3 May 2008 - Special delivery. Doodle arrives

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3 May 2008 - Special delivery. Doodle arrives

Postby Red » Mon Feb 06, 2012 8:44 am

Tenement Building - Ground Floor(#2451RJ)

The ground floor of the apartment building is taken up mainly by the lobby, an open space with the front doors at one end and the (nonfunctional) elevator and the door leading to the stairwell at the other. The floor is covered in black and white tile in a checkerboard pattern, and the walls have been painted a neutral grey shade. Some attempt has been made to make this place more hospitable, as an old, sagging couch, an equally old and sagging armchair, and two wooden chairs have been set up in a rough semi-circle around a somewhat splintery old coffee table, facing toward the front doors and positioned so as not to interfere with any traffic moving between there and the stairs.

To the right of the main doors are mailboxes for building residents, and off to the left is the doorway into a cramped rental office (currently empty, its doorframe badly askew), and other doors that lead to the building's large laundry room.


Currently in Saint Claire, it is raining lightly. The temperature is 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius). The wind is currently coming in from the southwest at 5 mph. The barometric pressure reading is 30.16 and steady, and the relative humidity is 89 percent. The dewpoint is 47 degrees Fahrenheit (8 degrees Celsius.)

Currently the moon is in the waning New Moon phase (12% full).

Late morning on a rainy day, and Urick's in his usual spot in the lobby of the Tenement, keeping watch. The laptop hooked to the camera outside the door lets him keep an eye on comings and goings without having to smash his face against the peephole, so he's relaxing as much as he can in one of the chairs recently added to the decor. Hurry up and wait.

Saul appears on the vid feed seconds before he knocks on the door, glancing around idly on the camera screen while he waits for a response.

The dor opens almost immediately after Saul's knock, revealing the probably by-now-familiar form of Urick, "Hey. Trouble?" His voice doesn't carry the sort of tension that says he's expecting any trouble, but it's always best to check.

"No more 'n usual," Saul says as he looks back to Urick, waiting for the Walker to move before stepping inside. "Haven' made it out to th' city f'r a few days so figured it w's time f'r me t' stop in again. How's it goin'?"

Urick grunts and steps aside to let the Shadowlord in, "About same as usual." Situation normal, all fucked up. Once the door's shut again, the Walker leans against it, looking tired, "You hear about the mess with the Gaians?"

"Which mess w'th th' Gaians?" Saul asks, the left corner of his mouth pulling downwards slightly, "Th' one where nobody knows where Stacey's at an' they can't find 'er? 'R one 'f th' other messes?"

It can be heard before it's seen, the rumbling of heavy diesel engine down the street. It's a courier company truck, one of those gaudy yellow DHL trucks, that's out of place on this particular street. North town, maybe, but here...? The truck rumbles closer, before pulling off to the side near the tenement. The driver shuffles some papers on his clipboard, before the overweight, balding man in the jumpsuit jumps on down.

Saul also, by the way, steps inside.

Urick points to Saul, "Got it in one. Whole big shitstorm starting over that one." The rumble of the truck brings the Walker to frown. He knows the sounds of this place pretty well by now, and that's a new one. Stepping away from the door, he moves back to the laptop and turns it so he can watch the proceedings outside on the screen.

Saul closes the door and locks it again as Urick moves away, saying, "Yeah. Kaz came t' find Vera t' ask 'er t' use 'er gift t' track Stacey." Cueing off of the Walker's frown he asks, "What's that noise?"

The overweight courier stretches, mouths something at the rain, and then spits on the sidewalk. He slowly swaggers over to the door, looks it over, and then jabs at the buzzer. And, in case that wasn't enough, he jabs it another 10 times.

Urick grumbles, turning for the door even as the buzzer starts going nuts, "Delivery truck. Stay sharp." Partway through one of the buzzes, the hulking Walker jerks the door open and leans out a little, glowering down at the deliveryman, irritated, "It worked fine the first time. What?"

Saul moves away from the door as Urick stays close, taking up a lean on the wall a little bit to the side with one hand idly behind his back.

The balding courier spits again, before staring up at Urick. Either he's unmoved by the rage, hiding it well, or too stupid to be afraid. "Youse the door man? Or sec-urit?" He asks, oafishly.

Urick is personally betting on the Dumb As A Brick defense. "Bit of both. You dropping a package?" He seems perfectly content to stand there in the doorway and glower at the man forced to stand out in the rain, though his irritation has slid a little closer to disgust. Some people.

The courier rolls his eyes, letting out a disgusted sigh. "No, I'm here to try the gyros and onion fries." He takes the clipboard out from under his arm, pulls back the plastic cover sheet. "Sign here and here, and initial by da red arrows." He says, holding it out to Urick. The bottom of the page says 'Page one of twenty.' There are a lot of red arrows with statements like 'I acknowledge the materials will not be used for nuclear or biological terrorism.' and 'I certify that the materials are not illegal in Canada, the United States, Myanmar or any other portion of Indochina.'

Urick's glower gets a little more pointed, but he settles for taking the clipboard instead of growling at the man. "The hell's all the forms for? Bleh, nothing's simple, these days..." and starts checking down the list. He doesn't just blindly sign, either, instead checking each bit to see just what he's agreeing to. And no, he doesn't seem in the slightest worried that Mr. Packageboy is getting wet in the rain. Hm hmm...

"Whatcah going to do, go back to eatn doughnuts?" The Courier retorts. He stands there, getting wet for a few moments, before scoffing, and heading on back to his truck. He pulls a lever, causing the hydraulic lift platform to descend, and opens up the truck while Urick's barely into page five. By the time Urick, on page seven, is agreeing not to use the materials to conceal any state secrets, the DHL man wheels a large looking crate, covered in a tarp, onto the lift.

Saul has moved to take Urick's old seat, watching the proceedings at the door and then at the truck curiously.

Urick agrees not to violate any state and/or federal laws with the contents. He agrees not to feed the contents to any minors without suitable direction by a licensed doctor. He agrees not to use the contents in any acts of terror against the government or its citizens. The deliveryman's snark is largely ignored, the Walker getting a bit impatient with all the paperwork. Jeez, these things take forever. "This thing better be worth all this."

Mr DHL's only response it to swear like a sailor when he bangs his knuckles on the side of the truck. He kicks the crate, then tries again (successfully) to lower the platform. The tarp covered crate gets wheeled up to the door. He's going in, whether Urick is in the way or not.

Urick calmly lifts a foot and puts it on the cart, bracing against the doorway to stop the entry, "Hold your horses, buster. I'm only on page 12." If the man tries to force the issue, this might get ugly.

Saul eyes the delivery man on the laptop for a bit longer before glancing back up towards the door.

"Sir." The DHL man says, in that way that conveys the exact opposite of respect. The eye rolling doesn't help. "Page three: Crate gotta stay dry." He throws Jazz hands, like 'What else do you want me to do?' If Urick goes back, on page three it /does/ say something about not dumping the contents into any bodies of water except where approved.

"It's under a tarp, it'll be fine. Patience is a virtue," Sign here, initial there, initial here... Urick doesn't remove his foot from the cart, not looking up from the clipboard until he fills out the last little slot, flipping the whole works closed and stepping back from the door, "Right, bring it on in." A glance is aimed back at Saul, silently urging him to alertness.

Saul hardly needs any encouragement, he's been 'itching his back' for the last five minutes straight. The boy must have a rash or something.

