Moot: Feb 2012

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Moot: Feb 2012

Postby Hazmat » Sat Feb 11, 2012 2:57 pm

10 Feb 2012

From In the Swirling Wind, Kavi can be heard to howl, ~Come, Garou of the Hidden Walk. Come! Pass through bramble and thorn and come to devote yourself to the Caern. We Moot!~

Center of the Caern

This is the central point of the 30-meter-wide clearing. The ground is a mixture of dark, rich, muddy soil mixed with clay, though there is an occasional patch of grass. At the center rests a large white boulder, immovable even by the strongest crinos. The boulder is shot through with streaks of quartz that produces scintillating colors when light strikes it just right. It is, for lack of a wholly adequate word, beautiful.

Around you, twenty yards in every direction, stretches the caern. To the southeast, a waterfall plummets over the edge of the chasm into a small pool in the caern; nearby, to the southwest, steam comes from cracks in the ground, perhaps some of the same water. Northwest, a rocky spar juts out of the ground at a low angle, showing a sloping but smooth top. The chasm walls narrow a bit to the northeast, causing some of the mist to swirl in that area.

When Shockwave arrives, he's decked to the nines. Well, in werewolf terms. Red fur coated in blue woad Fianna glyphs, the Fianna elder also totes a heavy semi-round chunk of rock. The stone is granite, and decorated with glyphs representing the tribe.

Bright Eyes's tail lolls behind her. ~Bright Eye Sees to the Heart of the Ambush, Fostern now. Packed under Dragonfly in Equinox~. She pauses, then adds, ~With Golden, and Night's Shadow~. As the others start to gather she adds, ~Excuse me. I have to go. --It is good to see you again, Ears-rhya.~ And she's off, picking her way through the oncoming to take her place in the Fool's quarter.

Ishmael shrugs a meaty glabros shoulder and explains to Eden, "Somewhat. It's part instinct, part learn. Take t'whatever form is comfortable, and I'll make sure y'understand," he assures her. "The language will come in time, promise."

Red-Hands wanders in after the other Walkers, casting a curious eye over those already gathered. He lets out a huff before taking up a place somewhere amongst Ishmael and the cubs, jabbing his nose at Eden. They'll understand.

Stacey quietly makes her way down into the Caern as she hears the howl, observing the gathered group. Who she remembers, who is new.

In the windiest area, Bridge Builder looks across the caern finding his packmates one at a time, and then focusing only on his elder for a long while.

Salem limps down into the caern, a skull-sized stone carried underneath one arm. He shifts up into Crinos as he arrives, then pauses to look around at the gathering, eyes narrowed.

Kaz noses Shelby, melts into crinos, and then pushes to her feet and meets Camille and Lefty on the way over. Except she casually shoots Owen a middle finger on the way over.

Carries-Fire arrives in lupus, dabbed liberally with bright blue dye, even along her middle pair of legs, which she doesn't seem to be using at all. Most of the designs appear to be various stick figures with tails and pointy teeth, but a few are Garou glyphs, and a number of them are bushy trees. There's an energy to her that can't be stifled.

Bag-of-Snakes is late to the party, a bit pink in the face as she comes into the centre with the howl already dying away. She's carrying a chunk of rock under one arm, like a soccer player might carry a ball. She heads for Wildfire and joins him.

Reforges-the-Lost hops along after Wildfire, double taking when she sees Kaz. Ears quirk toward her, and her tail gives a slow wag.

~She's back. Came around last night.~ The Gnawer Philodox eyes the various moot officials thoughtfully, her ears quivering. Then she pops a squat on a portion of space and settles in, waving Ears over.

Ferret's tail twitches, and the ragabash grows decidedly animated. ~Ears!! You're back! Hey.~

Young BJ comes into the Caern, carrying a stone very carefully that seems to be roughly carved into the shape of a unicorn, and painted purple. She smiles at anyone who looks her way, excited and cheerful.

All-in-Stride turns, tentative greeting offered to Red-Hands at his approach, before the cub returns his attention to everything that is going on, tongue lolling out to the side and everything taken into consideration, observed.

Carries-Fire pauses, sniffs the air, and then that energy seems to explode. Ears! Ears! Scar!

Falcon's Heart glances up and spies her packmate, chuffing a greeting as the Gaian enters. Her own rock seems more bloodstained than painted and she is fussing slightly with placement.

Long-Path trails down the path, ending up near Camille. He gives Kaz a wary look, but merely sits, firmly.

"Thank you," Eden murmurs, and hesitates before pausing in place and pursing her lips in concentration. She shifts into Crinos, and the tattered shreds of sweatclothes make clear WHY she was wearing such simple clothing for a change. Her ears twitch and she hurries after Ishmael and the other cub, her steps a bit uncertain. "Sorry about that," she tries to say sheepishly.

After the howl dies, Sightless-Faith slides up into his birthform and settles in at a spot he selects. He's interested - fascinated even - but he says nothing to anyone just now. Instead, his ears turn now and then and his nose never stops working.

Scar flashes long fangs in a savage grin, briefly, then heads over to join Kaz.

Slug glances back at Ishmael and the cubs, looking bored, or guarded. "There will be lots of talking, and little said." Slug murmurs to the Theurge and the cubs, stopping on a piece of earth he deems to be suitably high. The shifting cub behind him doesn't even make him bat an eye.

In the windiest area, Bridge Builder waits as the last few respond to his call, and then draws in a full breath. His howl is long and full and touched with hope, inviting the rest of the sept to join in, opening the moot.

Thunder's-Heart throws back his head as he hears Bridge Builder make the call, emitting his own low howl to the sky.

Carries-Fire wiggles her way over toward Scar and Kaz, looking about half her age with how ridiculously furious her tail is waving. The blue stick figures in her fur don't help.

Wildfire grumbles out to Kaz in a manner probably lost to everyone here but her, ~Shit-Nickle.~ He then turns towards Bag-of-Snakes to greet her with a simple clasp of her shoulder.

Ishmael makes an effort of cleaning up the remains of Eden's clothing before anyone can say a lick about it otherwise. "You get a pass for being new," he says to the cub. "But don't litter the Caern. I'll get you some dedicated clothes when we get back so that need not happen again, alright?"

Tempest's Wake howls, though briefly, the Wendigo seeming unusually tense.

Kaz punches Lefty in the arm, softly, and then beams at Morgan. ~You!~ she calls, but then Kavi howls, and she throws back her head and howls, too. Long, loud, energetic, welcoming, a little sad.

Falcon's Heart's head throws back and she lets loose a long, extended howl to the skies above that mingles with that of the others.

Kevin is another one to head for Kaz and Scar, still looking astonished enough that he doesn't join in the howl or even shift.

Judge Dredd's howl isn't as good as some of the others, the harsh sounds of her scarred throat even sounding here.

Innocence's howl lasts nearly as long as that of the galliard before it finally starts to die away.

Bright Eyes surges into Crinos, tosses her head back to howl at the skies.

Scar stands at his full height, muzzle pointed at the sky as he lets out a deep, thunderous howl.

Carries-Fire howls, loud and brash. Her tail still waves furiously.

Earth-Whisperer's howl is of a more melodic, echoing timbre, what carries despite his size.

Shrouded Arrow joins in the howl, her voice high and clear.

Ferret is knocked two steps sideways by the solidly built Ears. She's rumbling out a laugh when the howl starts, and she rolls with it, lifing her head to join with everyone else in song.

Danger Magnet makes her way into the moot. As the howl starts, her head falls back and she joins, a little off, but likely not heard over the sound of so many others.

Ishmael jostles his cubs. "Make with the noise." And then proceeds to howl badly, himself.

Javid shifts to Crinos as he enters the caern. His head is thrown back along with the rest as he adds his own loud howl.

Kaz leans into Morgan, happily, as she falls silent and listens to the combined howls; and then howls again. Yip yip yaroooo!

Peacemaker howls, too, her voice full of hope and longing.

Eden howls like her life depended on it. Sadly, that doesn't make it any more practiced or melodic. But it is most definitely heartfelt, and full of joy.

Reforges-the-Lost, without losing more than a beat, bounds after Wildfire. Her mood mellows just a touch as she splays her ears in greeting to the Jarl, though it's picked up again as she joins in the howl.

Shockwave rises and howls, his howl deep and not quite so loud as the others, voice mingling with the others.

All-in-Stride howls, clear and hopeful, heartfealt. The cub keeps it up for as long as his breath will allow, head tilted back to the sky.

Sightless-Faith's addition to the howl is almost querying; slow to rise, lingering, lifting, slow to end.

