A Tiger and a Fox Part II

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A Tiger and a Fox Part II

Postby Runtywolf » Tue Feb 07, 2012 6:01 pm

(One of Karuvar's first scenes. I'll try to post these to catch people up on what Karuvar's been doing. This log takes place after Karuvar and Vagabond met in the park and he invited her over for tea; I'm still looking for that log. I seem to have misplaced it. >.> She knows he's Bastet, but he doesn't know anything about her. Just, pretty Indian expat! Clearly, tea should be had.)

The hotel in question is nothing to sneeze at: Think something like a Best Western, or at the most expensive, a Marriot. Very middle-class America. Karuvar's room is on an unassuming floor, not far from the ground level of the building. It is evening, so there doesn't seem to be much in the way of activity in and around the building's visitor lounge.

Vagabond walks in as though she belonged. She strolls past the check-in desk without looking at any of the attendants, and moves straight for the stairs--not the elevator--without breaking stride. This confident demeanor is maintained until she reaches Karuvar's floor, at which she pauses, choosing to study the hallway first before she approaches any closer.

It appears as a normal hallway might, dead-ending at an ice machine and other amenities, doors lining either side of the hallway proper. The locks are those nifty keycard locks as mosty hotels use nowadays. Karuvar's door is somewhere on the left, down a bit.

Vagabond steps forward again, confident. She strides right past Karuvar's door without stopping--though she does note it out of the corner of her eye--and continues on down to the ice machine. The hallway is given another careful look, and then she turns and pulls a small hand mirror out of her coat pocket, and peers at it.

There's no one to see the kitsune cross over. Thankfully, the hotel seems to have been around long enough to have a meaningful Umbral presence that mostly reflects the material world. There are the normal array of webs, particularly around the security-key locking mechanisms at each door. The grid setup is represented strongly; the walls seem mostly intact.

Once she's fully on the other side, the fox-woman begins weaving her way back along the hallway, mindful of webs and any particularly active spirits. Her destination? Roughly where she estimates Karuvar's room to be. Once she reaches that spot, she lifts the mirror again, and peers--this time, she's peeking, not crossing. Not yet.

Karuvar's door appears in the mirror before her, as expected. A few of the small pattern spiders skitter about over spiritual representation of the locking device.

Vagabond lowers the mirror, and considers the spiritual version of the lock. Then she reaches out, not quite touching, and activates Open Seal. La la la. Infiltrator Fox.

Unsurprisingly, the door opens. But with a fairly hefty deadlock, there is an audible 'click'.

Vagabond pushes past the spiritual door, mindful of the small pattern spiders. Once she's in the room properly, she looks through the mirror again.

There appears to be no one in the immediate room, though the bathroom door is closed. Also, tea seems to have been prepared on a small table next to the bed, with two chairs and some fingerfood.

Vagabond mutters to herself when she spies that closed bathroom door. Then becomes a game of judgment. She adjusts her position, checks the mirror, adjusts her position some more. She continues at this until she's standing, roughly, inside the Realm's closet, and then starts reaching over again.

Success! Given as there's not much in there other than coathangers. Some moments laters, there's a bit of whistling as the bathroom door opens, some swishing about, the fluff of clothes laid out on the bed being moved, and so on.

Vagabond does /not/ swear, but she might be thinking unkind words. She tucks the mirror into her pocket for now, hunkers into a corner, and listens. After a moment, probably to make a smaller target, her form slides smoothly downward until she looks like a healthy, perfectly ordinary fox. A perfectly ordinary fox in a hotel room's closet. But this gives her access to her nose, and better hearing.

The smell of soap and a light, pleasant cologne sifts up from underneath the door. It's not particularly powerful, but is enough to stifle other smells. Hearing, however, alerts the fox that the man must have finished putting on his clothes, and has since returned to the bathroom to do... something else. Grooming of some kind, she can assume. The closet remains undisturbed.

Vagabond noses at the closet door, attempting to peer through the crack. Is the bathroom door closed?

The bathroom door is open about halfway.

Vagabond tches silently to herself. She noses the closet door a little more, easing it open in hopes that it doesn't squeak--please do not /squeak/--just far enough to slip through.

Horrors! The closet door is full closed. However, a quick shift up to homid will fix that, at which point, cute fox-nosing may resume, and the door will not squeak if opened. Thank the diligent maids.

Vagabond does this, and then, when she's able to slip through, she does so. She scurries quickly past the bathroom door and into the room proper, where she immediately belly crawls under the bed.

