes Ky might not have been whom he meant.

Alexandra says "Oh! Draco-rhya, good evening." With the grilled cheeses cooking and not needing her until it's time to flip them, she approaches him once he's had a chance to set down the bags. "I've been hoping to catch you so that I could return these." Reaching into her pocket, she pulls out two of the healing berry talens he'd made for the battle with the Dancers. "I didn't end up needing them, but I know you'll need to release the spirits.""

Ky manages a small grin at Draco, shaking his head. "Free, yeah. But Nik-rhya brought in /another/ new cub. He's ...getting cleaned up. Because he smells." He holds up two fingers about a half inch apart. "Little bit."

Nik's mood darkens still at Draco's comment. "Yeah... I think we need to talk about that. All of us together." He waits, however, until Alex has handed back her talens, however. "Perhaps I can get Hayden and Quiet out here to decide what we're going to do. Perhaps tomorrow." Then, as explanation, he looks to the Theurge. "Andrei was sent away by Silvertip and Jacinta. Ky cannot go to the bawn."

Draco blinks in surprise at Lex, holding his hand out for the berries. "Ah! Yes, thank you. I'll see to that right away. The bear spirit was most generous. Still I'm glad you didn't need them." To Ky, he says, "Oh, I see. Right." But it's Nik's words that darken his expression. "Oh, dear."

Alexandra asks, "What _can_ we do? How can you prove that something _isn't_ happening? Unless there's some kind of magic that would help?"

Ky drops off the stool, going to take a seat on the floor beside Nik's feet. His arms hook around his knees, gaze keeping watch of the floor.

Nik's lips tighten. "No freaking idea. I was hoping the Raven woman could confirm they had nothing to do with at least their side of things. But she had flown off before I could get her to talk to the dead guys." He sighs, flopping onto the couch. "Not that it matters. Anything we provide won't be good enough."

Draco carefully puts the berries in one of his coat pockets before taking up the heavy bags again. "What's this, now? Proof of what exactly?" He glances at Lex. "Magic?"

Alexandra scowls. "Ky can't be on the bawn until we can provide proof that nothing else is hunting him. Even though the hunter and the hounds are destroyed and the Dancers are dead." She returns to the stove, taking out some of her frustration by flipping the grilled cheeses, and if the spatula hits the skillet a little harder than it might, well, she's not breaking anything. "That's why I said magic -- I know we can heal, we can knock people down with a touch, we can find people. So maybe it's not as impossible as it sounds?"

"What... what about that Rite," Ky asks after a moment, brows drawing together as though he doesn't want to hear the answer. "That one where ...where I had to change my name? Mouse-rhya said it didn't work before."

Nik tilts his head, indicating Alexandra has the right of it. It's obvious it pisses the older Ragabash off though. So when Ky suggests the Rite, he nods. "If it works, it could help. But..." he doesn't seem to hold a lot of faith. "At least you're off of Equinox's territory and with other Shadow Lords. That shit never had to go down."

Draco finally puts all the pieces together. "Ah," the theurge says, his blue-grey eyes narrowing in thought as he regards Ky. "Yes, that might be tricky. Still, not impossible. We could ask the local spirits. Though I'm not sure something that simple would appease our good Warder, or the alpha. We may have to go to higher authority." His train of thought is interrupted by Ky. "What rite was this?"

The sound of running water's stopped by now, though the new cub hasn't yet emerged.

Ky shakes his head a little. "One I don't want to do again," he answers. "One that didn't work before, and I have nothing left to give to even try and make it work."

Alexandra scoops the grilled cheeses -- she's made several, by this point -- and starts slicing them and putting them on plates. Then comes filling the soup bowls. She stays quiet throughout, allowing the task of preparation and serving to occupy her for the moment.

Nik rolls onto his back on the couch, covering his eyes with his arm. "Break with the Past," he supplies Draco. "Sorry. You fit in so well I forget you weren't here for so much of that," he chuckles at the irony.