Slug shifts easily into the form of Crinos, setting his hands on the earth, crouching. The Ragabash howls roughly, and likely not as loud as he could. When the last breath passes through his lips, he sits and waits, looking onward with a somber gaze.

Red-Hands tilts his head back and howls, a coarse sound, but heartfelt.

Near the edge of the Gathering, Weasel-Follows-Omens throws back her head and howls long and loud.

Wildfire raises his own booming, if not melodic, voice into the air with the rest, stopping a little prematurely as Reforges-the-Lost bounds over, to which he grabs by the back of the neck to gove a small butt forehead to forehead.

In the windiest area, When the howls finally die down, Bridge Builder gives a rough shake and surveys the gathered garou. He looks once again, though more briefly, at Mouse, and then across to the Fool, beginning the recitation of the litany.

Bright Eyes has rebuttals for each tenet and calls them loudly over the heads and backs of the assembled Garou. Each in turn is shouted down, until at last all are finished.

By the steam vents, Throughout the Litany calling, as the Fool and the Caller go back and forth, and the gathered Garou shout down the Fool, steam has been steadily building around the steam vents, gradually, but assuredly, masking First-Strike from view. It's as the final shout dies down that the partly-bald Walker Theurge exhales, breathing outward with the earth as a gust of steam far larger than the rest begins drifting toward the center of the Caern. A lone, mournful howl rises up from the steam vents.

Falcon's Heart's not really paying attention to the pair working to run through the litany. Instead, she seems to be staring into space, occasionally whispering something quietly as she strokes the top of her stone.

Judge Dredd's head snaps toward the calling theurge and she stills, except for a brief glance toward Long-Path. The Gnawer has a quiet, expectant air to her. This is the Moment.

Thunder's-Heart bows his head slightly as he's enveloped by the familiar steam, squinting a little in the moisture. Eyes and ears are on the Theurge, his dark stone cradled in his arm.

Scar's ears prick forward; he watches the steam vents intently.

In the windiest area, When the last of the garou has had a chance to refute the Fool, the Master of the Howl turns again to Mouse where she sits at the steam vents.

Long-Path is, as ever, logical in his refutations; and when the theurge calls, he stills in anticipation.

By the steam vents, A wind picks up, brushing past ears and tickling fur. The drifting mist arcs upward, shrouding the sky, through which moonlight streams like the sun through falling water. Vibrant colors follow their own paths, appearing and disappearing according to their own whims as they dance above the Moot. First-Strike's howl sounds again, inviting the Garou to join her in greeting Chimera. Even so, there's still a note of mourning in her voice.

Danger Magnet stands with the others, ears tilted forward, listening, waiting, watching.

Javid settles down into a squat as the steam wafts towards him. The moss covered stone he had selected and brought with him is placed by his feet.

Thunder's-Heart nudges the cub he has with him to join yet another call, this one welcoming in its tone.

Kaz howls, discordant; sad. Sad, and welcoming, on this night.

Falcon's Heart's head snaps back and she howls to the skies. She doesn't have the beauty of a galliard in the sound but there's a raw, sad edge to it.

Scar's howl is less thunderous than earlier, more a melodic baritone than a stormy, angry roar.

There is nothing sad in Innocence's howl. It is one of pure joy and welcoming for the Mirror Lady.

Black-Light occupies some time or settles his nerves by cleaning and sharpening his claws upon one another. He waits and listens for what's about to happen next, sparing the occasional glance back at the Walker cubs. When the howling starts again, he calls with the other wolves, his low howl short and warbly.

Reforges-the-Lost joins with the howl, a touch more sober this time than before.

Judge Dredd's howl is short and bittersweet, calling out to Chimera.

Carries-Fire's howl rises shortly after Kaz's. It's again brash and loud, rising when her's falls. Mirror Lady!

Tempest's Wake contains her anger, but her howl is brief.

Golden has been crouched next to a hefty piece of sandstone throughout the proceedings, and now he adds his desert, yipping voice to the others.

Bright Eyes's voice wavers and rises up and down the scale as she calls to Chimera.

Viv belatedly shifts into crinos and joins in the howl.

Wildfire's own voice seems delayed, seemingly hard for him to find expression for this occassion. His booming voice is low and somber, more of a dirge than any other call.

Reflection raises his voice to join with his Sept to call to the Lady of the Caern, his voice carrying years of dedication and a felt kinship with the totem.

In the windiest area, Bridge Builder howls sharp and bright, but his, like so many others, is touched with sadness.

Peacemaker's howl is both welcoming and wistful, perhaps just a hint of concern within her young voice.

Ferret's howl tapers off with a lonely soft note.

Sightless-Faith's rock, which he had bound against his side, is removed. It's a plain chunk of stone, round and smooth. The only thing upon it is the Stargazer glyph, painted across the surface in surprising accuracy. This he places down carefully, and then his ears perk forward but then fall. His call is like someone calling to a relative; welcoming, querying, eager, yet careful.

All-in-Stride howls once more, head tilted back. There is still joy in the cub's howl, but it is balanced with the notes of sadness, tapering off into silence not long after it begins.

Close to nine feet tall, this werewolf moves with a definitive sense of grace and awareness that contrasts with what one may expect, given that he has a dark oiled cloth bound 'round his eyes, suggesting blindness. His pelt is that of an average grey wolf with the scars and imperfections that one may expect of an experienced ahroun, though nothing stands out as particularly vicious.

Long-Path howls; he's not sad, not yet; he's welcoming, eager, interested, alert.

By the steam vents, The dance of colors grows more vibrant, more wild, a whirl of impossible light and motion. There's the sense of new leaves in the melee, of young flowers that bloom and wither. The yellow of summer grass, waving in the wind. Leaves again, orange and brown, that drift downward, becoming smaller and white, just before the dance ends, and the color bleeds away. The Garou are left with a few moments of soft, misting rain, gentle before it, too, vanishes from the senses.

First-Strike breathes heavily, and then announces, ~The Inner Sky is open. Let us Moot!~

Mourns-The-Living tilts his head once more and releasing a mournful howl into the air.

Eden joins in the howl, trying to match the intensity of the others. She is not sad, but perhaps she's too new to understand.

Red-Hands lends his voice to the howl, mournful.

Danger Magnet joins in the howl once more, likely grating on the ears of those near her. When she is done, she sets her stone at her feet and waits patiently.

In the windiest area, The Master of the Howl is silent for perhaps a moment too long, after the Caller of the Wyld announces the Inner Sky open. But eventually he lifts his voice again, calling on the Truthcatcher to crack the bones.

Oath-Ring, sitting quietly alone, remains silent throughout the howls.

Ferret's eyes close as those senses wash over her. When the sky is open, so do her eyes. Teeth are bared in a brief grin that reeks of being a human gesture.

By the steam vents, First-Strike slips down into the center, bringing her cloth-wrapped packages with her. One in particular she's very careful with.

Falcon's Heart sits quietly now, back to being lost in thought--except when she tracks the various bundles in First-Strike's arms, her eyes briefly narrowing. Then she's back to distracted silence.

Sightless-Faith lingers with his nose in the air, and then slowly settles back again with an almost inaudible exhalation of air. His ears flick one at a time, flicking towards and away from those moving around.

Ears leans into Lefty, now, watching the leaves and mist. ~Hey, Lady,~ she mutters.

Scar bares his teeth again -- not quite a smile this time, though not a snarl, either. The war-battered halfmoon shifts his weight, bent tail flicking restlessly, his good eye gleaming.

First-Strike angles toward her tribemates, packmates, and Kaz...because hey, they're all kind've sitting nearby. She does still sit a tiny bit apart, however, arranging the wrapped objects in front of her before dropping into a three point crouch.

Judge Dredd glances toward the approaching theurge for a moment before turning back to the bone, her clawed hands flexing slightly.

Ferret's intensely curious self is heavily distracted, everything and everyone vying for the ragabash's attention. Her gaze darts about, tongue lolling just a bit. Ears' words grab her for a bit, ears pricked towards the other gnawer. ~Hmm?~

From the rock outcropping, Shrouded Arrow goes up to the earthy spot, bringing with her a large bone, probably a leg bone from an elk. She announces, ~We've got a lot to talk about, so let's keep regular Sept business to a minimum, but, it's time for the Cracking of the Bone!~ She snaps the bone in two over her knee, like an angry baseball player. ~Wildfire, you have an item?~ She holds out the bones to the Get.

Tempest's Wake's gaze follows her packmate across to the rock slab, ears twitching briefly as she watches.