The courier barely holds back what he'd like to say to Urick, but his face says it all. He hacks a loogie to the side again, before shoving the dolly forward. He glances around the lobby, looking unimpressed. "What is this, a rat hole?" He says. The tarp gets yanked off and folded in quarters quickly. Underneath is a crate with multiple stickers, from Anchorage, Burma, Canada, Argentine and England, along with a bio-active trifoil (four of them, actually), an explosives label, a chemical hazards label, and multiple 'this end up's, each pointing in different directions. The Crate, to the astute observer, is vented. The DHL guy takes the clipboard back, before kicking the dolly up on its side to pick it up. "Have a day." He says, turning his back to leave.

Saul eyes The Crate and The Delivery Man both, rising to his feet and glancing at Urick briefly to raise a questioning eyebrow.

Urick doesn't bother returning any of the man's "pleasentries," instead just watching him finish the delivery from a spot near the door. Once the guy's outside, the Walker quite simply shuts the door, locks it, and barks to Saul "Heads up." A second check to make sure the door is latched, then he flexes up to Crinos with the intent of prying the top of the crate off. If it blows up, he wants to cover as much as possible. If it bites, he wants to be in a position to bite it back.

There's a woman outside, thin and stunning, hanging around waiting for the delivery man to leave; he gives her a frank once-over as he passes by. She steps toward the door, but by the time she reaches it, it's closed; as soon as Urick shuts it, there's a fierce knocking.

Saul pulls a small pistol from behind his back and aims it at the crate. It's not his normal glock, it looks a little smaller and has a smaller clip.

The Crate continues to sit there, crate-ishly.

Hunts-the-Storm pauses with his hands on the lid of the crate, looking back towards the door with his ears flat with irritation, then grumbles and shifts back to homid. "Keep an eye on the box." Moving back to the door, he opens it enough to peer out, lifting eyebrows at the woman outside, "Help you, miss?"

Dariya draws back a fraction, her gaze turning guarded. "Yes. May I come in?" Her accent carries a Slavic roll to the consonants. "I am looking for some people..."

"You'll have to be a bit more specific than that, miss." Urick doesn't move out of the doorway, but he hasn't closed it on her, either, "And who are you, by the way?"

Saul frowns momentarily but sticks that gun in his coat pocket and glances briefly at the laptop screen with a frown. Then he glances up and cranes his head to get a view of the door. "Hold on," he says, "I think I recognize her. What was y'r name again?"

Relief comes to the woman's eyes at the sound of a familiar voice. "Dasha. Saul?" She rises on tiptoe, but of course can't get a look around the big Walker in the door.

Urick glances back at Saul, raising an eyebrow in query before stepping back a bit, clearing the doorway enough for the pair to see each other, "You know her?"

"Yeah," Saul says as Urick steps aside, "She's Cutter's girlfriend. What's up, Dariya."

The crate continues to be a crate. There's a little rustling inside.

"I... heard things were bad," the woman says quietly, wary eyes going to Saul.

Urick grunts, stepping back far enough to let the girl in if she wants, "It's been a bit crazy. C'mon in if you want, but we've got this box thing we don't know about yet." Take your own risks, his voice says.

"Yeah," Saul says, "C'me in so Urick c'n close th' door. I'd stand in th' corner b'hind me if I w's you though in case this blows up 'r somethin' jumps out 'f it t' kill us." He gives her a slight smile at that, but he doesn't sound like he's kidding.

Dariya glances to Saul and nods, slipping inside and heading for the advised corner. She gives the box a wide berth.

The crate just sits there.

Urick grunts in satisfaction, once again making sure the door's secure before waving Saul to readiness. Once again, he ripples up to the warform and reaches for the lid of the box, waiting for the Shadowlord to indicate he's set.

Saul pulls out that smaller pistol again and points it a little above the box.

Dariya's features are set in a neutral mask, her posture tense--just in case.

As soon as Saul's set and aimed, the crinos buries his claws in the edge of the crate's lid and rips the thing free in one swift jerk, tossing it to one side as soon as it's completely free of the crate.

There's straw, somewhat spoiled, a backpack, a scattered bowl of food, and one confused looking wolf-dog-thing. She blinks up, her pupils constricting at the sudden light.

Saul keeps pointing that gun at the air above the box, tipping his head slightly to the side when nothing leaps out. "Well?" he asks.

Frowning a little, Hunts-the-Storm leans his hands on the edges of the crate and looks down inside, rumbling, ~Identify yourself. We're in a tense situation here.~ His speech is utterly no-nonsense, the growling 'words' clipped and brusque.

Cheese Doodle's head tips to one side, the wolf looking continued confused. She tucks her tail a bit, and whines uneasily.

Hunts-the-Storm blows a breath out through his nose, ears cocking halfway between irritation and curiosity. ~Wolf. Not sure about anything else. I'll let 'em out.~ A bunching of muscle, and he pops the side off the crate as well, letting it fall to the floor with a clatter.

Saul straightens his head and lowers his gun tenetively, though his body is still subtlely tense. "Mouse order a kin wolf 'r some shit?"

Dariya peers out from behind Saul, her brow furrowing. "Is that safe?"

Cheese Doodle waits a moment, before she gets her feet together. She shakily walks out of the crate, sniffing at the (comparatively) fresh air. Hi! She says, generally chipper. I'm going to go pee. And then the she turns to hurry to the door.

Hunts-the-Storm blinks at the wolf, then rolls his eyes and drops back to homid, "Hold on, dammit. Saul, keep an eye on the place?" So saying, Urick hurries after the wolf, opening the door to let her out and following along after into the rain, muttering "Should've gone before you left..."

"Fuck 'f I- 'ey!" Saul half answers, raising the gun again as the wolf starts off. He frowns at Urick but nods once, before saying, "Don' get fuckin' killed, Urick. I'd make 'er use a damn box. Stay on th' cameras, yeah?"

Cheese Doodle hurries out the open door, and gets out to the strip of grass along the curb. She squats down, and quickly does her business. That's one relieved looking wolf. She sniffs around, looking at the rain like she hadn't noticed it before.

"Don't plan on dying," Urick grunts back at Saul with a wave, letting the door shut behind him and standing just outside, well within view of the camera, keeping an eye on the new arrival. He doesn't move to follow her any further than he already has, instead just grumbling quietly to himself.

"Well. That is... not something you, ah..." Dasha relaxes a little against the wall.

Saul keeps his eyes on the laptop screen, glancing at Dasha only momentarily. "No kiddin'," he says, "An' we still don' know what t' fuck it is. Shit, I wonder if Mouse's here, I shoul' call 'er." He digs his phone from his pocket and glances at it long enough to punch in a number and hit send.

Cheese Doodle slowly makes her way back to Urick, sniffing in his direction. Hello! she says, again, tail wagging a bit. Food? she asks, hopefully, lowering her front end into a bit of a bow.

Urick sighs, offering his hand for the lupine to sniff, "Food, right. How long were you /in/ that box?" Turning back to the door, he fishes his keys out and lets both back in, shaking water out of his hair much like a lupus himself.

Dariya is, in fact, dripping on the floor a little. "Is Mouse well?" she asks, coming to stand not too far from Saul.

Cheese Doodle sniffs at Urick's hand for a second, before abruptly turning. She peers down the street, squinting down the road curiously.

