Finds Death Leaves the Sept

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Finds Death Leaves the Sept

Postby Hazmat » Wed Apr 04, 2012 3:41 am

It is currently 12:33 Pacific Time on Tue Apr 3 2012.

Currently in Saint Claire, it is raining lightly. The temperature is 41 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius). The wind is currently coming in from the southwest at 9 mph. The barometric pressure reading is 29.87 and rising, and the relative humidity is 89 percent. The dewpoint is 38 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius.)

Currently the moon is in the waxing Full (Ahroun) Moon phase (80% full).

Blue Mountains, North Range

Chilling mountain winds cut right through to the bone, laden with the scent of snow. The jagged boulders of the peaks have been swept clear by its icy touch. The lower slopes are cut by a jumble of sheer cliff faces, small bushes clinging precariously to the few ledges that score their faces. Grass and small flowering plants form a patchy carpet, anywhere soil has managed to collect. Narrow, rocky tracks head off into nowhere, and then peter out or come to an abrupt stop at a cliff edge. Lines that seem to be mere cracks in the ground prove to be narrow chasms, dropping down into blackness. Sharp stones and loose rocks lurk everywhere, to catch the unwary and unwelcome traveller.

To the west, the terrain softens, becoming less mountainous and gaining much thicker tree coverage. The region is bounded to the north by the railroad, cutting through the mountains on its way east from the city, and to the south by the border of Wolf Woods National Park.

Little Silvertip sniffs around the pack's territory, not really expecting to find Finds Death, but definitely looking hard. The weather is cool enough that this high up, light flurries fall across the landscape, but nothing sticks to the ground. Silvertip is a white blob moving against a muddy brown background. Eventually, the Uktena throws out a howl, calling for the Talon. A moment later, he lets the others know over their packlink that he's looking for her. And she should come. Now. He seems a tad upset about something.

Finds Death /was/ napping, but she wakes at the summons and stirs herself, sending a bland acknowledgement over the packlink as she heads over to where the alpha's waiting.

Earth-Whisperer was apparently ranging in the mountains for some reason related to his challenge. Not being far, he says he will be there soon.

Little Silvertip waits, samewhat impatiently, on the top of a larger, bald hill, making himself rather visible. He also lets the two know where he is over the packlink, as he paces around a bit. Ears up, tail upraised, eyes rounded - he's annoyed, for sure.

Finds Death arrives in decent time. She pauses some distance away, muzzle lifted to scent the air in the alpha's direction, then gives herself a shake and approaches.

Earth-Whisperer takes slightly longer to arrive, having to run a fair distance. He appears some time after the Theurge, panting.

Little Silvertip smells like he's been in the city, but not all that much. Enough to get a layer of it on him. The Uktena athro returns the sniff over, his posture about the same as it was when he was waiting. After a few moments, he shakes himself off. Finds Death, he tells her rather sourly, was caught killing apes.

Finds Death sits down. She doesn't look surprised at this, or worried, or ashamed, or even mildly put out. Her head tilts slightly in a wordless '...and?' gesture.

Earth-Whisperer trots forward as the others sniff, but stops short of joining. Caught? He turns, eyeing the other Talon balefully.

Caught, Silvertip repeats to Earth Whisperer. Left pieces of herself behind. Hair. Other things. Was seen in ape... homid form. Was seen as lupus. His ears perk forward as he swivels his attention back to Finds Death. Did she kill them only because they were human? Or did she have other reasons for killing them?

Finds Death licks her nose, then scratches at her neck-ruff with a hind leg; she's shedding, naturally. I did not shift except in the Shadow. No human saw me without dying. The Veil was not broken. The enemies of the Mother were killed.

Earth-Whisperer glances back and forth between the alpha and the Theurge, apparently becoming rather confused. Was Finds Death seen or was she not seen? He's clearly confused. Do the other apes know?

Little Silvertip fixes a sour look on Earth Whisperer. Finds Death was seen. He found out from Scabdwellers she was seen. He slowly turns back to Finds Death, and starts pacing stiffly. Did Finds Death kill them because they were humans? Or did she have other reasons for killing them? He asks again, forcefully.