Ferret's feral grin returns. She shares a moment with ears and then her attention is quickly and intently on the cracking.

Bright Eyes pauses to pick up her own stone before threading her way through the gathering, ending up beside her packmates. She spares them a quick, toothy grin before focusing on the Cracking.

Golden looks over to Kaz, either just now noticing her or just now having a moment to, and flicks an ear at her, dipping his muzzle in a greeting.

Wildfire steps forward to eventually take the bones from the Truthcatcher. ~Be it known that Jamethon Reflection's Howl, Jacey Reforges the Lost, and myself, Owen Wildfire, are forming a pack but are still open to those no longer wishing to walk alone. We plan on assisting whenever possible on any endeavor, but plan to claim territory in the scarred forest north of the Bawn aside from Equinox' land.~ That said, he hands the bones back and returns to his former spot.

Bag-of-Snakes watches Wildfire take the bones with a certain amount of pride, and a certain amount of trepidation.

Scar watches the Get keenly but seems to have no opinion on this bit of news, one way or the other.

Isaac blinks at Owen's announcement, and there's an interested twitch to his ear.

From the rock outcropping, Shrouded Arrow takes the bones, and announces, ~Golden Jackal, your turn!~

Danger Magnet settles down, tilts her head at Wildfire and then her eyes go back to the Truthcatcher, waiting in silence.

Kaz regards Owen with interest.

Golden rises and moves to take the bones, and says, ~Night's-Shadow, Bright-Eyes, and I have formed a Pack following Dragonfly. We've named ourselves Equinox, and our territory is the southern reaches of the Scarred Forest, and the grove with the Great Oak.~ He offers the bones back to Shrouded Arrow and resumes his seat with his packmates.

First-Strike closes her eyes. Her ears move, listening intently.

From the rock outcropping, Shrouded Arrow smiles a little. ~Many new packs forming, good! Next, Thunder's Hunter of the Heart!~

Thunder's-Heart rises after indicating to his cub that now was the time to be silent. He takes the bones and addresses those assembled. ~Many of you already have heard about the newest arrivals. Three of these are cubs who claim Shadow Lord heritage. And then there is a Cliath. I will tell you the circumstances surrounding their presence now. The Cliath, formerly Thunderstrike, and his nephew have come from Broken Praire, a Sept that has recently fallen. The Cliath then came here, seeking sanctuary and help for his nephew, for whom we performed a Cleansing Rite to remove the taint which he had suffered as a hostage of the Dancers who had taken Broken Praire.~ The Shadow Lord elder growls. ~But that is not all. This Cliath then sought Chiminage for becoming part of us, and yet was keeping a dark secret. That secret was wrested from him several nights ago. This Cliath...~ His words drip with anger. ~... had conveniently forgotten to tell us that they had been hunted by doglike creatures, and that they had led them straight here. While we deal with his problem... it's asked that you do not trust this pair from Broken Prairie, and they are being kept at a length, and watched closely. For keeping information is, in this case, as dangerous as a plain lie. Because now, we are all in danger.~ He relinquishes the bones.

Kevin's jaw drops and he shoots Scar a sidelong look of dismay at this announcement.

Long-Path regards Nik with even interest, at this. He raises an eyebrow at some of the wording.

Judge Dredd's growl is low in her chest at the news from the Shadow Lord; only those around her can likely hear it.

Scar bares his teeth and utters a low, rumbling growl of displeasure and /distinct/ lack of surprise.

Tempest's Wake growls, teeth bared as she watches the Shadow Lord. Displeasure, and outright anger are clear in her posture, though she, too, shows no surprise.

First-Strike's eyes slit open. No surprise from her either, though her own displeasure is plain.

Golden surveys the Sept for their reactions, not bothering to mask that he's heard all of this already.

Mourns-The-Living listens closely to those who take up the bones, a frown of concentration clouding his face and overshadowing any other expression.

Wildfire turns his head, formerly watching the proceedings but now staring almost directly towards Scar. Whatever the reason for this may be he keeps to himself.

Bright Eyes's fangs flash in disgust, otherwise her reaction is muted.

Ferret eyes the Shadow Lord with the wary one would have for a rattlesnake. His news doesn't seem to come as all that new to her, and she offers a soft grunt and yet another show of her teeth. This time it's a decidedly wolf-like gesture, and unpleasant.

Ears blinks curiously.

Weasel-Follows-Omens has disconnected.

From the rock outcropping, Shrouded Arrow bristles at this, letting out a low growl. She takes a breath, though, and glances down at a list she has discretely in her left hand, ~Good to know, thank you for sharing.~ She's clearly trying hard to stay neutral. ~Next is... Faith Leads the Sightless?~ She looks around, clearly uncertain about who this is.

First-Strike's eyes open further, and she distinctly straightens in her crouch.

Scar's torn ear twitches; he turns his head, eyeballs Kevin and then turns and stares directly at Wildfire.

Sightless-Faith rises, fluidly and effortlessly. He looks disturbed at Nik's news, but he makes his way to the Truthcatcher, plainly using nose and ears to guide his path. A clawed hand is lifted, bones accepted, and he holds them in both claws for a moment, head bowed. ~I am called Faith-Leads-The-Sightless, born howling under the full moon with the sin of my parents plain on my face.~ No shame, only truth. ~Rited under the gaze of Chimera as a Stargazer, ranked twice. Once of the Sept of the Green, once of the Beast Courts, and now called to this Sept with Chimera's dreams.~ He bows his head a little: ~It will be my duty to serve, to teach, to aid. Teaching is my chiminage, and I have many Rites if you wish to learn.~ With that, the Stargazer presses the bones into the Truthcatcher's hands, and he returns to his seat, the only hint of the moon's pressure upon him being a certain amount of tension 'round his shoulders.

From afar, Wildfire's giving you an 'Are you gonna do something about them' look.

Kaz mutters something quietly; it sounds impressed. Evidently, she's heard of him, or possibly she's just surprised by a Stargazer, be he blind or not.

Thunder's-Heart regards Sightless-Faith with interest as he hunkers down next to the female cub of his tribe, once more taking up his stone. A look of deliberation settles into his lupine features.

Isaac leans forward a little, sniffing toward the new Stargazer.

Black-Light listens to all the goings on with a fairly passive expression, still picking at his claws, systematically raking them one against the other.

Bag-of-Snakes leans forward, to get a better view of the newcomer.

From the rock outcropping, Shrouded Arrow blinks owlishly at the Stargazer. ~I'm sure that will be interesting. Um. Oh! Scar, your turn.~ She seems more at ease when the Metis is replaced with the Walker.

Earth-Whisperer eyes the Stargazer with a distant sort of interest, still holding onto his rock.

First-Strike looks pleased at Sightless-Faith's introduction, teeth faintly bared. Then her attention turns toward Scar.

Ferret mutters to Kaz, hopefully where only the other Gnawers can hear, ~The blind leading the blind.~

Scar narrows his eyes at Wildfire, something -- maybe -- passing between the pair. Then he snorts, rolls his shoulders, and forces his attention back to the Cracking. Anger continues to leak out of him; his claws twitch and his hackles remain bristled as he limps up to take the bones. ~I am forming a new pack, based in the city, hopefully under the patronage of Chimera,~ he informs the Sept, his voice carrying easily. ~Any who are interested should speak to me, or the Gnawer Theurge called Wrong Way.~

Long-Path can't help but look at Salem in interest, though he is firmly camped by Camille. He also seems to have recognized the Stargazer, slightly surprised.

Tempest's Wake steps forward to take the bone, wrapping fingers around it. She looks out over the center of the clearing, and her gaze rests on Nik. ~Those two are not to leave the Scarred Forest unless the pack holding that territory decides they are no longer welcome.~ She looks to Tim, ears swiveling backward and then fore again, and she returns her attention to Nik. ~Should that happen, you will speak with me to determine another place for them to be kept.~ She doesn't return the bones, then, but instead draws in a breath and lets it out sharply. ~Heartwood has formed under Grandmother Tree. Shrouded Arrow, Carries Fire, and Shifting Briar walk the path of Wisdom on the bawn, with me.~ That said, she casts a last look at the Shadow Lord, and steps down.

Falcon's Heart grunts faintly at something, giving Long-Path a sidelong and amused look.

First-Strike looks pleased at this as well. She air-punches in Scar's general direction as he returns to his spot.

Kevin regards Salem with slightly narrowed eyes as he surrenders the bones.

Wildfire watches Scar glare back, then move on to take the bones. Scar's announcement of a new pack doesn't seem to be what Wildfire was expecting him to say as his look turns a couple shades of dour.