"Yo," Saul says into the phone, holding up a 'one second' finger at Dariya, "We got a box. WIth a wolf in it. Expecting something? I'm watching it take a shit outside right now." He glances and puts his hand over the phone long enough to say, "Far as I know," before taking his hand away and saying, "As much 's a wolf does."

"It hasn't introduced itself like a Garou," he adds.

Urick pauses at the door, watching the lupus, "What? Smell something?" He looks down the road as well, then shakes his head again, "C'mon, it's not safe out here." And he's rather have the thing where it can't run away as easily.

Cheese Doodle gives an enthusiastic 'yes!' She shakes her self, her skin swaying, before she turns back to Urick. Bye! She declares. Before he has a chance to consider this, the wolf-dog-thing takes off running down the street excitedly.

Dariya studies Saul, preoccupied.

"Yeah," Saul says into the phone, "She's sendin' a Stormcrow after 'er with Bonebeak talin'. They'll find 'er soon enough. SHIT!" He snaps starts for the door at a run, saying, "I'll call you back," into the phone before snapping it shut and, "Tell Mouse what's up!" at Dariya.

"Oh for fuck's sake!" Urick throws up his hands at the retreating hindquarters of the lupus, then just turns on his heel and steps back indoors, shutting the door again and heading back to the box. "Damn thing took off. I'm not taking off after it. And there's still stuff in the box," which is where he's headed. Saul's free to charge out the door if he wants.

Dariya runs into Mouse and Riot on the stairs; the Shadow Lord kin is dripping wet and breathless. "Mouse, hi?"

Saul practically bounces off of Urick as he comes up the stairs to the door. He stops, stares at him a second, then swears and turns on his heel and follows the Walker back inside, stepping aside so the other Ahroun can secure the door. He looks at Urick blankly for a moment, then follows him towards the box.

Cheese Doodle keeps running down the street. She looks pretty excited, as she tears down the grimy, wet Bridge Street.

Mouse snarls something unintelligible at Dariya as she passes--the poor kin is lucky she's not bowled right over, but the elder certainly isn't stopping for niceties--she has her gun out, and she's barrelling down the stairs at top speed.

Riot is on Mouse's heels. She spares a second to throw a curious glance at Dariya, then hops down the stairs after Mouse, almost tripping in the process.

Urick goes straight to the much-mangled box and crouches by it's open side, tugging the backpack he spotted in there earlier over with a glance to Saul, a silent 'back me up.' The clatter of Mouse charging down the stairs earns a slightly aggrieved expression, but he looks back to the pack, "If this blows up, tell Mouse she needs to calm down." And then he opens the bag and starts rummaging.

Saul looks Urick neutrally for another moment before cracking a brief smile and shaking his head. He stands on the other side of the intact box and waits to see if something blows up.

The backpack fails to blow up. Inside is a few changes of clothes, a pair of heavy snow-pac boots, an assortment of food coupons, an official US passport, and a slew of loose change. And an autograph book.

Mouse clatters down to the first floor, and she's questioning before she's even through the stairway door. "What the /fuck/ is going on?"

You paged Urick with 'It belongs to a `Clarice Paul`. The dark skinned teen in the photo stares at the camera with an almost bovine look. I dunno if Passports list residence on them, but if they do, it's 'Anchorage'.'.

"Wolf in a box, ma'am," Urick deadpans, setting things to the side as he pulls them out of the backpack, then turning the bag over and shaking it to make sure nothing got stuck inside. "She went out to pee, then took off running. Left her passport." So saying, he picks up the paperwork in question and offers it to Mouse.

Riot skids to a stop a few steps behind Mouse, looking ready for battle, then relaxes as she takes in Saul, Urick, and the empty box.

Dariya follows a good deal more slowly. "Is there maybe... something I should know about?" she asks, eyeing the Garou remaining.

Saul glances at Mouse but lets Urick fill in the blanks before looking to Dariya. "We got mailed a wolf, don' know if it's a wolf 'r Garou an' now it's runnin' on the street. I think y' pretty much caught everthin'."

Mouse pushes the offered papers away. "Jesus fucking Christ," she snarls. "Right, I don't have time to go run down some fucking wolf." She turns a glower on Saul. "You tell me what you just told me over the fucking phone."

Saul turns to Mouse and raises an eyebrow, his mouth turning down slightly at the corners. "Which part?" Saul says, "Urick pretty much covered everythin'. A Stormcrow's trackin' Stacey an' she'll be found fuckin' soon?"

Urick shrugs and starts looking through the passport himself, listening to the goings-on with half an ear. Once he's flipped through the passport, he starts systematically inspecting the box, just on the off chance he missed something. If they want his attention, they'll smack him for it.

Riot frowns as she checks the box again, then looks to Urick briefly before pointedly ignoring him. Glancing at Dariya, the Gaian says, "Lots of shit, someone will explain once things settle down." Another glance towards the box is given, all the while listening to Saul and Mouse converse. After a moment, the Gaian, mutters, "Gotta check Edgewood for boxes," and starts heading to the door.

Dariya's brow furrows. "Someone is missing?" she says, stepping over toward Saul.

"And what the /fuck/ is Vera fucking doing while her spy-crow is running around like a headless chicken?" Mouse snarls. "We asked her to use her fucking Ragabash gift. Not her fucking spirits. Her fucking gift that's supposed to lead us /right to her/. If I wanted to chase Stacey with a fucking spirit I could have done that my own motherfucking /self/." She turns on Riot. "/No/. You come with me. Urick, Saul, go chase that fucking puppy down. I am officially waiting no fucking longer."

Riot seems about to protest, then reconsiders and sucks it up. "Ok."

Saul stiffens under Mouse's tirade, his face blank. Then he takes a step forward, his tone even as he says, "Look. I'm not a fuckin' Theurge 'r a Ragabash. But Vera knows 'er damn gifts. And she says the Stormcrow tracks better than 'er gift does. So her lookin' too 'd be a waste of time. An' you /tell/ me how y' want me t' find that damn dog. I'm no Ragabash an' I can't track shit in th' city. You want me t' tell fuckin' humans I lost m' damn dog all day? I don' have time t' do that, if it's a fuckin' dancer they know where our place is already."

Urick grunts, letting Saul go on his little tirade, interjecting only "Right, ma'am." With that, he drops to lupus and starts sniffing about the crate and the extra clothes to pick up a scent. By the time Saul winds down, he sneezes, gives himself a shake, and starts to head for the door, pushing back up to homid, "Got my phone on."

Mouse turns on Saul furiously. "She wasted two fucking hours before she even /began/ looking. That's two fucking hours of rape and torture that your mind wouldn't even be able to dream /up/. She said she'd do it herself. She said she didn't need our help. We've been fucking waiting for fucking /hours/ while she sits fucking pretty and lets her fucking spirits do all the fucking work. I don't care how you find that fucking thing, /find/ it. Every fucking second I sit here arguing with you is another bit of a Fostern Ahroun Child of Gaia elder /lost/. I'm /going/. You want to stop me, you can fucking shoot me." She turns for the door, moving as swiftly as she can without the motion actually being qualified as a run.

Much later

Thankfully, the rain's stopped, so this is much less of a hassle than it would be in the first place. Casual questions about "my dog got loose" are enough to get Urick a general trail, and if that doesn't work, a careful casting about for her scent with Saul to spot for normals helps give a heading to follow. It takes a while, yes, and it's hardly pinpoint, but at least it's better than running around in circles and screaming.