Finds Death looks rather dismissive, even distainful, at the repeated mention of scab-dwellers. Finished with scratching, she shakes herself again, calmly answering that she killed them because they were humans. There's an 'of course' tone in her body language. She killed humans /as/ a human, changing forms only in the Shadow where no humans dwell. She did not break the Veil or bring human wrath upon wolves.

Earth-Whisperer fixes a brief, dubious look towards Silvertip. Scabdwellers always do what they can to protect the Scab. Did Little Silvertip-Alpha not think to check to make sure all of the things they said were true? But then, he has another bone to pick, and swivels his head towards the Theurge. What does Finds-Death intend to accomplish? She obviously knows there are too many apes, but she should also know that chopping down one tree does not kill a forest.

Little Silvertip snarls at Earth Whisperer abruptly, surging forward a few feet as if he's ready to strike the Talon Elder.

Finds Death is about to answer when the alpha moves. She gets up and backs off a couple of steps, her ears tilting backwards.

Earth-Whisperer's features droop immediately, and he backpedals a goodly number of steps to retreat from the Uktena's immediate striking zone, submissive. He appears confused again, but says nothing. Best wait.

Little Silvertip bares his teeth and snarls at Earth Whisperer, expressing his anger at the fostern in a very direct, and simplistic fashion. That ire is turned towards Finds Death quickly and easily. Finds Death is worse than a cub! Caught by the wyrmcomers! Other, not wolfpeople things know about her! And not even kill for a purpose! Apes are animals too! If Little Silvertip found a cubs killing elk just to kill elk, he would bite them, too! Snarl, snarl, jerk forward, snarl. Silvertip's rage kettle is boiling over. So much so that the whole tirade takes a while to communicate in amongst all the "I'm pretty pissed now!" body language.

Finds Death backs off a few more steps, her tail lowered and her ears flattened... but she does not look apologetic in the slightest. Her gaze goes a little out of focus, shifting just past Silvertip. Calmly but firmly, she disagrees with him. Humans are not animals like elk. Humans are monsters who kill the Mother bite by bite. They feed the Wyrm and the Weaver and make them strong. As humans grow, the Mother dies. By killing them, I combat the Wyrm.

Earth-Whisperer takes this moment to pick up and gather himself. There's not much he can add at this point without getting clawed. So he waits.

Little Silvertip breaks out into a run towards Finds Death, kicking up mud as he bears down on her full bore. It quickly becomes apparent that this isn't a bluff charge like Earth Whisperer got, but he full well intends to tackle her to the ground with teeth, or run her off, whichever comes first.

Finds Death, unsurprisingly, doesn't wait to meet that charge, but takes off at full speed.

As soon as Silvertip jets forward, Earth-Whisperer darts off to the side, following after his tribesmate's path at a slower trot to steer well clear of the angry Ahroun.

Little Silvertip doesn't let down. The athro is fully devoted to chasing down or away the Theurge. Once they start reaching the end of the territory, he slows and then stops. Panting heavily, the athro looks for somewhere that Finds Death scent marked to scentmark over.

Finds Death slows to a trot when she's no longer being chased and, outside the pack's territory, circles around to watch the Uktena with old, passionless eyes. She's not surprised; her manner suggests she has experienced all of this before, many many times.

Earth-Whisperer eventually trots out of the territory, himself, sniffing his way over to Finds-Death, turning to watch Silvertip for only a moment before he slowly steps away, thoughtfully, apparently trying to reconcile something.

Little Silvertip, full of piss and vinegar, storms off to scentmark over any traces that Finds Death left in the area.

Finds Death looks at the other Talon for a moment, then shakes herself. Humans die easily, she tells him. Easiest of all monsters. I will tell the others. Goodbye.

Finds Death, with that, turns and starts trotting off.

Earth-Whisperer, conflicted, doesn't respond immediately, though after a moment, he does trot forward to catch up with her. This one sends his pups to Frozen Blood for proper training under other Griffon-children, under Wolverine-Sept. Finds Death would be welcome there, if she goes. It is very far away, though.

Finds Death tilts an ear toward the Whisperer. She asks him which direction this is.

Having made the trek before many times, Earth-Whisperer begins the process of telling her the way, scents, and landmarks that tell the way.
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