The man in the bathroom does seem to notice /something/, but it amounts to a simple peering out of the bathroom--like seeing a random cockroach--and then a shrug. Beard-trimming appears to be in-process. And when it is done, he returns to bedroom proper, bedecked in comfortable jeans and a tailored, button-down shirt, and flops on the bed. Bounce!

The vixen flattens herself under that bounce, and, in the dark where no one can see, she sticks her tongue out through tiny, sharp teeth. Hmph!

And then the bed creeeeaks on that final bounce, as if very suddenly, there were something much, much heavier upon it. The mattress groans, and sinks down, shrinking the area beneath.

Vagabond aie! With a silent curse to ALL CATS EVERYWHERE, the fox streaks out from under the bed again, before it's too late.

There is a tiger on the bed. A very large, adult tiger. With teeth. And who appears to be staring right /at/ the fleeing fox with the best 'what the hell?' look a tiger can muster.

TIGER! This registers with the fox very quickly, but by that point, she's already most of the way to the bathroom. She skids to a stop, her brush curling against her back legs, and then looks back around, and stares back.

The tiger stares more, whiskers twitching. Tongue licking his mouth idly as he yawns, brilliantly displaying very sharp, very large teeth. He then begins to pull his massive body off the bed, one slow, oversized paw at a time.

Oh no. No no. Vagabond's fur fluffs out, and she backs up so that her rear end is already /in/ the bathroom, and then tches loudly at the approaching monster. No need to come ANY closer, really.

Too bad! The tiger seems to say, tail flicking as his final paw touches down, and he meanders, no, /sashays/, towards the fox in an 'ohoho what have we here?' manner. There's no bunching of the haunches, though, no preparing leap. No claws are extended, and no other hints towards incoming violence. Just, one paw, then another. Coming closer. Tongue lick to mouth.

The fox considers the oncoming tiger for far longer than any normal fox would ever do. And then, abruptly, she darts into the bathroom, and there's a brief view of someone else, larger, shoving the door CLOSED, and the click of the lock. Not that she expects crappy hotel locks and a bathroom door to actually keep him out.

There's a moment of pause, a sniffing at the door, and then silence. Followed shorly by, with a bemused timbre. "You can come out. I've got tea on and everything. Besides, I just washed up in there, and it's got to be all steamy and uncomfortable." It's clear he's moving away from the bathroom door.

It takes a bit, really. A minute. Two minutes. Nearly three. And then the door cracks open. A brow eye--human eye, at human height--peers out, before the door opens a little more.

Karuvar appears to be sitting at the little table, a mug in his hand, steam rising from it. Steam also appears to be rising from the sister mug, on the other side of the table. He looks very comfortable. Nothing wrong, here! "I poured you some," he explains, lifting his mug towards her, and then taking a sip. "Jasmine tea. My favorite."

Vagabond brushes her hands over her clothing and exits. She's all casual now, really. To look at her, you wouldn't expect that she'd just gone running into the bathroom in fright. The effect is somewhat ruined when she speaks, though. "/Khan/." Is that a note of delight? It /is/. "It has been so long since I have seen a /Khan/."

"Well, that makes two of us," says Karuvar, gesturing towards the empty seat, and ignoring any tremulous tone to her voice. "Moreso, I have not seen a Kitsune in... well, not since I was back in India." He looks upward, considering what is perhaps a lengthy timeline. "Yes, Mumbai," he says, nodding. "Perhaps a year or two ago, now. I certainly didn't expect to find one here, in Washington."

"Longer for me," Vagabond says, still delighted. She takes the seat, though it might be noted that, despite her casualness, she's still watching Karuvar very carefully. "I have been here in America for some time now."

Karuvar remains where he is, perhaps too comfortable to be bothered to move to greet her properly, or assuming an almost-pounce from a tiger was greeting enough. "I returned somewhat recently, after finishing some business overseas. New people, new job." He sets down his mug. "I imagine you've got your own business, or you wouldn't be here. Anything I should know, offhand?"

"Nothing you should not know," Vagabond replies, with a faint frown. "Although I am despairing that I will ever find my target. I am hunting a powerful spirit from the Middle Kingdom. A Bhuta. A shapechanger. It crossed the Pacific by possessing a man, and I followed. But it has been...a very long time since I have found any trace of it."

Karuvar considers this a moment, nodding. One of his naked feet flicks back and forth--not unlike a tail. "Well, I intend to be here for some time, so perhaps we can help each other? I've got some business with the local Garou. Not strictly friendly business, either. But how antagonistic things get is up to them. Anyways. I just want to talk to their alpha, but I don't have any names. Perhaps you can introduce me to someone, if you know any of them? And in return, I will join you in your hunt, if you'll have me."