It does take a while, and it's well into the afternoon before Urick starts picking up fresh scent. The wolf's apparently no slouch at running around in the city, because most people hadn't noticed, or wrote it off as a stray. It's surprisingly incognito for a such a large animal. Cheese Doodle is in an alley behind the Pizza place, in lupus, over a pristine pizza box - laid out nicely so that the only rational explanation is someone laid it out like that. She stands on the lid, gorging herself on meatlovers, tail wagging behind her frantically. There's red all over her muzzle, but that probably isn't blood.

Saul plays spotter and tries to talk to the humans that shy away from Urick, with only nominally better success. He pauses once, briefly while Urick is sniffing, to place a muttered phone call but otherwise sticks with the search. When they finally spot the dog he seems relieved at best, absolutely indifferent at worst. He glances at Urick and says, "It w's sent to you. You wanna try an' talk t' it 'r shoul' I?"

Urick pauses at one point along the trek as his phone rings, grimacing at the number displayed before flipping it open. "Speak." He doesn't sound thrilled at whoever's calling him. However, the call doesn't last long, and he doesn't speak again before flipping the phone closed again and resuming his search. Saul recieves the explanation of "Mouse is trying to find Stacey on her own. Riot seems to think I can do something about this." He seems a bit torn, but doesn't pull away from his search, either. At any rate, eventually the trans-country wolf is found, and Urick simply walks up to her with a grumble and a nod to Saul, "All right, girl. That's enough running, hm?" He'll take hold of her collar if he gets the chance, and really seems somewhat less than thrilled by the entire situation.

Saul's only reply to Urick's explanation was, "I already called Kaz."

Cheese Doodle looks up, and almost immediately becomes defenisve. A growl forms in the back of her throat, and the wolf takes a step towards the others. Raising her tail, she lets the other two know exactly who owns that pizza, and who isn't getting any.

Urick pauses at the body language, then sighs and puts a hand over his face. "Dammit, why can't life be simple? Saul, spot for me? I don't think she knows English." Once it's determined that the alleyway is clear of humans, the hulking Walker will drop to all fours himself and promptly sit down, continuing to look annoyed as only a large black wolf can. Are you /quite/ finished making a nuisance of yourself in our territory, girl?

"F'r fucks sake," Saul mutters, "We should 'f brought a tranq' gun 'r somethin'." Urick simply gets a nod as the boy changes positions to watch both the alleyway and the lupus.

Cheese Doodle flashes Urick a tooth before he starts to shift, and the wolf bristles. When Urick shifts to lupus, she looks even more defensive. Not your territory. No one peed here! No marks!

Hunts-the-Storm sighs, continuing to look aggravated. This metal forest is our territory. You arrived without warning. And you will come back with us. The Elder has sent me to bring you back. His eyes are narrowed, ears pointed right at the other wolf, and his tail brushes slowly over the ground behind him, speaking of restrained anger. We are not going to steal your food, and would have given freely if you had shown some courtesy.

Saul doesn't bother to comment, keeping one eye on the alley that leads out front and one on the wolf. Urick seems to have things well in hand.

Cheese Doodle looks at Urick with an aggrieved look. She takes a step back, to chew on another piece, of 'za, and watching him warily. She wasn't rude. She tells the other. She smelled food! And said goodbye, too.

Hunts-the-Storm growls faintly, pushing back up to all fours. The Enemy is prowling the trails here. One of the other Tribes has had their Elder /taken/ by the Enemy. We are in a state of war. Anger has pushed back to the surface, a flattening of the ears and a ruffling of the fur down the black wolf's spine as he glowers at Cheese Doodle. The Tribe cannot afford silly cubs charging around without thought of danger!

Saul opens his mouth as if to say something, then closes it again. He simply shrugs and keeps the lookout.

Cheese Doodle starts to look indignant, but quickly droops. Her ears lay back, and her eyes seem to glisten. Cheese Doodle is sorry. She says, whining a bit. She didn't want Black-Male to chase her. Sooooooorry.

Hunts-the-Storm sighs, the anger bleeding out of his posture. This one accepts your appology. Will you come back to the den? The food can come along, too. For his part, the big black just looks tired by this point, not so much drooping as having that expression that suggest he's been having to put up with way too much in way too short a period.

Saul gives the wolf a brief frown but keeps silent.

Cheese Doodle's ears lay back. She starts to whine a protest, when, she tips her head back, and sniffs at the air. Then, rather abruptly, she says 'okay!' Want to know who others are, first, though.

Hunts-the-Storm lifts his head and draws in a heavy breath himself, checking for unknown scents. There's been other ambushes in the city recently, and he's a bit twitchy. This one is Hunts-the-Storm. The two-legger is of the Shadowlords, and can name himself.

Saul glances at the wolf directly for a moment but his face remains blank. What? No, you're not pissing me off. No.

I'm Cheese Doodle Burns Chrome! She says, eagerly. She looks to Saul, and gives him a /very/ curious look. She stares for a few seconds, before she dips her head down to chew on some more pizza. She's a Cliath Philodox Glass Walker. Not a Shadow Lord, she adds, helpfully.

And despite the unusual name, the wolf seems to communicate it effortlessly. It's impossible to mistake her for saying anything other than what she said was her name.

Hunts-the-Storm grunts. This one is an Ahroun of the Glasswalkers, Cliath as well. With that, he glances around to check the alleyway before pushing back up into homid, dusting at his jeans absently. "Cheese Doodle. What the hell?" Shaking his head, he makes a come-along gesture to the wolf, "Well, let's go then."

"Saul, Hunts-Wisely, Ahroun Shadow Lord Cliath," Saul announces without fanfare, whether the wolf understands him or no. He doesn't move immediately, giving Urick a nod but waiting for Cheese Doodle to start moving before he does.

Cheese Doodle looks to Saul when he speaks, but the ex-bearded Glass Walker attracts her attention. Okay! she agrees, easily. Hopping off the lid, the wolf starts to pull the pizza box along with her teeth.

She doesn't get far, though, before she stops, and looks pleadingly to Urick. Help?

Hunts-the-Storm rolls his eyes, grinning in spite of himself, then simply crouches down to flip the lid closed and lift the box. "I'm not taking it, just carrying it," he's quick to assure the lupine, remembering her growling earlier. Straightening, he frowns down at the wolf, then shrugs and turns to Saul. "Home again. As for you," and Cheese Doodle earns a Look, capital L, "stay close, and don't run off, alright?" Grump.

Cheese Doodle seems completely ready to let Urick carry the box. She shakes her self off, and takes a few steps forward towards the alley exit.

"Yep," Saul says, moving as soon as the wolf does, "An' I'll stick aroun' long enough t' make sure somebody sniffs 'er. Then I shoul' get goin', I've spent too much time at this already."

Hunts-the-Storm grunts and nods to the Shadowlord before starting off back the way he came. "I've got to learn how to do that, one of these days," he mutters, looking annoyed, then glances back down to the wolf before shaking his head and resuming walking back to the Tenement.

Tenement Building - Cockroach's Breakroom

Here, a large studio apartment has been converted into a mutual meeting space for the tribe, one with its own kitchen and bathroom. The walls are a simple, plain white, and the floor is covered in stain-resistant beige carpet. The windows look out onto the somewhat less than scenic view of downtown St. Claire, but more often than not, white blinds prevent anyone from peeking in, or out.