Thunder's-Heart merely dips his head with a nod of agreement.

Carries-Fire's tongue lolls briefly as her name is mentioned. The blue-painted Fianna wiggles again.

Scar returns to his place and hunkers down next to the stone that he's brought. He continues to bristle with well-leashed rage.

One of Golden's ears skews in a reaction of faint displeasure at something.

From the rock outcropping, Shrouded Arrow gives the Warder a warm look. ~Indeed. Next up, Takes the Long Path!~

The Strider regards Jacinta with neutral interest; then, he passes her, and takes the bones from Shrouded Arrow and says, ~I come at an interesting time. But I will be brief. I am Wisdom's Long and Twisting Path, or the Son of the Ibis. I am Silent Strider and half moon, Fostern by Gaia's grace if not that of my fellow Garou. Unlike my fellow newcomer, teaching is not my chiminage, but do know many rituals of our people and will happily and willingly do it for those who ask, unless it is a secret of my tribe or others. Well met.~ Then he gives them back to her and returns to Camille's general area.

From the rock outcropping, Shrouded Arrow takes back the bones. ~Welcome! Next, Listens to the Earth Whisper Her Guidance.~

Earth-Whisperer moves to take the bones, stone still held in one hand, unwilling to part with it. ~I have been at this sept for nearly two years now, having before been at the Sept of the Frozen Blood under Wolverine, with many of my tribe. It has been challenging to be at and work with a sept that has so few of Griffon's children--so few wolfborn. But it is a good challenge. While here, I have sired a number of pups--one garou, and plan to do so again. I have been a guardian of this bawn, and an elder of my tribe. I have helped Little Silvertip mauls the Horned Servant-alpha discover a fetish, and I was there at the battle of Gorge Gut Hive, fought the enemy, and alone destroyed one of the human-dams to help flush out the Dancer's taint. Now I am ready for a new challenge, and wish to honor Shrouded-Arrow for siring many wolfpups--which we need--among her other many deeds by challenging her for Adren!~ That said, he returns the bones.

Isaac may have missed several of the announcements as he watches the Stargazer intently.

Ears blinks at Earth Whisperer. And then says, ~Huh!~ It's a little dubious, but she also seems to be rooting for him.

Tempest's Wake's ears slide backward and her eyes narrow as she regards the Red Talon at the Mound.

Ferret listens to the Talon, and when he finishes, she offers a loud yip and yowl of approval and praise.

Scar squints at the Talon, eyes narrowed.

Black-Light spares a glance in the Talon's direction, but doesn't look upon him for very long. He sniffs the air, then goes back to honing his claws.

From the rock outcropping, Shrouded Arrow takes the bones back with a nod. ~I thank you and accept the challenge. Terms will be determined, once I figure something out. Next is Paladin Walks the Spider's Maze!~

Falcon's Heart just looks dubious as she finally starts to focus once more, grunting.

Bright Eyes skews one ear, though she remains politely attentive.

Ishmael moves to take the bones, tipping his head to those assembled. ~Hey. Riley 'Evac', Slug 'Black-Light' and I have formed a pack called Skywire under Peregrine. We're all about adapting to new circumstances and being flexible in spite of trouble, and definitely open to others. Right now we've got an eye over the city in general, trying to figure out where we're needed the most. If anyone has a suggestion for any trouble-spots where a pack could be useful seeing to things. Let me know.~ He hands back the bones, offering a smile to Shrouded Arrow, and then steps away.

Kevin's features, which have already gone rather enigmatic following Earth-Whisperer's challenge, go positively poker-faced at Ishmael's news.

First-Strike looks approvingly toward Ishmael.

Judge Dredd grunts thoughtfully, tilting her head at the new pack news.

Scar exhales a sharp breath and nods to Ishmael, taking this news far better than the previous.

Reflection moves over to stand with his new packmates and Jarl as Ishmael speaks. As he moves, something about the section where the names are listed grabs the Fenrir's attention for a moment.

From the rock outcropping, Shrouded Arrow takes the bones back, ~Lots of new packs indeed. Oh, I have something here for a Danger Magnet? Is that right?~ She looks around for who stands for this one.

If the Stargazer is aware of the eyes upon him, he does not show it; Sightless-Faith merely listens, showing little emotion to any particular announcement.

All announcements gain an equal amount of attention from Mourns-The-Living, but there is a noticeable perking at the mention of rites being taught that is lacking when other announcements are made.

Black-Light licks his muzzle when Ishmael makes his announcement, but doesn't raise his head or look upon any of the other gathered Garou. His ears flicker, as though he were being pestered by a fly.

Isaac drops down to all fours, though he picks up the rock that had been between his feet and holds it under one arm like a football. Then, more on three feet than two, he makes his way toward Sightless-Faith.

Danger Magnet walks up to take the bone, hesitating slightly, but then steps forward. ~Made my way here from across the pond. From the Reeks in Ireland. Danger Magnet or Rori Murphy, Full moon cliath of the Fianna. SHockwave accepted my chiminage for the sept and I am looking for a pack. Looks like there's options, thank you.~ She offers the bone back with a tilt of her head toward the Truthcatcher in respect, then makes her way back to the rest.

Reflection looks over to Isaac, a curious expression on the Fenrir's features for a time before he nods with an accepting huff. He looks to his right hand, this whole time clenched in a fist. Opening it, the Godi looks over the stone within. Large, polished smooth and glittering with natural crystaline deposits with something either carved or painted upon it. His expression changes to a more inscrutable one as he closes the hand around the stone once more.

Bag-of-Snakes watches Isaac and Reflection's interplay with some curiosity. She hefts the rock under her own arm and transfers it to her other hand.

From the rock outcropping, Shrouded Arrow gives Danger Magnet a friendly look, ~Welcome to our Caern! And now, Wildfire is going to talk about challenges. Oh, drat, I was supposed to do the Talon after this, sorry, I got excited.~ She looks a bit sheepish.

Djehuti seems glad to see Rori, but all he does is smile a touch.

<OOC> To the caern, Wildfire will be activating Visage of Fenris about now...

Ferret snorts, loudly. The Gnawer looks around quickly and then ducks her head, ears back.

Wildfire approaches the Trutchcatcher to take the bones, his crinos form appearing larger, more striking than most folks might seem to remember, but what might be more striking is the fact that he's currently unarmed. No knife, no axe, just what Gaia gave him. A swath of charcoal dust has been smeared over his eyes, the symbolism of which may be known to but a few. ~Tonight, right now, those that wish to challenge, for rank, position, or for slights committed, the Master of Challenges will listen to your calls. But before I begin, there is a matter that must be put forth.~ Wildfire looks over the assembled. ~Gaia graced us all recently, and her will is beyond the laws of our people. Recently, our Warder, We Come to Understanding in the Wake of the Tempest, challenged our Alpha, Little Silvertip Mauls the Horned Serpent, for rank. Let the Silver Record show that her challenge is, with Gaia's blessing, to stand as a Teacher, Athro, amongst our people and remains ongoing.~ He pauses to gauge reactions.

Between listening to the introductions, Sightless-Faith seems to be aware of an approaching body; one ear tips toward Isaac. Otherwise, he doesn't move.

Ears says, ~Huh!~ as if she hadn't even known Jacinta was challenging. She definitely seems to think it's an idea, though.

Earth-Whisperer glances towards the Warder, ear flicking. He's clearly intrigued.

Scar's eyes narrow again as the Master of the Challenge makes his announcement. He goes quite still, a hint of disapproval in his expression.

Kevin looks puzzled for a moment, then a light seems to dawn. For a second he considers, then shrugs and nods.

First-Strike breathes deeply and closes her eyes again. Just for a moment.

Bag-of-Snakes regards Wildfire steadily and impassively. No protest arises from the Jarl.

Tempest's Wake looks up at Owen as he takes the bones and her chin lifts. Arms cross over her chest, scarred red hands standing out against her white fur.

Both of Bright Eyes's ears flicker this time, but she continues to stay silent.

Judge Dredd shakes her head slightly but doesn't actually comment.

The Strider looks curious. Djehuti eventually shrugs just slightly, though, expression coming down slightly on the negative.

Falcon's Heart's eyes narrow, her expression a touch too neutral.

Golden seems to have no reaction either way, but as before is gauging the rest of the Sept.

Thunder's-Heart watches impassively as the Challenge is announced, absently swishing his tail.

Oath-Ring seems barely to even have heard his tribemate's announcement, far less have any strong views upon it.