Draco studies Ky a moment longer. Nik's compliment is met with a tight-lipped smile. "Ky? would you be a good lad and put these in my room?" He holds out the bags, which happen to have heavy tomes of books in them--eastern philosophy, it seems. Turning to nik, he says, "I might be able to offer something."

"Yes, Draco-rhya," Kyler answers as he stands. The bags are taken without complaint of their weight, and he carries them through the common area to the rooms to find the theurge's.


This young man, well-formed but not stunningly attractive, appears to be somewhere in his middle teenage years. In height and weight he seems quite unremarkable, being somewhere under five and a half feet tall and with a terribly average build, neither thin nor fat, neither scrawny nor especially muscular. His black hair (which needs cutting) is worn brushed back from a high, wide forehead, revealing a slight widow's peak. His dark brown eyes are deep-set, with thick lashes and heavy lids. He has a distinctly Roman nose, small ears, and a very slight underbite which is generally only noticeable in profile. As if to compensate for his brow, his chin is small and pointed, with a cleft; he's too young for a beard but has the scruffy potential of one.

He's dressed in blue jeans and a dark grey sweater along with a pair of Army boots straight from military surplus. Though his attire's not fancy, it is very neat and put-together, as if he cares about his appearance.

Closet-Monster finally emerges from the guest bedroom, dressed in the clothes Nik found for him, wet black hair combed back from his forehead. He hangs back a bit, taking in the scene and not drawing attention to himself.

The food now ready to eat, Alexandra calls out, "Dinner's ready!" loudly enough that she hopes the metis cub in the other room will hear. She eyes Nik, "Though if you want soda, I'm afraid you'll have to get that yourself."

Nik glances up as the cub joins them. "Looking better, kid," he tells Closet-Monster. "This is Draco. Meet him." Oh hey, soup! The Ragabash doesn't seem above helping dole out edibles, and he assists Alex by taking his own plate and starting to eat. How noble. "What you have in mind?" He asks the Theurge.

Draco's gaze falls upon the young man who's just come from the guest room. He studies him for some time before approaching. "Hello there. Nice to meet you. They call me Draco. what's your name?"

Standing just a touch under six foot, this young man is in his mid-twenties, lean and fit. He carries himself with confidence--back straight and movements fluid, quick and decisive. He has a mop of wavy brown hair, the bangs of which are just short enough to avoid blocking the piercing and discerning gaze of his blue-grey eyes. His high, sharp cheekbones are set into a rather long face. Those qualities, together with a strong chin and a refined jaw give him an austere and somewhat reserved countenance. He wears brown leather hiking boots and a pair of simple dark trousers with a clean, white cotton button-up collared shirt. Over that is a naval pea coat. Around his neck is a soft, very comfortable looking slate blue wool scarf.

Ky nudges the door to Draco's room open with a toe, once the room has been found. The books are hefted again as he steps inside, bags set carefully down on the foot of the bed. As he leaves the bedroom, the door is pulled closed again, and the Ragabash cub starts for the common area again.

Closet-Monster tips his chin up a bit to look at Draco. "Closet-Monster," he answers. Is that a hint of irony leaking through the careful blandness? "Galliard. Metis. Cub." His English is a bit halting, his words deliberate.

Alexandra pours a glass of milk for herself, and one for the metis cub. She takes a seat at the table, then gestures to one of the other seats. "Er...Closet-Monster," Yeah, actually using that as a name is going to take some getting used to. "That plate is yours. There's still some more soup if anyone wants seconds, too."

Nik sinks a little farther into the couch as the boy introduces himself by name, suddenly digging into his sandwich. "Mmmf... oh man this is good... for a grilled cheese. You be careful or you'll be Grills-Cheese-for-Gaia for the rest of your days." He points at Alex.

Draco's brow wrinkles at the name, and he gives Nik a brief glance before turning back to the boy. "I'm a theurge. Also metis. And fostern. Is that your only name?" he asks, but lets the boy go to his food. The theurge declines, for his own part, when Lex offers. "Thank you, but I've already eaten."