Amenities are what might be expected--a well stocked refrigerator and cupboards, a microwave, a coffee maker, a toaster. There's a wooden table that seats four, five or six if people scrunch, and enough chairs to service it. There's also an old couch and armchair along the walls, angled to face a large, plasma screen television. Most of the entertainment goodies are here. An old NES system, an original Sega system, and an XBOX 360, each with assorted games. There's also a DVD/VCR combo player, and nearby a box of movies, most of them Ed Wood and Roger Corman specials. Ah, classics.

Cheese Doodle follows Urick, though not as close as he'd like at times. The wolf occasionally wanders just a bit, but she sticks near enough, and doesn't run off. She hurries up the stairs after Urick (no problem with those), frequently stopping to sniff at this and that.

Urick leads the way back to the Tenement, opening the front door himself and leading the way up to the breakroom, dropping the pizza box onto the table on his way in and gesturing for the lupus to make herself comfortable. "We're going to have to bring in someone to check you over, just to be sure. Not sure when we'll be able to, everyone seems to be chasing their tails today."

Cheese Doodle bats an ear as Urick talks, and she proceeds to hop up to put her front paws on the table. She ducks down to shove her face into the pizza. Her tail wags considerably.

Saul, on the other hand, follows Cheese Doodle. He talks only sparingly and, to those who are observant enough, remains subtlely tense.

"Don' s'pose you'd like t' try givin' Mouse a call," he suggests, once they're in the break room.

Urick snorts a laugh, then bats at the wolf's head lightly before scooping the pizza back off the table and setting it on the floor, "Fine fine. Hungry, much?" He glances back towards Saul at the question, then grimaces, "Really, I'm not sure if we should. If she's in the middle of something, not a good idea."

"Yeah, I know," the boy says evenly, "Jus' Kaz isn' answerin' her phone an' I'd love t' know she's not Wyrm tainted."

Cheese Doodle hops on down to the floor when the Pizza moves, looking vaguely annoyed when Urick does so. She continues gobbling it up, having devoured 2/3rds of the medium meat lovers. She stops, suddenly, and then sits on her haunches. Slowly, she shifts to homid. The darker skinned teen rolls her shoulders, licking some of the sauce off her lips.

Urick grunts again, then glances back to the newcomer as she finally shifts to homid, eyebrows lifting as he looks her over. Hm. "So, any particular reason /why/ you showed up in a box? Without telling us beforehand?"

Cheese Doodle scrambles towards the TV, jabbing it on with a thrust of a finger. She fiddles with the channel until it's on TBS. Swordfish, the movie, is on. And /then/ she looks to Urick. The teen is right back into lupus again.

Saul watches Cheese Doodle impassively, then moves to Urick and mutters something rather low.

Urick's hand smacks against his face in exasperation, looking up at the ceiling as though begging for patience. He glances to Saul, then simply growls in response to whatever the Shadowlord says before walking over and turning the TV back off and glaring down at the wolf. "I'm beginning to see /why/ you were stuffed in a box. Didn't anybody teach you manners back home?"

Cheese Doodle's ears lay back, and she looks generally bashful. With a whine, she makes a sorrowful grin. Taking a loping step back, she turns to her lunch. Storm-Hunter can pick what to watch. she concedes, reluctantly.

Saul moves to take a lean against something convinient, once again content to let Urick handle his tribe's business without unasked for aid.

Urick shakes his head a little, looking slightly at a loss, then pushes his hair back from his face with both hands, blowing out a breath, "Listen girl, I'm not sure you realize just how tense things are here. This is not a peaceful sept. We're worried that this safehouse has been compromised. /Everyone's/ within a hair of snapping, most of the time. You keep on like this and you're going to get hurt, at best, no matter how sorry you are. Do you understand that?"

Cheese Doodle looks up to Urick, but looks over Saul occasionally. She doesn't resume eating her pizza, looking between the two through the lecture. Her tail droops a bit, and the lupus lowers her head. Cheese Doodle can leave, she offers.

Saul raises both his eyebrows at the wolf and a hand to rub at his temple.

Urick sighs, then walks over and drops into a crouch near the wolf, reaching out without threat in his poster to lay a hand lightly on her fur, "It isn't that. You're just going to need to be a little more careful, is all. Don't just assume." He grimaces, looking frazzled, "Gaia's bones, there's probably a few that'd say I'm soft in the head for not locking you in silver from the get go."

At the change of tone, and Saul's reaction, she looks generally confused. Cheese Doodle looks to Urick, looking apologetic again, as if trying to establish the point that whatever is going on, she oh-so-sorry for it.

"Look," Saul says, "We c'n use all th' help we c'n get, but we've also had Dancer spies an' we can't afford t' take any chances, a'right?" He gives the pair an almost apologetic shrug.

Urick nods and points back at Saul with a thumb, "Like that. You're alright, for now, but... just be careful, alright? Mouse-rhya, our Elder, is /really/ on edge. She's almost shot /me/ a few times, and I'm in charge of security here." He's hoping some of this makes it through, utterly failing at thinking of how to express it more clearly.

Cheese Doodle waits a moment, looking to Saul when Urick gestures towards him with his thumb. She stands there, confused looking, and then slowly nudges the pizza box in his direction.

Saul rubs at his temple a bit more but can't help but give the lupus bit of a wry smile. He takes a step forward with a thankful bow and opens the pizza box to take out a single slice. "Thanks."

Urick sighs, looking down. He can tell he's making a hash of this. So he tries the only thing he can think of, dropping to lupus himself with a shake, tossing shed fur. A lot of people are frightened, and snapping at each other because the Enemy hides out of reach. A look is aimed at the pizza, but then the black looks back to Cheese Doodle. Nobody is angry at you yet. But many are just angry.

Cheese Doodle takes a moment, and then looks from the Pizza and Saul on back to Urick. She takes a moment, before she asks why the thing turned off, though? She was going to watch it. Are they angry at that, too?

Hunts-the-Storm huffs a strained-sounding laugh. No. You can watch. Things just needed to be said, and you didn't seem to be listening. A touch of his muzzle to the newcomver lupus, like a touch of a hand attempting comfort, then he ambles back towards the TV and flows up to homid before switching it back on. "Saul. You planning on sticking around? She seems okay, but I don't want to leave her unwatched until we know for sure."

Saul takes the piece of pizza back to his lean on the convinient thing, taking a bite from it, heedless of the canine tears that have likely savaged part of it. He can't help but laugh softly at the lupus's reaction. "I'll take off once she gets sniffed," he says, "Unless I get a call fr'm Vera. I'm gonna need t' get back out there if 'er bird gets back w'th anything. But it's not my night t' keep watch around th' cave an' Adalyn's watchin' th' pups so I c'n help you guard."

Cheese Doodle seems considerably happier with Swordfish back on the TV. She looks ready to take the pizza back when Saul finally makes a move on it. The wolf ambles towards the couch and hops up there, quite happily making herself at home.

Urick grunts and nods, "If you could keep an eye on things for a bit, I'm going to check around, see what's been going on while we were busy." He nods towards Cheese Doodle, "Hopefully things will be a lot clearer soon." Then he turns and heads for the door, giving Saul a light fist-nudge on the shoulder as he goes, "Appreciate it."

Cheese Doodle settles down on the couch, and then looks to Saul. The large wolf grudgingly moves towards the arm rest, clearing some room on the couch. She perks her ears, staring at the plasma screen.

"Will do," Saul says, giving Urick a nod as he heads out. He gives Cheese Doodle a brief smile as she clears some room, but does not move towards the couch. His body language says, 'Thanks, I'm fine here.'

