One of Them Now?!

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One of Them Now?!

Postby devwolf » Fri Aug 31, 2012 3:02 am

Synopsis: The cubnapping of Kitty might not have been so successful after all.

Several blocks encompassing the southern ends of 13th, 14th and 15th Streets extend in an area poor and abandoned, with but a few businesses struggling to survive. Along the northern edge of the district is a junk yard filled with old washers, dryers, tires, and the myriad other elements of human-created unrecycled waste. Smoke pours from a few factories, and the more productive factories to the east combine with it to lay a thin film of dark ash across much of the streets. Other factories, and warehouses between them, lie abandoned or are home to the poor; at night, from some of those with windows, the orange glow of oil drums used for heating and light shine dully through the grime. Small shops serve the few factory workers who remain in the area beyond the end of the working day, or during the lunch hours grudgingly allowed. In the northeastern corner there is slightly more activity in bars offering drinking and even some gambling in dark corners. Along this stretch of street, the alleyways have stairways to second-floor rooms, with the occasional alley entrance occupied evening and night by painted women making blatant offers to the male passersby. Southwards, on the southern side of Grym Broders Avenue, the train station falls into disrepair similar to the rest of the area.
Obvious exits:
Treasure Trove The Vault SlaughterHouse Filthy Alley Medina Coffees East North

As you draw nearer to the Green Angel's hideout, it's fairly obvious that something is up. There's a double guard posted, and though the group is still going about their business, there's a definite tension in the air.

Ky's hood is up, pulled so that it obscures his face. There's a tension about him as well, as if sore and stiff. And while he notes the double guard and tension looming, he approaches anyway. As if he has every right to be there.

The lookouts--Dan the pothead and Lincoln the risk-taking motorcycle rider--seem to be more on the ball than usual. Lincoln spots you headed toward the hideout, nudges Dan, and both lower hands to their shirts where, beneath, the outlines of pistols can be seen. Lincoln goes a little further: he pulls his shirt up enough so you get a look at it. Then he makes out who it is he's intimidating. "Otis! Hey, Otis! It's Ky, man!" The word spreads through the gathered Green Angels like a wave--a wave that brings silence, curiosity, and trepidation. The nervousness grows.

A brow ticks upward slightly at the sight of the gun, and Ky's hands raise to push back his hood to drape down around his shoulders to give everyone a better look at just who is approaching. He looks a bit roughed up, abrasions and scrapes, the shadows of some bruising. Nothing life threatening but possibly explaining the care to his movements. His hands go into his pockets as he moves toward the gathered bikers, gaze angling up this way and that toward the various faces.

Otis appears from within, carrying a revolver openly in the hand that's normally reserved for his baseball bat. The bumps, scrapes, and bruises seem to heighten his tensions. "Don't come any closer," Otis demands with an unfriendly snarl. The revolver isn't raised yet, but it'd take just a second to do so. "We need to check him," Otis says to the gang's VP, Garrison. Garrison's body posture seems to indicate he's waffling on the matter.

Ky stops before Otis even completes the sentence commanding him to. His gaze flicks toward the revolver then back up to the man holding it. After a beat, he looks at Garrison, brows pinching together slightly. His hands come out of his pockets, empty, and are held up near his shoulders for everyone else to see. "Check me for what," he asks finally.

Garrison seems to take over at this point. He looks from Otis to Ky, then back and forth once more as he makes a 'calm down, lower your guns' motion with his hands. To you, he says, "Bite marks. Take off your shirt."

Sighing, Ky grabs the bottom edges of his shirt and drags his hoodie and underlying t-shirt up over his head. More bruises pervade, the sort that look a lot like a rough fall from a goodly distance. And partly healed bite marks tearing up one side along and below ribs, obviously deep. There's darker bruising there as well. And once his shirt is off he turns a full circle, slow enough for any further inspection.

"See? See?" Otis points at you with his revolver. "He's one of them now, man! He's one of /them/!" Garrison seems a little more level headed than Otis, but still suspicious. "Otis? Gun down. Now." Otis complies but fidgets--odd behavior (or perhaps not) from a combat veteran. Garrison's dominant hand, however, drifts a little lower towards his own pistol, which you know he carriers behind his back. "How'd you get the bites, Ky? From the alleyway?"

Ky shakes his head, the motion going hidden as he pulls his shirts back on over his head. "Got attacked by a dog," he explains once his head is visible again. The hood is pushed back, allowing him to give Otis a questioning look before he continues. "A few weeks ago. I cut through a yard in Kent's Crossing and ran into a dog that didn't like me being there."

"He's lying!" Otis hisses to Garrison. "Fucking werewolves got him in the alleyway!" Garrison grimaces slightly as Otis uses the 'W' word. "What happened in the alleyway? Garrison asks of you. His gun hand inches a little closer towards the pistol behind his back--as if he believes Otis.