Ky casts a glance at the others before taking his place on the floor again, back resting against the front of the couch and arms draped over knees.

"That is my only name," the metis cub tells Draco as he's drawn over to the food Lex has set out for him. He seems quite interested in the sandwich and soup, almost fascinated. His first bite's tentative, and then he sets to eating with gusto.

Alexandra glances down at Ky. "Not hungry?" She asks. To Closet-Monster, she suggests, "Try dipping the sandwich in the soup. It's even better that way." Draco's sandwich gets transferred from the plate meant for him to the metis cub's. Whether the cub tries it or not, dipping and eating is _her_ approach.

Nik speaks around mouthfuls. "The guy who brought him out was kind of a douchenozzle," the Fostern says, as if that explained it. "Called him an 'it' and shit. We're better'n that."

Draco's lips purse. "Indeed," he says in response to Nik. Still, the theurge lets the boy eat in peace, for now. Instead, he returns to the earlier subject. "As to what I had in mind for Ky's problem? A higher authority. Specifically, The Hunter himself."

"Closet Monster can have it," Kyler says quietly. He glances up at Draco, brows pulling into a small frown. "Why would he come answer questions like that?"

Closet-Monster tries out Lex's suggestion, with the dipping of the sandwiches. His eyebrows go up; the dipping of the sandwiches /definitely/ meets with approval. Nom.

Alexandra can't help but grin a bit at the cub's obvious enjoyment -- at least _two_ of the Shadow Lords are an enthusiastic audience for her cooking. At Draco's explanation, she asks, "The Hunter?"

Nik peers at Draco from beneath his brows. "Haven't heard of that one." He leans forward in a definite "tell-us-more" manner, now that everyone's eating. Oh yeah, he's a sandwich dipper.

Draco lifts a single brow at Ky's question. "Well, he won't," comes the theurge's answer. "At least not for free. There will have to be a payment. Probably a harsh one. If I'm honest, it's not something I'd try if I thought we had any better option." Lex and Nik's prompts are quickly answered, as the theurge falls into teaching mode. "No doubt you've heard of the Great hunt? An annual garou ritual? But there are hundreds of human myths and legends around the same idea. There is a spirit that lords over it. The Lord of the Hunt." After a pause, he adds, "Asking a favor of him might be tricky. But we can try."

"Is it ...would..." Ky frowns slightly, trying to best figure out how he wants to phrase his question. "The proof, that things aren't coming after me. Is it worth whatever he'd require in payment? Is it... should we try it? And if we do, how would we prove we did it and what he said?"

The discussion finally draws the Monster out from his gastronomic pleasures. His chewing slows as he looks up, keenly interested all of a sudden.

Alexandra says "If the spirit is very strong, we'd probably need several people to help with Rite, anyway, wouldn't we?" She's not positive of that, but it would seem to make sense based on what she knows. "If so, nothing says they have to all be Shadow Lords."

Nik chews on his bottom lip for a moment. "I'm deferring to you on this, Drac. You're the spiritual type." He sits back on the couch, propping his boots up on the coffee table. "He might be insulted by being summoned for something so trivial."

Draco adopts a reassuring expression, and his voice softens just a bit as he answers Ky. And yet, his words don't seem to offer all that much comfort. "There's no way to know what he'll ask till we've called him. And of course, once he's called, the idea of not paying him frightens me more than giving to him whatever he asks. So. I suppose we shall just have to find out." He nods to Lex. "I suggest we invite the Warder and the Alpha to the summoning. They can witness it, and in that way there will be no doubt." Nik's last words are answered with a slow nod. "Indeed." On that ominous note, however, the theurge actually smiles.

Ky ducks his head some, scrubbing fingers over his freshly shorn head. "What do we have to lose if we summon him," he asks, dropping his hands again. "More importantly, what do we have to lose by asking him?"