FTB here

Tenement Building - Ground Floor(#2451RJ)
The ground floor of the apartment building is taken up mainly by the lobby, an open space with the front doors at one end and the (nonfunctional) elevator and the door leading to the stairwell at the other. The floor is covered in black and white tile in a checkerboard pattern, and the walls have been painted a neutral grey shade. Some attempt has been made to make this place more hospitable, as an old, sagging couch, an equally old and sagging armchair, and two wooden chairs have been set up in a rough semi-circle around a somewhat splintery old coffee table, facing toward the front doors and positioned so as not to interfere with any traffic moving between there and the stairs.
To the right of the main doors are mailboxes for building residents, and off to the left is the doorway into a cramped rental office (currently empty, its doorframe badly askew), and other doors that lead to the building's large laundry room.

Late evening, and Sawyer's down in the lobby, sitting on the old couch and very meticulously and slowly typing out a message on a cell phone, with the strangely intense concentration of those who haven't messed with text messages all that much.

Cheese Doodle's claws click on the on the stairs as she comes down, and the sound of feet can be heard as someone follows to keep an eye on her. The wolf pokes her head out around the corner, sniffing the air curiously. She looks about with a sort of wide-eyed fascination.

Sawyer's pretty engrossed in whatever message he's sending, though the diminutive metis blinks up as the sound of claws click on the ground. He half-turns and spots the fuzzy head, and tilts his head slightly. "Hi there," he offers, curiously and yet just a little tentatively himself.

Cheese Doodle perks a bit, tail waving about a bit before it finds a proper height. She plods out into the open, sniffing as she goes. Her keeper hangs back, watching the lupus from the distance, and not really getting involved. She gives a nasally whine of a greeting, tepidly.

Sawyer gives a glance back to the trailing person, but it's the lupus that commands his attention at the forefront. He considers her a moment before wondering, "Who're you?" in a mildly curious manner, though his body language could supply the curiousity just as much as the voice could, were she to not understand it.

Cheese Doodle mirrors his curiosity, and but seems rather bold about it. She fearlessly trots forward across the checkered floor, the large, Alaskan wolf heading right on up to Sawyer, sniffing as she does.

Sean walks back into the lobby with a sigh, shaking his head. "God damnit, I hope I haven't confused that girl too much." He spies the lupus and smiles, walking over and holding out a hand to her. "Who's this?"

"I coul' ask th' same 'f you," Saul says evenly, "Though Sean hasn' shot you so I'm assumin' you got somebody t' vouch f'r you. Th' wolf c'n intr'duce 'erself. An' I'm not sure she gets English. Y'r name, stranger?"

Sawyer lets her sniff him over, even offering a hand out and remaining relaxed, but watching her all the same. He startles briefly as Sean reappears, flicking a glance up to him, his mood sobering a little. "She'll be fine," he says. "She shouldn't have talked to Riot like that. I--" He startles again at Saul's voice, looking over to him as though just re-realizing he exists. "Um, yes. I've already talked to Jacob and Riot and a few others." He tries a thin smile toward the shadow lord. "Sawyer, or Turns-the-Tide. Gaian ragabash, cliath and metis, packed in Tenacity under the East Wind." He takes a breath.

Even if she does, the wolf is very obviously not paying attention to anyone but Sawyer. She sniffs him over thoroughly, curiosity hard to quash.

Sean nods and rolls his eyes slightly. "And Riot shouldn't talk to her like that. I could site opposing parts of the litany. They were both wrong. Except Riot did it first. But... that's why I was trying to do the talking for Heidi, so... she wouldn't have to say anything." Sean ponders a moment and nods his head to Saul. "He's fine."

"Y'r in town w'th y'r pack?" Saul asks, raising an eyebrow, "Huh. Saul Verargert 'r Hunts-Wisely, Ahroun Cliath of the Shadow Lords. Nice t' meet you. You got chimiage an' talked t' people then?"

Cheese Doodle continues for a few moments, before finishing with Sawyer. She backs away, making her way on over to Saul slowly.

Sawyer is aware of Cheese Doodle's sniffing and her location, but is content to let her check him out thoroughly. He gives a sidelong glance to Sean. "Well... cubs need to be respectful of their elders, even if Riot did say something first. I've seen Get that would've done a lot worse." Still, he doesn't seem like he /entirely/ disagrees with the Gnawer, though whatever else is distracted by Saul, and he nods once. "Me and my alpha are here," he states simply, though he seems to be having just a little trouble parsing through all of Saul's words. "Uh-- yeah, I did. We did. Jacob gave us our terms, mostly with helping how we can with the missing Voice and teaching within the tribe."

Rather suddenly, an incredibly obnoxious sound--something akin to a fire alarm violently mauling a goat--erupts from Sawyer's pocket.

Saul's expression remains blank and the boy nods once, opening his mouth to say something. Then the cell phone goes off and he closes his mouth, lowering his eyes to the Metis's pocket. "I tend t' keep mine on vibrate," he notes.

Cheese Doodle startles at the cellphone ring, and moves a little quicker back to Saul. She uses him as a blind between her and the ring-tone.

Sean remains focused on sawyer, gritting his teeth and glancing down. "I know, It's a bitch, because I don't want her to be a push over, but I don't want her to get herself killed. That was awesome when she pounced Riot. She's got a lot of spirit, I love it. And morals. That's strong, but... she can't do that. So... how not to send mixed messages is the question." He sawllows and clears his throat slightly then raises an eyebrown at sawyer. "Missing voice?" He queries.

Sawyer startles and jumps, snatching at his pocket. "Crap, I thought it was," he mutters, and then flips it open, takes a moment to find the button to accept the call, and then answers it, sending a fleeting and apologetic glance to both of them. "Yeah?"

"Huh? You are?" Blink. Sawyer sends a glance over to Sean, starting to get up. "Rommy's outside. Okay to let him in?"

"Stacey," Saul says blankly as he looks to Sean, "Th' Gaians 've got two Elders. Th' Voice an' th' Arm 'f Gaia. Stacey an' Jacob. An' she's missin', if you haven' heard. People 're worried it might be Dancers. F'r good reason."

Saul' glances back to Sawyer, then sighs and nods. "Check th' screen first," he says, and points at the laptop.

Cheese Doodle remains behind Saul, though looks slightly less leery. She watches the phone conversation with rapt attention.

Sean raises his eyebrows at Saul. "Oh... shit." he says grimly, dumbfounded. "When did she go missing?" He stairs a moment, before he even hears Sawyers request and nods vaguely. He then walks to the door and pulls it open. "So... hey Rommy." He smiles and lets the big ahroun in, then continues, "So what are you going to do to help find her?

Rommy was indeed on the camera screen, his companion a tightly wrapped in white cloth walking stick or something of the kind--about his height. Stepping in, he closes his phone and shoves it into a pocket, nodding to each of those assembled. He also wears his sunglasses at night. "Came as soon as I got your message," he says in a gravelly voice, to Sawyer.

Sawyer nods to Saul and starts to get up, though then Sean goes to the door and answers it. He mutters a bye to the the ahroun, which ends somewhat awkwardly as the door opens. Either way, he shoves the phone back into his pocket and slips a glance over to Sean and simply answering, "What we can." And then, he brightens a little as he spots Rommy, though he dips his head in a nod. "We ended up looking for about an hour, and I couldn't get a location on her. And she hasn't been back here."