In the windiest area, Bridge Builder's ears twitch backward and then pull forward again, though his gaze is more on his elder and packmate than on the Master of the Challenge himself.

Wildfire continues on after a few moments, remaining as neutral as an ahroun can on this moon. ~There was another challenge that was carried to these lands from Broken Prairie. He who is now known as Breaks-the-Circle had challenged for the rank of Fostern. His terms, however, were used by the Fallen with foreknowledge, and while he led a war party away from the Sept, the Sept was ambushed and destroyed. This knowledge could have only come from within. The terms were not given in honor, or by another means corrupted. Still, none live to attest to the challenge anymore. Let the Silver Record show that this challenge is hereby annulled.~

Isaac's tongue pokes out from between his teeth, just a touch of pink showing. He moves a bit closer to the Stargazer and then starts sniffing at him more in earnest.

Thunder's-Heart wrinkles his snout a little as Breaks the Circle is mentioned, but his head nods as if agreeing wholeheartedly with the failure.

Long-Path seems to have no objection to this, though he does again regard the Shadow Lord Elder's reaction with interest.

Judge Dredd nods sharply at this latest announcement, more comfortable with this.

Bag-of-Snakes does come forth with a scowl at this next ruling from the Master of Challenges.

Something causes Golden's nose to twitch, and with effort he restrains any other reactions.

Sightless-Faith snuffs out a breath of air in neutral greeting, something quizzical in his manner.

After letting that bit of news go, Wildfire looks over the assembled once again. ~I have heard already of Earth-Whiperer challenging Shrouded-Arrow. Are there any new challenges that are to be called forth this evening?~

First-Strike takes up the bones, hefting them in her hands for a moment before she turns to face Shockwave. ~Shockwave-That-Follows-The-Blast, Righ of the Fianna, Athro Ragabash and child of Stag. For over four years and under three Alphas, I have led my tribe. I have taught rites and gifts, I have taught cubs, cliaths, Fostern, and Adren of this Sept. I have bargained with countless spirits, dreamed prophecy and insight, bound talens for healing and for war, for defense and attack, seeking and challenges. I bear the mark of a servant of darkness, fought and destroyed during our Alpha's last rank challenge. I am the wielder of the Roach Clip, a fetish of my tribe, once wielded by Heart-of-the-Hunter, who fell in the Shadow of Mount Spokane. I have fought in the city and the forest, I have defended our Caern and assaulted Hives, I have rooted out and slain vampires, banes, tainted humans, ghouls, Dancer kin, and fomori, including those wielding twisted weapons from the Scar. It was my suspicion that led to the discovery of the fallen Silver Fang kin hiding in our midst, who had fooled both Silver Fangs and Furies with her lies. I fought and helped destroy the Dancer pack she was working with, who attacked both my tribe's safehouse, the farmhouse, and kidnapped Uktena kin and a Child of Gaia.~

~I called King Lion, the mighty Koma-Kem, to battle his fallen brother, Carnage's totem. I killed Meteor, Ragabash of Carnage's pack. I led the Umbral fight to disrupt and destroy those that would have opened a new Pit to the east, and it was I who brought Eclipse to the ground so that Little Silvertip could more easily tear out her throat. I know the name of that which lies trapped under the mountain and I have seen its face, and I gave of myself to bind it again, alongside the last Knife of the Uktena.~

~Twice I fought the defenders of the Gorge-Gut Hive, first to rescue a captive Fianna, and then to destroy them utterly. It was my talen that brought their Alpha and their loudly boasting Warder low! They worshipped pain, and their Warder died mewling like a broken cub under the weight of all the pain he had reveled in inflicting on others, our Sept member included! I have lied to the face of an aspect of the Maeljin Incarna to buy time for her destruction, whose name I will not utter again, so that her influence may one day be utterly forgotten forever. I am Mouse! Gets-the-First-Shot, once known as Truce-Keeper to the Sept of the Green, Adren Theurge, elder of the Glass Walkers, Master of the Rite, metis child of Cockroach and Sphinx, who bears the mark of Chimera, Lady of Mirrors, and named on this spot by Ears-to-the-Ground as Akultot's Bane, the First and Final Strike, and I challenge you for the rank of Athro!~

There is a soft, but distinct, smacking sound, as Kevin punches his fist into his own palm enthusiastically.

In the windiest area, Bridge Builder listens to the challenge given forth by his elder, and his eyes go wide and his ears pull forward. He stands taller, and the breath he releases is barely touched with the sound he struggles to contain.

Bright Eyes perks right up, straightening to give Mouse an approving chuff.

Scar sits up as Mouse takes the bones, and the more she talks the wider and toothier his grin gets.

Kaz looks surprised, and then she yells, ~Yeeeee-ha!~ before clapping her hands over her mouth and muttering, ~m sorr, bones.~

Thunder's-Heart thumps his tail once in approval, but otherwise seems to reign in his reaction.

Judge Dredd's ears shoot up sharply and no matter what else she seems to be tonight, that challenge draws a pleased and approving noise from her.

Falcon's Heart's eyes widen and she grins a wide, feral sort of grin at this nes.

Bag-of-Snakes gives another scowl, as if she for one does not find this challenge a palatable one.

Tempest's Wake shows no surprise at all, but her jaw drops open, ever so slightly, and she gives a nearly imperceptible nod.

Rising to a stand, Shockwave listens to the words directed at him, and the ragabash doesn't show any sign of impatience, but nor does he look surprised. He takes the bones to speak in kind. ~Those who speak of you have spoken well, Gets-The-First-Shot, Don of the Glass Walkers. I hear your challenge, and I accept it.~ He only waits a moment for this to sink in before continuing. ~Right now is a time of change, a time of need, and a time where we will need much that is not readily available. And so, I call on you to bring back to us one of those things we will have need of. Tonight we undergo a ritual; eventually we will need to undergo this ritual again to Reawaken the land we stand on. First-Strike, your challenge will be to seek out he who knows the Ritual to build a caern. You will go to the place of my choosing, and you will convince them of your need to be taught. You will learn, and you will awaken a caern using what you have learned upon your return.~

Golden huffs out a sigh, inordinantly pleased.

All-in-Stride perks his ears from where he sits as his tribe's Elder speaks, tongue lolling to one side as the cub listens quietly to that, and to the response.

Black-Light actually shows some semblance of emotion for the first time tonight. He slowly raises his head, a wry, fang-toothed smile drawing across his muzzle.

Ears blinks in surprise at Elliot, and then she pumps her fist.

Scar pounds his fist into the ground, once, twice, three times, in lieu of howling his approval. His earlier anger has drifted away, and now he's baring every fang in grinning.

Ishmael makes a face that says, 'duh.' And then adds, ~About time, sheesh.~

Mourns-The-Living is having a hard time suppressing the grin that keeps threatening to spread across his lips.

Tempest's Wake's jaws snap shut at the terms, but then part again. Despite the pleasure in that slight gesture, her ears pull forward and her eyes narrow, a weight still on her.

Wildfire, having kept stoicly, darkly quiet for the challenge, starts to grin toothily as the terms are given, though he says nothing.

Ferret's standing a bit taller, her tail swishing excitedly behind her.

First-Strike's ears press forward. She is silent for a few breathless moments as those words sink in, and then she bares her teeth in a savage grin. ~I /accept/ your terms.~ She passes the bones back to Wildfire, and then moves back toward her tribe.

Eden's ears perk up at First-Strike's challenge, licking her lips. Her teeth are bared in a smile full of fangs, and she seems intrigued. She shifts her weight, trying to keep her excitement in check.

Earth-Whisperer doesn't seem entirely as displeased as one might expect, but there's no distinct pleasure there, either. He says nothing.

Long-Path's ears splay. He seems quite pleased by this idea.

The terms are a sobering reminder to Thunder's Heart, and he splays his ears as his eyes roll to the sky.

Bright Eyes glances sideways at her packmates, thoughtfully, then around at what she can see of the rest of the Sept without being obvious about it.

Wildfire takes the bones back, a fire returning to his eyes. ~Again, these bones are held open for those that would make challenge.~

Shockwave bobs his head to Mouse, returning to his seat.

Scar, still grinning savagely, stands up and once again limps over to take the bones. Straightened to his full height, he stares directly at Owen, and though he addresses the Get, his words are pitched to carry across the caern. ~Wildfire, I challenge you for the position of Master of the Challenge.~

Golden blinks, and squints at Scar, looking surprised and uncertain.

In the windiest area, Bridge Builder, once again looks surprised, but not a hint of displeasure to be seen.