Closet-Monster finishes off his soup (the sandwich is long gone) and gulps down the rest of his milk. His attention's still intently focussed on the conversation.

Alexandra eats her own food more slowly, though the sandwich is still nearly gone. "So long as you'll show me what you need me to do to assist with the rite, you can count on me to help," she tells Draco.

Nik frowns as he ponders, finishing off his food. "Perhaps when Hunter barks about the point being moot, Jacinta might realise that the point was mundane. I don't know if Stip has to be there. He had no say in Ky's matter." His tone suggests "one is enough".

Draco answer Ky with a vague shrug. "It's a bit pointless to try and speculate. But. We should be prepared to hunt something for him. That seems at least obvious. He may wish a donation of spiritual energy, which I'm sure we would all gladly give." Eventually he shakes his head. "Beyond that, worrying will only make you anxious. And anxiety isn't good for concentration. So don't worry about it. Let me. As Nik said, it's my job." When Nik speaks, the theurge considers his words and then nods in return. "Alright. Would you like me to take word to her? I have yet to actually meet her, so this might be an opportunity. In the meantime, give me a couple of days to put together some supplies."

"Yes, Draco-rhya," Kyler says as he looks up at the Theurge. "Thank you." It comes with a small smile. His gaze shifts over to Lex and Closet-Monster for a beat, then settles onto the floor in front of himself again.

Closet-Monster wipes his mouth with a napkin, then gets a bit involved in folding said napkin up into a rather small square.

Much of the tribe is gathered in the Vault at the moment. Alexandra and a young man that Quiet has never seen before are sitting at the table finishing dinner. Ky and Draco appear not to have partaken, while Nik's sitting on the couch eating his meal. There is one extra sandwich -- the second extra already claimed and eaten -- and soup still in the pot on the stove, as well. The Cliath Ahroun is quiet now, but she appears pleased with the outcome of the discussion thusfar.

Nik sets his plate on the coffee table and leans back. "If you would," he tells the Theurge. "You're probably more intelligent than I with dealing with either of them," he admits. His eyes flicker to Closet, and he regards the boy closely, rubbing at his chin where his goatee used to be.

Dracos' expression seems pleased. He loosens the scarf around his neck. "Good. Alright, then. I'll just make a list, and then Lex and the cubs--and Hayden, if she'd like--can accompany me in gathering them up. If you'll excuse me, I'll go start on that list now."

There is the sound of the elevator working as the gears turn. It takes a few moments but eventually the lift arrives and the door opens, exposing Quiet as she steps out into the Vault. Her eyes scans the area before she makes her way towards the gathered Shadow Lords. It takes her a moment or two but eventually the Ahroun realizes there is a new face amidst their group.

The girl can't be more than eighteen years old and stands tall at five foot seven. She is built like an athlete with a body that will always be more fleshy than lanky while maintaining agility and strength. Her skin is naturally pale and creates a striking contrast against her black hair. Usually cut in long layers with bangs that hang low over her almond-shaped brown eyes, her hair has since outgrown the cut. Now it brushes well past her shoulder blades and her bangs easily drape half way down her nose when not pushed away. Her face is heart-shaped with sharp cheekbones and a straight button nose set above her expressive lips. Overall her feature have a bit of a Baltic touch.

She is wearing a very old black tanktop that barely reaches her mangy grey, baggy cargo pants. The pockets of her pants appear to be full and heavy, weighing them down. Black, clomping and heavily scuffed labor boots adorn her feet. Her only accessory is are silver ear cuffs on both her ears, similar to the one Riot used to wear.

She has a scar on the curve of her left shoulder. It looks like an animal bite that's a few years old by now.

Ky looks up when the lift door opens, watching Quiet emerge from the elevator. "Hi, Quiet-rhya," he offers, before angling a look after Draco. "I'll help, since it's technically still my problem."

Closet-Monster blinks as if coming out of a reverie and frowns at the intensely-folded napkin before dropping in the middle of his empty plate with an irritated frown.