"Been smoking recently," Ky challenges Otis, giving the man an incredulous look. "Werewolves? Really?" Shaking his head, he looks at Garrison. "No idea. Some lady grabbed me, I told Otis to run and I'd catch up. I guess we wrestled a little, but she had to've been MMA or something. Threw me into a wall. Don't know what happened after that, but next thing I remember is she was gone."

"He's /lying/!" Otis claims ferverently again. "There were two of them. I saw them, clear as day," the former soldier asserts. "Clear as we're standing here now." Garrison seems at odds, his hand moves a couple more inches towards his pistol--and then pulls it from the waistband so that it hangs free in his hand, pointed groundwards for the time being. "Get out of here," Garrison says to Ky. "Don't let us ever see you sniffing around within 6 blocks of here."

Ky shakes his head again, showing an intense lack of understanding. "I don't know what you saw," he tosses back at Otis. I saw a couple of women and a kid. Tried to chase them off like you ordered. One of them grabbed me when I threw an old empty bottle at them..." He looks at
Garrison. "Already told you the rest of what happened. What's this all about?"

"It's about you. Leaving. For your own good," Garrison says, turning his back to you and walking back into the warehouse. Otis raises his chin slightly at you. "Better tie yourself up in a basement, Ky. Full moon's coming soon." The rest of the gang has kind of a grim disbelief look on their faces, but the matter seems settled to them. Garrison's spoken. The secretary, Jim, offers a quasi-reluctant, "Take care of yourself, Ky. And just in case, better watch yourself. Full moon is coming."

"You guys trying to scare me or something," Ky asks. It's not difficult to sound disbelieving, looking from one familiar face to another. "Come on. These aren't werewolf bites, shit like that's just a story. Hollywood and smoke and mirrors. I got attacked by a dog. Week or so /before/ whatever happened in the alley." He pauses, affecting a look of desperate contemplation. "Okay, wait. Wait, look. Full moon's coming, right? Keep me here, keep me... under guard and chained or whatever. Full moon passes without me turning into a werewolf, that'll be proof, right? You'll see."

Jim seems to consider this possibility, then calls for Garrison, who comes back. They talk. Otis doesn't seem terribly happy about them even discussing the possibility. Finally, the huddle breaks. Garrison says to you, "Come back here the night before the full moon. Until then, stay the fuck away or we'll put a bullet in your brain." Steve makes a finger pistol, puts it to his head, goes "bam!" followed by a hand gesture on the other side the impies an exit wound, and an accompanying "squish!"

Ky raises his hands again, fingers scrubbing against his scalp. He looks at Jim, more than Garrison, almost pleading for measure of reprieve. But with the verdict laid out, and the threat quite plain, he turns away. Supposedly to find his way home. The hood comes back up, and in the motion he looks over his shoulder toward the gang, not unlike a pup that's just been kicked off the property. But he keeps walking, eventually turning his gaze to the ground in front of him.

Several moments after leaving the gang...

Pack> Ky, slightly nervous. "...Lex?"

Pack> Alexandra's response is delayed, but one does eventually come. "Ky? What is it?"
Life at the Green Angel's warehouse returns to the way it was before, save for there being four people lingering near the entryway now, talking amongst themselves.

Pack> Ky says ""Gang believes there's werewolves in the city. One of them saw Lefty shift when a kid first changed in the alley. We need to find her and give her a heads up.""

Pack> Alexandra says, "She's not someone I know personally, but if I can find her the next time I'm in the city, I'll let her know. I've been keeping mostly to the woods since the moon started getting more full." She considers a moment. "Which of them thinks werewolf, though? Because if they saw her take crinos, the Delirium should have kicked in."

Pack> Ky says "Lefty's a Gnawer, she lives at the old Library. Otis saw her take Crinos. --Lex, I think he's kin."

Pack> Alexandra doesn't seem entirely pleased by that. "That's what I was afraid of -- unclued kin. Which would mean you need to see if you can make friends with him and get him to trust you...because otherwise, he's a threat to the Veil."

Pack> Ky says "...They've told me to stay away until the night before the full moon. All I could
think of on the spot was the movies of werewolves and how absolutely crazy they are. --I don't know what they're planning to do, just hope whatever it is, I don't prove them right about me."

Pack> Ky hesitates, then continues. "Your dad's a doctor, right? And clued?"

Pack> Alexandra is given a moment of pause at the mention of her father. "Yeah. You think they're planning something stupid enough that they're going to need him?"

Pack> Ky says "I don't know. But I do have bite marks from Nik that I've said were from a dog mauling. Would he be willing to fabricate a report to support my claim?"

Pack> Alexandra says "A report with who? He could probably write up a private medical record, if that's what you were looking for. You'd have to ask him to be sure, but it wouldn't be hurting anyone and it would be helping to preserve the Veil, so I don't see why he wouldn't."

Pack> Ky says "Awesome. Can you let him know I'd like to meet with him? I've got to find Lefty and let her know of impending wildfires."
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