Judge Dredd's jaws crack open in what can only be described as Philodox amusement. She chuffs softly to Long-Path and Kaz, the word ~Irony~ heard as she does.

Shockwave, for his part, looks pleased at Scar.

Kaz clearly had no idea, and her mouth drops open in shock.

Earth-Whisperer growls a little, certainly less pleased at this.

First-Strike didn't know either, and her ears go straight up again. She's watching very intently.

Thunder's-Heart settles into a crouch, interested but seemingly of no opinion of this.

Bag-of-Snakes bristles, and bares her teeth, but she makes no sound. She glances at Reflection, and then at Oath-Ring, the latter of whom still seems sunk in reverie.

Reflection scowls as Scar moves up and then his scowling evolves into a full growl at Scar's challenge.

Long-Path tits his head slightly. He seems interested, though not opinionated.

Ferret's tongue lolls, tail still lashing with excitement and pleasure.

Is that a grin on Kevin's face? Yes, it certainly is. The ragabash seems to have shaken off his earlier dejected air and is now thoroughly enjoying this whole clambake.

The Wendigo Warder is silent, watching, impassive, as the Glass Walker makes his challenge. If she has an opinion, she hides it well.

Bright Eyes evidently finds this, if not as interesting as some of the previous Challenges, right up there.

Eden's brows lift up at Scar's challenge, and she watches the Master of Challenges intently to gauge the response.

Ishmael is, of course, going to back his tribemate, and does so with a bright thumbs-up.

Wildfire eyes the Walker for a moment quizzically, but soon his look changes to a hard stare. ~You shrank away from this position when it was offered up once. You would wish it now? Then this I will give you. Tell me, in full truth before the whole of this Sept, why you had the pack Edge forcefully evicted from the Rialto. I would hear this full truth.~

Kevin's eyes go from Wildfire over to Scar, like a man watching a tennis match.

Long-Path studies Owen thoughtfully. And then turns to study Scar. In fact, he moves closer to do so.

From the rock outcropping, Shrouded Arrow watches very intently, listening for Scar's reaction.

Sightless-Faith's lupine brows furrow thoughtfully, and the Stargazer exhales a long breath. Clearly, he does not know these people; but, still, wheels are turning.

All-in-Stride edges a little closer to the other cub of his tribe as this happens. The galliard cub is clearly paying attention, though.

Tempest's Wake's ears turn backward, briefly, and her lips tense and pull away from her teeth. Where she was without reaction to the making of the challenge, she seems to disapprove of the terms.

Bright Eyes's muzzle wrinkles and her ears flatten in confusion. Clearly she has no idea of what -- or who -- Wildfire speaks.

Reflection doesn't have to look to his side as he is at the Modi's side, to absorb the Challenged's words. He only watches Scar with a low rumbling growl that he keeps as just that, rage existant but quite well controlled.

Shockwave's muzzle wrinkles in distaste at the terms, but he says nothing.

Isaac sniffs a bit more at the Stargazer and then looks up at his face. Perhaps mindful of the moot, however, he still does not speak.

Thunder's-Heart has the same expression of confusion as some others wear. But he is silent as he watches like a dark shadow.

Kaz, who once ran with Edge, looks confused. ~How is that a cha--.~ and then claps her hands over her mouth again.

Judge Dredd gives Wildfire a blank look that edges toward something disapproving at his terms. Then she focuses on Scar intently. She's -listening-.

Ferret leans into Ears, asking in a mutter, ~What's he talking about?~

Bag-of-Snakes shifts her rock from hand to hand again, watching Scar intently.

Scar's gaze hardens. ~Shrink away? This, from a Get of Fenris who needed me to /tell him what to do/ about Tempest's Wake's challenge, and then did not even have the /convinction/ to stand by his morals? Shrink away, because I decided to see, first, how you would handle the role? And then you fucking /dare/ to bring up ancient history, an incident from over ten years ago in Sept history and over forty in /mine/? An incident which I was formally Judged for, spent time in Ostracism, and /dug you a fucking wolf den with my own goddamn paws/ for? You /dare/?~

Ears mutters something to Lefty, and then blinks in shock at Salem.

Sightless-Faith's ears turn forward and his muzzle turns fully towards Isaac. One ear flicks sideways, then forward again, and then they both turn toward the ongoing discussion, listening.

First-Strike eases partly to her feet. She barely blinks.

One ear of Ferret's swivels to listen to Kaz, but then Scar has the ragabash's full attention. ~Oh, shit.~

The reaction from the Glass Walker finally tears Isaac's attention from the Stargazer to the pair at the Rock Slab. His ears pull forward, alert, alarmed.

Reflection stands taller, straighter, his growl quieting but by no means is the Godi relaxing. It is more the tensing of a coiled serpent; the cocking of a gun.

In the windiest area, Bridge Builder goes utterly still as he watches.

~Truth,~ Camille hisses to Kaz, not looking away from Scar for the time being.

Thunder's-Heart barks in amusement. Shit just got real.

The Strider Philodox merely blinks. ~Wildfire Phoenix, if you wish information, he speaks truth as he sees it.~

Shockwave stands, smoothly. His expression has hardened.

Tempest's Wake's lips curl a bit more and a low rumble begins deep in her chest.

Bag-of-Snakes takes one step forward towards Scar. Just one. But she holds that rock, now, as if she'd dearly like to throw it at his head.

Golden is still and tense; it's not clear what he might be planning to do, but he has something in mind.

First-Strike takes a step toward Bag-of-Snakes in return, and gives her a warning glare.

And Kevin's eyes swivel back to Wildfire.

Ears mutters something to Camille, and then admits something, and gives her a thumb's up.

Night's-Shadow, who has been quiet most the moot, skedaddles over a little closer to Golden. And a bit behind the ragabash, peering around him to watch the conflict.

Black-Light moves his feet from side to side, his claws digging into the ground beneath him. He spares a glance at Ishmael and the cubs, then turns his attention forward.

Ishmael folds his arms over his chest and glances to Slug, briefly. He gestures for the cubs to take a step back and give the seething crowd some breathing room.

Wildfire's fists clench as the Walker tests his convictions, teeth bared. ~I sought. From the BEST!~ he snarls outwardly. ~My convictions were made, and I now stand by them. And now I'm asking you to relate your own.~ His fists unclench and clench once more, arms shaking a little. ~So yes. I dare.~

All-in-Stride bristles very slightly as he steps back, going so far as to move behind Ishmael, remaining close to the theurge as things continue.

Sightless-Faith places his hands on either side of his rock and pulls it under him a bit more, protecting it like one would an egg. His nose works, his ears are forward, alert, tense.

Peacemaker watches the various reactions, her eyes narrowing as she crosses her arms.

Eden doesn't need to be told twice to get back; she's quick to step behind Ishmael and close to All-in-Stride.

Thunder's-Heart is chaotic neutral in this matter. And shows it completely.

Kevin's eyes return to Scar. Thirty-fifteen, Fenris to serve.

Ears shakes her head.

Earth-Whisperer tilts his head at Wildfire, apparently unsure of his methods. He glances towards Scar with less disapproval now, more curiosity.

Judge Dredd snorts what almost sounds like laughter at something, still not looking away from Scar.

Bag-of-Snakes curls her lip at First-Strike in something which looks very like scorn.

Ferret, like Judge Dredd, reacts to something. The ragabash seems to catch it, however, before it becomes disruptive.

First-Strike bares her teeth at Viv, ears flattening, eyes narrowing. She stands to her full height now. It's not really impressive, her lacking so much bulk, but it might be a little startling all the same, since she rarely ever does, and that spine of hers gives her an extra inch or so.

Scar, in answer, takes a step forward into Wildfire's personal space, his gaze locked on the other's. ~I want this to be very clear,~ he says, and his voice has dropped to a low growl like distant thunder. ~Your /challenge/ terms, your /formal/ challenge terms, for /Master of the Challenge/, is for me to dredge up something that happened to me /forty years ago/, that I've already received formal Judgement for, at this very Sept, in this very place. Is /that/ what you consider proper challenge terms, Master of the Challenge?~

Judge Dredd's head turns up and she looks between the Get Elder and Glass Walker Elder. Pushing to her feet, the Bone Gnawer snaps her jaws together loudly in a wordless warning to the pair.

Isaac tucks his rock under his arm again, and starts moving toward the current focal point.

Djehuti moves about five paces closer to them, so that he is fairly close but not in touching range. And he watches.