Saul aims a sour glance at Sean and notes evenly, "Well, glad 'e doesn't have a fuckin' Dancer w'th a gun at 'is back. Y'r Rommy? Get inside, close that door an' intr'duce y'rself to me, yeah?" He shoots a glance at Cheese Doodle, making sure the wolf isn't about to make a break for it.

Cheese Doodle's head pivots from Saul to Sawyer, looking just a bit lost. She backs up a few steps, towards the stairwell, but doesn't enter it.

Sean smiles lightly at Saul and looks up at Rommy. "Now you wouldn't go do something stupid like that would you? Lead the spirals right up to our door? Didn't think you would." He walks back over and asks Sawyer, "Questing stone? Guess she was moving eh? That might not be good."

Not a minute after Rommy steps in, Riot slips her key into the lock and pulls the door open. Stepping in, she blinks a bit at the crowd in the lobby, a faint frown crossing her features when her eyes land on Cheese Doodle. With a tired sigh, she turns to Rommy and Sawyer, "You guys need a ride back? Mouse is found and she's ok. I'm going to Edgewood to check on the cubs."

Rommy already has his hand on the door and is in the process of closing it when Sail speaks. "Hold your horses," he says. Though just as he closes and locks the door, Riot opens it. He takes a number of steps back to give her space, and shrugs. "Sounds fine to me." Then, to Saul. "Name's Roman, or Rommy Akana. Brother-of-the-Wind-Storm. Cliath Gaian Ahroun, and Alpha of Tenacity."

Sawyer nods over to Sean. "Yes. We--" And then Riot comes in, and he blinks. "You found her?" he asks. "Where was she?"

"F'r fucks sake," Saul mutters as Riot opens the door and steps in, "C'n you close th' door, Riot? An' 's she comin' back 'r what? Is she still goin' nuts?" He doesn't look like he's about to introduce himself until the door's closed again.

Sean cracks a grin after Riot slips in, and flashes a look over to Saul. "Ouch. He did have someone at his back. But.. not a dancer. At least." He takes a seat somwhere near sawyer and listens to Riot, curious and aloof.

Cheese Doodle hangs out near the stairs, the lupus watching the growing crowd with visible concern.

Riot steps aside and lets the door close behind her. "Yeah, she kinda found us. Anyway, she's fine and we shou-" She's interrupted by her phone ringing. Pull out the cellphone, Riot frowns down at the number then holds it up to her ear. "Hello?" Pause. "Ruvar, you're drunk." She throws the people gathered there another frown, and turns her back to them. "You did what?...why'd you do that?" "Hang on." Putting a hand over the speaker, Riot turns back to the others again, "So we're going or what?"

Click goes a key in the lock again, and hey, in steps Mouse. She's looking rather more subdued than she was earlier today, though there's a very tight set to her jaw.

Rommy turns his attention towards the door, but otherwise remains silent, outside of a nod to Riot.

"F'r fucks sake!" Saul growls, crossing the room to lock the door. Then Mouse opens it and he stops, halfway across the lobby. "Yo," he says evenly, then steps away from the door to Rommy and rattles off, "Saul Verargert, Hunts-Wisely, Ahroun Cliath Shadow Lord. Beta 'f Stormfront under Grandfather Thunder an' s'me other shit that don' really matter." He offers the other Ahroun a hand as he looks up to him, his expression neutral.

Unfortunately, Sawyer's distracted from answering Riot by more people coming in. He just seems vaguely surprised, very belatedly looking back to Riot. "Er. I... not yet?" he offers vaguely. "If you need to go, we can find a way back."

Sean just sits and seems mildly bewildered by all the people entering. He still doesn't know what Mouse's trouble was. He takes a deep breath, pasively watching and waiting, only really reacting to Saul's Exclamation and glancing over at sawyer's quiet words.

Riot speaks into the phone again, "Want me to come and get you?" Pause. "Fine, I'll check on you if I can. Later, Ruvar." With a muttered curse, Riot hangs up. Nodding to Sawyer, she fishes Jacob's keys out of a pocket and tosses them towards him, "Take Jacob's car back, and be /careful/ with it. It's my head if anything happens to Annabelle. Rommy can go with you- I gotta go check on a kin." She nods once to Mouse, and moves to head out.

Cheese Doodle, suddenly in the busy place, decides to sit herself inside the stairs. The wolf-dog-thing sits herself down, watching the varied and sundry strangers with a bit of a skeptical eye.

Mouse eyes Rommy and Sawyer warily, attention shifting to Saul at the greeting. "Yo," she returns, though it's rather flat and not terribly welcoming. She moves away from the door, stuffing both hands into her jacket pockets.

Sawyer, grace incarnate, fumbles at catching the keys, nearly dropping them not once but twice. He peers at Riot a little dubiously, and looks back to Rommy with lifted brows, but nods to Riot. "Alright," he agrees, a little warily, but he seems content with that.

Saul' glances at Mouse long enough to point at the stairwell and say, "Cheese Doodle, Philodox Glass Walker. I'm guessin' lupus. You might want t' sniff 'er. An' I don' know if she understand English."

Cheese Doodle remains where she is, namely, in the stair well, looking out.

Sean raises his eyebrows as riot leaves, but doesn't say anything. "So... what happened with you Mouse? You got in some trouble?" He looks up at her with a furrowed brow.

Mouse blinks several times. "Walker /lupus/?" Saul might've just said there was a giant pink hippopotamus in the room. She follows the pointing finger toward the stairwell, and spares some of that blinking for Cheese Doodle. "Hello?"

Saul casts a brief glance at Sean but doesn't comment. He follows Mouse towards the lupus after a moment, his face a carefully held neutrality.

Sawyer trails a glance over to the said lupus, and takes a moment to inspect the keys, looking through them with an expression lingering somewhere between amused and just a little worried, though soon after the Mouse and lupus interaction distracts him. He seems content to watch, though.

Cheese Doodle, still, remains firmly in the stairwell. Her ears bat when Mouse calls over, but the walker continues to seem unsure about the motley assortment out in the lobby.

Mouse grunts. She spares a glance behind her, and then slides easily through the forms into lupus, or her twisted version of it. There's a sense of dominance about her, though that tail of hers is far too long for the standard gestures. Tell this one who you are.

Cheese Doodle sniffs at the air reluctantly, before coming out sheepishly. The moment she's past the firedoor, though, her demeanour becomes considerably cheerier. I'm Cheese Doodle Burns Chrome! She says, seeming to effortlessly communicate the various ideas that don't belong in the standard lupus vocabulary. I'm a Glasswalker Philodox, too.

Saul watches Cheese Doodle long enough to make sure she seems to be behaving, then says, "I've got t' head back t' th' Cave. I'll seeya later, Mouse. Call if y' need anything." Without waiting for much confirmation he turns and starts for the front door.

First-Strike grunts at Saul, though Cheese Doodle's introduction has her ears flicking back in the lupine equivalent of 'huh'. Her nose twitches for a moment before she straightens further. I am First-Strike. Mouse. Fostern Theurge, elder of the Glass Walkers here. Mule. She pauses, sniffing in the general direction of the lupus. What is your rank? Breed?

Sawyer watches the interaction with a casual sort of interest, brows furrowing just a little in thought. Saul gets a flicker of his attention as he leaves, but otherwise his attention is on the lupus and Mouse. Curious, yes.