"Business," Vagabond echoes. Wary, perhaps. "Yes, I do know them, but you should know, Brother Tiger, that they know about me. I have made promises that I will not endanger them, or their holy places. But if you are looking for a mediator," she smiles faintly, "I could give this a try. It may take some time. They are very grumpy out there. Wyld has invaded their territory."

"So I've noticed," says Karuvar, glancing out the window as if he could see the bawn in its entirety from here. "It's ultimately not my problem, personally, but I made some promises I intend to keep. In short, a Garou from this area stole a very powerful Bastet fetish which resulted in a death. I'm here to request the return of that fetish, and that justice be done to she who killed one of my people. If the Garou are reasonable, they'll agree. If not, well." The man offers the fox a broad-shouldered shrug. "I have a promise to keep."

"Killed a Khan?" Vagabond asks. "Or one of the Sunset Cats?"

"A Balam," the tiger explains, looking back. "Not a Khan. But when I was younger I spent a lot of time amongst the cats to the far South, in the deserts, and I owe them. A tiger doesn't renege on his promises."

"The Sunset People are rarely reasonable," Vagabond says, with a note of humor. "Wolf or Cat. Even the Ravens are twitchy. I will see what can be done, when I visit them. This fetish, what is it?"

"It bathes the Shadow in Seline's light," Karuvar explains. And then waves a hand. "Among other things that don't matter, because the Garou aren't Bastet and can't utilize the full functionality of the thing, which is part of the injustice."

Vagabond's eyes widen slightly. "Oh," she says. And then, "Oh. That is a big problem."

Karuvar rests an elbow on the table, chin atop his hand. "Oh? You know of it?" Brows raise.

"I know of it," Vagabond says, with the faintest of nods. "The local Raven, I am sure she knows of it. And all of the Wolves here in the city too, and beyond. It feeds one of their holy places. It is impossible to miss in the Mirror Lands. They will not want to let that go easily, I think. I would be sad to see it go too. It is a safe spot where there are no others I can access."

"And so it was before it was stolen," Karuvar adds, with a slight shake of his head. "It is not the Garou's to determine how and where it is to be used, and it will remain a sore point amongst the Bastet until it is recovered. But I'm not unreasonable. I understand the need and want for safety. Hence why I'm here to talk about it. First. My hope is that the alpha here will see reason at the injustice, and return it to repair relations."

Vagabond's expression is vaguely troubled. "I will hope for reason then, on both sides. Give me time. I have not met their current leader either, but I do know their General. Their...Warder. I will speak to her. And I know where they stay in the city, I will tell someone there too. Do you have a phone?"

Karuvar nods. "I do!" he says, slipping her a blank business card with a number written thereon. Also, a smile! Prepared, he! "Not to sound rude, but please don't take too long. The longer I'm here and they know about me, the less time I have to get it back in a timely manner. And if I don't get it, someone else is bound to come looking for it. And I can promise they won't be as polite about it as I intend to be."

"I will refrain from mentioning that," Vagabond says, a little thinly. She takes the card and tucks it away with a very practiced gesture. "I will try for haste, but the full moon is nearly here. Wolves are most unreasonable then. Especially with their holy places invaded."

Leaning back in his chair, once again, Karuvar resumes his relaxed, easy composure. "Yeah, that's a fair point. I appreciate your willingness to mediate, however, since they're familiar with you already. In the mean time, I have a house to find and a den to make--A safe place in the Shadow which you will be welcome in for doing this for me."

Vagabond lifts one finger. "I cannot promise success. But I will try." At the mention of payment, of a sort, she smiles faintly. "That would be welcome, but in the meantime, Brother Tiger, if you would like, and are capable of being very unnoticed, I have found a place that suits us both very well. It is not ours of course, but no one uses it. It is quite large."

Karuvar leans in towards the fox, somewhat conspiratorially. "Oh? I'm listening." He grins.

Vagabond pushes out of her seat and moves toward the bedside table, where she retrieves the heavy phone book. There's a few moments in which she flips through it, to the city maps, and then turns it so that Karuvar can see. "Here. It is not easy to miss. A big gated house. The fence is tall, but not so difficult to climb. Cameras, but I have seen to it that they do not work. There is electricity so they can show it off to buyers, yes? But this market, no one is buying. I do not use the lights, just in case."

Karuvar peers at the information provided and nods. "Oh, hey. Sounds it'd be my kind of place. For all the place that have been mine." He chuckles. "In that case, great. I'll check it out, soon."

"Come at night," Vagabond instructs. "If I am out, I will leave the door unlocked, yes?"

Karuvar waggles his fingers. "I can deal with locked doors. But, noted. But, that said." He gestures towards the tea and finger-food. "Please, help yourself."

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