Perhaps it's a good job that Scar retorts when he does, because it distracts Bag-of-Snakes from escalating her incipient stand-off with First-Strike any further. The 'forty years ago' remark gives the Jarl pause, and she stares at Scar as if she thinks he's lost his sanity.

Black-Light seems interested in the exchange, and more so in Mouse and Viv. The Gnawer reaches down to the ground to run his fingers around, drawing aimless patterns, or searching.

From the rock outcropping, She's been quietly watching, but now the young Gaian, Fights the Wyrm with Purity's Truth, stands up, and moves closer. ~Please don't fight at the moot!~ she pleads to the two big, angry Garou.

Thunder's-Heart seems only entertained, and the Shadow Lord leans back against an outcropping as if he's ready to dole out popcorn.

Kaz clears her throat. ~Also, Viv, Mouse, sit the fuck down.~ And she moves toward Mouse, just to make the point more.

First-Strike lets her lips settle over her teeth, though she's still showing a little bit of fang. She mutters to Kaz.

Kevin gives Kaz a big, broad, delighted grin of utter hero-worship.

~Truth,~ Camille snaps out loud as she stands there, glaring at Viv still.

Bag-of-Snakes is still bristling and furious, but when Kaz raps out that command, the Jarl snorts and sits down very suddenly with a thump.

Reflection tilts and rotates his head to crack his neck several times over, at least getting some release in that action. At Kaz's command to the others, it seems to snap him a little out of a building sense of grrrrrr and back to mere violent scowl.

Wildfire seems to act right now like no one else was even here except Scar, to which his glare seems to try to be burning holes through. ~You turned away from this position when I all but handed it to you! These terms are a test of YOUR convictions now.~ He sneers, still shaking a bit with repressed rage. ~So I test your conviction. I know you were judged, But you never said why. Let me hear it.~

First-Strike eases slowly back down into her crouch. She pats the bundled objects in front of her.

~It is truth,~ agrees Djehuti, looking back to Camille, then back to the Adren and Athro (in the challenge sense). ~Though not relevant to Wildfire's question.~ And then he nods to what Wildfire said.

Golden casts a grateful look at Kaz, and steadies himself with a hand on the sandstone next to him.

Judge Dredd remains standing then leans toward the Strider philodox, grating something into his ear in a low buzzing sort of voice as she does.

Shockwave suddenly seems disgusted, barely able to contain bursting out with something. Instead, his teeth bare and he huffs out a snort.

Kaz pads over to mutter something to Viv, and then returns to her clutch of Gnawers and ex-packmates.

Danger Magnet is just crouched down over her rock, watching, silent. Her eyes seem to take in quite a bit, but her expression makes no judgment of any of it.

Sightless-Faith sighs, the sound low and gutteral in his throat. The 'gazer seems to almost remove himself from the excitement a little, instead settling in over his rock, ears relaxing to either side.

~I wanted. To see. How you would handle it.~ Scar speaks slowly, as if to a particularly stupid child. His lip curls. ~And now I do.~ The condemnation in the old halfmoon's voice is thick. He snorts, his torn ear flicking irritably. ~Fine, then. In my twenties, when I was an Ahroun, I had more fury in me than I could handle. The moon was too thick when I visited Chugs-by-the-Gallon, that was my error. The human authorities struck the Gnawer's place in force, an incident which I had nothing to do with. And many of them died by my claws, and I left town.~ He speaks nothing but the plain truth, though the scorn in his voice is positively tangible. ~One of the Walkers hunted me down and took my claws. Years later, after I had renounced to Philodox and returned to the Sept, I sought out another Philodox and put myself up for Judgement. The rest you know. Or should.~

Kevin's focus is back on the duel for Master of Challenges, now, and he watches with fascination once more as history is unfolded in front of the moot.

Djehuti glances at Camille, and murmurs something. And then he regards Salem. ~Truth as he sees it,~ he tells the Get.

~Truth,~ Camille agrees, glancing at the Strider and grimacing bitterly as she nods. But she gives him a resigned shrug before turning her attention back to the Get and Walker.

Tempest's Wake watches the Glass Walker at the dais, her eyes narrowed but not disapproving. One ear twitches each time the truth is called for his words, but she never looks away.

Falcon's Heart watches with the idle air of someone whose mind is very far away. Her hands are tracing the glyphs cut into her Falcon stone, the same pattern each time what may be a bit of ritual.

From the rock outcropping, Purity's-Truth tilts her head curiously at Scar, something in his words striker her as odd.

Oath-Ring continues to match Falcon's Heart in the mind-far-away stakes.

Earth-Whisperer listens to Scar, but, shock of shocks, doesn't quite seem to see what the big deal is.

Wildfire doesn't seem or perhaps need to hear the other half-moons calling truth for Scar. He's heard the story, for the most part, before. He does, however, latch on to something small that was said. He remains silent for several seconds, then straightens up. ~I give to you, the Sept of the Hidden Walk, your new Master of Challenges.~ He places the bones in Scar's hands, then walks away. He does not return to the rock he brought, however, instead moving on and out of the Caern.

Golden watches Wildfire go--or maybe, notes his leaving of the rock--with eyes narrowed in concern.

First-Strike bares her teeth again, half rising from her crouch. Her ears flatten, and she eyes Wildfire as he stalks away. ~The /Caern/,~ she snaps. ~The rite.~

A low growl builds in Jacinta's throat as Owen walks away.

Long-Path regards Owen for a long moment, and then murmurs something to Camille, leaving a chunk of granite with her. And then he follows Wildfire.

Judge Dredd has a look that seems to imply that this was a waste of -time- and she jerks her chin toward First-Strike. She takes the rock that the Strider hands her, her hand tightening around it, and nods to him. Then she tromps back to crouch beside Kaz, muttering.

Scar turns to watch Wildfire go, his scorn for the other not diminishing one iota. Then he turns his gaze to the rest of the Sept. ~Any other challenges?~ he asks, coldly.

Thunder's-Heart watches with avid interest. Oh my.

Bag-of-Snakes stares after Wildfire. For a second she seems ready to charge after him and drag him back by his scruff. Instead, she smacks the rock she's been holding all through the moot to the ground, so hard that it breaks into two pieces; a development which brings a look of sudden dismay and realisation onto the Jarl's face.

From the rock outcropping, Shrouded Arrow shakes her head at Scar. ~None on my list.~

First-Strike snaps her jaws together with an audible clack. She turns toward Bag-of-Snakes now, and moves very quickly toward the broken stone, one hand lifting.

Ferret's ears splay as she watches the Get walk off. Eventually, her attention shifts back to the garou with the bones.

Tempest's Wake turns the glare that was reserved for Owen toward Bag-of-Snakes. Her teeth bare for just a moment before she tears her attention away and pulls it back to the rocky outcropping.

Shockwave watches after Wildfire, shrugging away his distaste for the challenge off with some effort. He huffs and snaps his attention to Viv; this time, his sigh is something long-suffering.

Scar grunts and turns to hand the bones back to Shrouded Arrow; as he does so, he dips his head formally to the younger Philodox, all courtesy over thrumming rage. Then he steps down, resuming his place and taking back up the stone he brought.

From the rock outcropping, Shrouded Arrow clears her throat. ~Okay, that was dramatic. And with that, the Cracking of the Bones is complete!~ She carefully sets the bones on the ground, and makes her way back to the general gathering.

In the windiest area, As the Truthcatcher finally reclaims the bones, Builds the Most Important Bridges lifts his muzzle toward the sky. At first, what is heard is a low keening, and then it builds, slowly, beat by beat, into a much greater howl. The howl itself carries more feeling than meaning, the sense of newness, of beginning, and of birth.

Earth-Whisperer eyes the broken rock with a growl, taking a step a forward, but halting as First-Strike is already on the move.

Isaac turns, swiftly, to look to the howling garou. His ears pull forward and his tail sways slightly, but in close to his body.

Kevin belatedly moves up from homid to crinos form, watching Wildfire depart with unabashed delight that Scar has triumphed in the challenge for Master.

Golden's ears pin in dismay at Bag-of-Snakes, but as Mouse approaches the Jarl he looks hopeful that this isn't the end to their preparations.

Bag-of-Snakes, still sitting, looks up blankly at First-Strike. She says nothing, and her expression barely changes.

Thunder's-Heart splays his ears at the sound of a rock being cracked open, a rolling of his eyes indicating just how he's been feeling lately about rage tantrums. He turns his attention to the howl with a sigh, glancing once towards the cub with him.

Tempest's Wake looks to Mouse, but one ear turns to the galliard, listening.

Scar hunkers down into a crouch over his stone and deliberately focusses his attention on Kavi.