Alexandra offers Quiet a wave of greeting as she enters. "There's still some food left, if you'd like some." Turning her attention to Ky, she asks, "Would you mind taking care of the dishes this time? I'm more tired than I thought I was, and going to call it a night."

Nik nods tersely to Draco, then glances once more to the enigma that is Closet-Monster. Quiet's presence gets a glance, then a double take of slight surprise. "Quiet," he greets. "We have a new one." He unfolds from where he sits, gesturing. "Closet Monster. We're letting him chill out and eat for a moment. But then we'll need to get him checked over for taint."

Draco meets Ky's gaze with another reassuring one. "Don't worry. We'll get it sorted." He then disappears into his room for a bit. On his way past, he offers a pleasant but silent greeting to Quiet.

Draco stops in his tracks when Nik speaks. "He's not been checked?" he asks.

Something about Nik seems to attract Quiet's attention. Her eyebrows raise at the sight of his new height and well, she does her best in hiding her smirk (though perhaps failing /slightly). Quiet then gives Alexandra a nod in thanks as she is directed to more food, but the call of hot soup is what gets her attention the most. She pauses when Draco does as well, fixing her eyes on the newcomer with a bit of a narrowed look - it seems as if she is expecting something from him.

Ky half grins at Draco, the expression falling away at the Cliath Ahroun's requestion. "Yes, Lex-rhya," is murmured as he stands, going into the kitchen to start sorting out dishes for washing.

Alexandra says, "He's only been here long enough to have a shower and a little food. And neither Nik-rhya or I can check him." She stands, starting to head back toward her room.

Closet-Monster, noticing Quiet's look, addresses her in careful English. "Closet-Monster. Galliard. Metis. Cub." A beat. "Shadow Lord."

Nik smiles apologetically. "Yeah," he admits. "I coulda taken him out to the Edgewood and dumped him there till someone came and sniffed him, but..." He shrugs. "We were literally right down the road. I can clean it up, can't find it," he says. Quiet gets a sidelong glance. Yeah he sees that smirk. His own is somewhat haughty. Fewer short-jokes ahead!

Draco's mild irritation doesn't seem aimed at any particular individual. Indeed, it appears to be inwardly aimed, at least partially. The theurge backtracks to the main room, approaching Closet Monster again. The taller man looms over him for a moment, staring with unblinking eyes. He remains motionless and still.

When Closet-Monster mentions Metis, Quiet's eye twitches once, twice, three times before she nods. "Quiet. The-Cold-Wrath-of-Thunder. Fostern. Ahroun," she introduces herself before grabbing a bowl and moving to dump some soup into it. When Draco approaches Closet-Monster, Quiet watches With Interest (tm).

Draco eventually pulls out of his mild trance, glancing over at Nik. "He's clean," the theurge announces.

Ky scoots back when Quiet fetches herself a bowl of soup, waiting until the Fostern has made her claim. Whatever remains is placed into another dish, small enough to contain left overs, before he collects the pot and other things used for cooking, dragging them all to the sink unceremoniously for cleaning.

Closet-Monster's jaw tightens, though whether at Quiet's eye-twitching or Draco's looming, it's hard to say. He stands up from his stool. "Is there a place where I may sleep, Hendershot-rhya?" he asks, politely.

Nik visibly relaxes. "Thank you, Draco. That, makes things easier." He stretches out on the couch again, twining his fingers behind his head. "Galliard," he muses. "Take the guest room. Get some sleep. Tomorrow I'll take you and Ky to the Thunder Cave."

Draco's gaze lingers on the other metis for a moment as the boy is directed to the guest room. The theurge then resumes his own retreat, heading for his bedroom.

Closet-Monster nods and vanishes into the guest room.

Once the bowl of soup is in her hands, Quiet steps away from Ky to let him get back to work, though she looks at him rather thoughtfully for a moment. When Closet-Monster makes a move to pass out, Quiet quirks her eyebrows before she moves to one of the seats by the table.