Cheese Doodle licks her whiskers, looking confused again. Cliath. she answers the first, right off the bat. The latter, though, gets more pause. Not mule. she slowly tells Mouse. Does Mouse need to know if she's human or wolf born?

Human or wolf born, First-Strike repeats. Yes. Which?

Cheese Doodle's ears skew, and then she wrinkles her nose. Why? she asks, uneasily. Not metis. I'm as good as a human born.

Saul' tells Sawyer, "Lock th' door b'hind me, yeah?" as he passes by, barely waiting for acknowledgement before unlocking the front door and stepping outside.

Sawyer blinks over to Saul, and then nods and gets up without complaint, stepping over to lock the door into place behind Saul and retreat back to the couch.

First-Strike licks her muzzle, accepting the statement without any hint of argument. This one has never met a wolf born from her tribe, she explains. Cheese Doodle Burns Chrome understands human talk?

Cheese Doodle waits a moment, before giving an enthusiastic 'Yes!' She quickly shifts to Homid, the darker skinned teen standing up quickly. "Opjection! Offelluled! You'l out of otel! No! Coult is out of otel!" She says, loudly.

First-Strike stares wonderingly at the girl for a moment, trying very very very hard to hide both extreme amusement and a rather sudden flash of fondness. Where is Cheese Doodle from? she asks. Has she been told about this place yet?

Sawyer watches all this with fascination, and a bit of a bewildered blink at the outburst. He still stays quiet, though.

Cheese Doodle looks like she's ready to continue the recitation, but the metis' question stops before she launches into how they all can't handle the truth. The teen scratches her face once, and then shifts back down to lupus. Shaking her self off, she turns about in place, as if trying to orient herself. Far far north. Where it's colder. And even more enthusiastically, she says yes! I know about here. Finback told me all about here.

First-Strike swivels an ear to one side. Finback? she asks.

Cheese Doodle agrees, giving a silent yes. Finback told her. Her enthusiasm dampens slightly with the repetition.

First-Strike licks her muzzle again, and asks, Who is Finback?

Adren at my sept. He's really really smart. He knows lots of things. She says, earnestly. The lupus turns, and looks on up the stairwell, as if she heard something. Apparently it's nothing, because her focus goes right back to Mouse. He helped Cheese Doodle get here!

First-Strike has yet more questions, alas. Why did Cheese Doodle come here? she asks, curiously. Does Cheese Doodle want to give Chiminage and stay here?

Cheese Doodle starts to answer, but she stops quickly. She turns slightly, before looking back to Sawyer. Who's he? She asks, pointedly. Is he kin? He was here before lots of people came.

First-Strike turns her head, peering expectantly at Sawyer.

Sawyer blinks at Cheese Doodle, and then seems a little awkward for a moment. "No--" he starts, but heaves a breath and gets off the couch. A moment later, after checking for windows and all, he slips down into lupus himself, which is a tiny little thing that somehow is very tiny without looking puppyish. His ears flatten as he comes over, quietly affirming that he is smaller than Mouse, though it's not excessive. Turns-the-Tide, no-moon cliath, child of Unicorn and sinborn. It's mostly addressed to the lupus, though to Mouse, as well. A pause, and he adds that he has talked with his tribe and has been given his terms for Chiminage.

Cheese Doodle's head tips to the side. She takes a few steps forward again, looking rather bold as she does. Are there lots of your tribe here? She asks, openly.

First-Strike settles back onto her haunches, too-long tail curling around her paws. For the moment, she's halted her own questions, though her curiosity is unmistakable.

Sean crosses his legs and just watches with a smirk as his company slowly dwindles off into various lupus shapes. How long can he last?

Turns-the-Tide admits that he's met a few. His ears flag as he considers, licking his muzzle. Two cubs and two adults, and has heard of a few others. And his friend came with him, who is in the same tribe, too.

Cheese Doodle takes this in, and acknowledges that she understands it, but doesn't follow it up with a question. She instead backpedals a bit, and looks towards the Stairs again.

First-Strike gruffs to get the other Walker's attention again. Why did Cheese Doodle come to this place?

Turns-the-Tide seems content with this, and only watches the interaction curiously, pricking his ears at the lupus as well.

Cheese Doodle's ears bat, and the wolf looks on back to the Metis. The big wolverine asked her to come! she says, excitedly. There's a pause, and then she adds less enthusiastically that she has to /find/ him now.

First-Strike looks confused by this. Spirit? she asks.

The /big/ one, Cheese Doodle supplies, less than helpfully. Shaking herself off, she decides - and announces - that she's going back to the food she left.

Turns-the-Tide looks a little confused as well, and the tiny lupus shuffles a little and tilts his head, just watching her, and chuffs a bit of a bewildered farewell.

Dariya comes downstairs, looking toward the conversation as she reaches the bottom of the steps.

First-Strike grunts. This one wants Cheese Doodle to stay in this building for now, she states. She has to tell Cheese Doodle about the Wyrm things that are hunting their tribe. And she has to show Cheese Doodle where she can sleep. And they have to talk about Chiminage if Cheese Doodle wants to stay.

Cheese Doodle whines, and ears scooping on back and eyes going wide. But I have to go out and find things! And food! She says, pleadingly. If she doesn't find the things, it'll be /bad/.

First-Strike asks immediately, what things? Oh the eyes. Not the eyes!

Turns-the-Tide pays attention to this, but Dariya's arrival catches his attention. His ears flick back and then forward again, and he tilts his head in slight curiousity, though he's hanging back with the other two lupus.

Cheese Doodle has to find the /big wolverine./ She repeats, stressing her utter need. She whines, lowering herself slightly as she does. Her nose quivers a bit. Cheese Doodle is careful in the city. Very careful.

Dariya flashes a swift smile to the few Lupus--especially the small one, who is less threatening.

Sean waves to Dariya as she comes in, seated by the wall in a chair. "Oh boy. Another homid. I'm Sean"

First-Strike looks a little dubious at this. She licks her muzzle and squints, standing in order to give her front half a much needed shake. There are lots and lots of eyes watching the city, she states. Cheese Doodle will have to be very very /very/ careful. There are Wyrm Garou around. She will come back to this place and talk to her tribe once a day so this one knows she is safe and can talk at her about things?

Cheese Doodle hesitates, and then gives a very firm 'maybe'. Often, she offers, hopefully. I'm Cliath. I'm good at not having the grabbers chase me. She demonstrates by striking what's apparently an 'incognito' pose.

Turns-the-Tide peers at Dariya, and abruptly his ears flatten a little and his tail gives a pleasant wag of greeting. An ear swivels toward Sean, his attention beginning to drift off of the conversation in front of him, though he is still paying it mind - and the lupus' demonstration causes his tongue to loll in amusement.

Dariya gives the boy a cautious nod. "Dariya Nikolaevna, kin to the Shadow Lords. I do not remember you, from the safehouse before?"

First-Strike rumbles. Wyrm Garou took another, of his tribe. She indicates Sawyer. Fostern Ahroun. Elder of his tribe. Cheese Doodle will come to this place /very often/ while the Wyrm Garou are around. This one believes Cheese Doodle is very careful and very good in the city, but she wants to know where her tribe is. She wants to know if any of them go missing right away.

Cheese Doodle doesn't look thrilled, but gives a bit of a toss, and then agrees. The wolf turns and starts up the stairs, heading back to her abandoned pizza.

Sean shakes his head. "Not /from/ the safehouse. I
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