First-Strike takes up both halves of Viv's stone, presses it together, and focuses on it intently. It is, at first, not clear what she's doing, but then dirt crumbles out from the cracks. The dirt changes to mud a moment later, and then, with a gush of heat and flickering flames--of which, at the moment, the Walker Theurge doesn't seem to care about--the mud seals, and hardens. She hands it back to Viv, much more carefully than her mood might suggest, and then moves off toward the central Caern stone, pausing only to take up her own wrapped burdens and set them somewhere close by.

Reflection turns fully from the new Master of Challenges to watch Wildfire leave seeming somewhat... deflated by what happened. He is hardly snapped out of it by the howling that begins.

Sightless-Faith just sighs, ears falling back.

Golden exhales in the manner of someone not aware they were holding their breat.h

In the windiest area, Bridge Builder's howl continues, growing brighter by the moment. The mood of the moot carried through the song that he sings, and eventually it returns to that song of birth and beginning.

All-in-Stride creeps out from behind Ishmael, now, the cub looking back tentatively, before the same tentative attention follows First-Strike, and turns to the howl.

Reforges-the-Lost looks as though she might follow Wildfire and Long Path, ignoring the howling and other activities. Then, with a sigh, she shoulders closer to Reflection, casting a glance up at him.

Ears seems to think this is the niftiest repair job ever, though she is thrumming along to Kavi's howl, just audibly.

Ishmael recovers from a dramatic facepalm. And then turns towards the cubs. "If either of you say 'Jerry!', you're grounded."

Bag-of-Snakes takes up her rock gingerly, and casts a gaze at First-Strike's back which expresses her complete, utter state of nonplussedness. It is not a look often seen on the face of any Get, never mind the Jarl.

Ferret's chin lifts, posture proud as she watches Mouse repair the stone. Her song then lifts to join her other packmate, and the sept.

First-Strike brushes her hands over the quartz stone at the center of the Caern, head low. She circles it once, and then drops to all fours--and begins digging. Her progress is far faster than a stronger crinos could possibly hope to dig, as within moments she has mostly vanished into her tunnel, too-long tail and occasional back-fur all that's visible beyond the scattering dirt. Her course is taking her around the Caern stone itself, that's clear.

In the windiest area, The call from the Master of the Howl doesnt fade, but it does change as Mouse begins to dig, and the meaning becomes more clear. ~In the time of the Wheel, there were three. Buffalo - stalwart and wise, Magpie - gracious and clever, and Cougar - courageous and strong. When caerns across the continent fell to the Ice King, those of the Wheel felt the chill. Buffalo and Magpie left with their children, but Cougar remained and sacrificed himself with the Nine. Cougar's courage sent the Ice King away, but the caern was sent to slumber to prevent his return.~

Sightless-Faith lifts his chin, then, and listens.

Falcon's Heart now starts to pay attention, her posture straightening. Her fingers still trace the movements she's carved in her stone but her attention is on the ritual.

Scar watches this keenly, his ears pricked to catch every nuance of the Master of the Howl's call.

Speech-and-Silence stares briefly as his elder disappears underground, chewing his lip in concern.

Isaac seems torn between trying to watch what the Glass Walker is doing to the stone, and trying to listen to the other one at the windy spot. He shifts his grip on the stone in his hands and tries to move to where he can see them both.

Ears brightens, and listens to Kavi gladly.

Golden lifts his head and ears to listen to the Master of the Howl, one clawed hand running over the sandstone idly.

First-Strike vanishes completely from sight for a moment, and then the great, bleached white, quartz laden stone /sinks/. A little at first, and then halfway. And then, with a speed that shouldn't be for something so important, it settles completely into the hole that the Walker has dug, its own weight bearing it down once she has dug out the support.

In the windiest area, Even as First Strike continues her work at the center of the caern, Bridge Builder's howl continues as well. ~Others came and awakened the caern, and once again the trio of spirits returned to their places. In the chill of winter, greeting the return of the Wendigo, Cougar once again sacrificed himself for the caern, and for a time, there were but two.~ The howl drops lower, sounding almost mournful at that loss. Then it rises again, with a sharp note of hope. ~Cougar's Daughter came, to take his place, and The Wheel Renewed defeated the Ice King at last.~

From that sharp note of hope, there is a sudden drop, and the volume of the howl dies, too. ~The totems felt the pain of the caern when it was weakened by the Mage, but even then, they persevered. Tapping the Wyld, the garou sought to return the caerns strength, but the Wyld is not so predictable. Buffalo came first, goring his own hide with his horns, and each of the three died to make the caern safe once again, dipping close to slumber.~

Thunder's-Heart is somewhat startled as the Quartz begins to sink, and watches with trepidation, ears swiveled in Bridge's direction.

Reflection looks down over to Reforges-the-Lost and nods once, and slowly, to his packmate. He gives his attention now, fully to the story being told.

Isaac looks up again, ears pulling sharply forward, eyes open wide. I remember!

Falcon's Heart makes a mournful sound as the stone drops, her ears splaying. She isn't /surprised/ but she is unhappy.

Tempest's Wake watches Mouse work, and she drops into a crouch, the fingers of one hand resting lightly on the ground. Each breath is slow, careful, as she keeps herself in tight control.

The cub with Thunder's-Heart, for her part, watches the exchange attentively, though she's having difficulty following everything even with Ishmael's assistance. When the Master of the Howl starts to call, Alexandra's newfound instincts urge her to add her voice to the howl, but she's careful to follow the lead of the others so she doesn't do anything she shouldn't.

First-Strike pulls herself from her own hole, dirt clinging to her nose and bits of fur. She remains on all fours as she kicks all of the dirt she's unearthed over the stone itself, quickly at first, and then more slowly turning to tamp it down with care. Her ears remain pulled back against her skull, and it's clear from her demeanor that she's not happy with her task. Claws seek out the insides of both arms, and she lets the blood flow freely into the dirt as she circles again, letting her crimson trail mark her passing.

Judge Dredd's ears go up sharply and she huffs out a noise of surprise as the stone goes down. Then she turns her head back to the Galliard and his story.

In the windiest area, From the near silence, the Glass Walker's howl again begins to rise, much more slowly than the last. ~The Wyld had done its work, and when the garou called on the caern to awaken, a great chasm opened, filled entirely with Fog. Mysterious, secretive, and quiet, Fog kept the Hidden Walk from prying eyes, and once again, the caern grew in strength, until the Dancers came.~ The howl cuts off entirely with a sharp snarl, only to return a moment later. ~Gaia's chosen were driven off, and left with the choice of serving the Wyrm, Fog left the caern in near slumber to rest, unavailable to the children of the Wyrm.~

The Master of the Howl draws in a deep breath, a short pause before the wordless howl returns. Conflicted, a mixture of sadness and joy fill those notes, and eventually he lifts his muzzle once more. ~Chimera came to answer our call, and it is she who has guided us since.~

Bag-of-Snakes rises to her feet again, disquiet evident. One ear swivels toward the direction in which Wildfire and Long-Path were last seen disappearing.

Reforges-the-Lost's ears give a twist toward the paths leading out, though her attention is torn between seeking out her missing packmate and remaining in the Caern.

~Mirror Lady,~ Isaac rumbles, too softly to be heard at any distance.

Thunder's-Heart, distracted, rubs absently at a scar over his heart, scowling a little.

Scar watches and listens, and as he does so, his breathing slows and his temper settles. He nods at the Galliard's tale.

When Kavi's howl dies down, Mouse lets her own howl reach to the skies, long and mournful, full of regret and grief. Only when she's run out of breath, and turned her nose to the ground for several moments, does she stand and speak. ~Garou of the Hidden Walk. Hear me! Tonight we mourn our loss. Tonight we celebrate what we have had. Tomorrow we look forward to what will come. Tomorrow we will remember what we do here, and for many tomorrows to come. Listen! The steps we take are important, and must be followed. I will begin calling for tribes. The elder will come first, they will walk the seasons, and then they will place the stone they have brought and will say what I say, substituting their tribal totems where appropriate. Then their tribe will come. Walk the seasons, place your stones, and then you will take up your auspice positions, honoring the seasons that have gone before, and those that will still come in days ahead. Ahrouns, here. Galliards, to the wind. Theurges, the steam vents. Ragabash, the waterfall. Philodox, the rocky outcrop. Stand there, with your auspice siblings, and bear witness once your part is done.~

Evac is more than fashionably late, a stone clutched tightly in his claws. And hey, just in time to get told what to do with it. Score.

Ears mutters a very small, very sad, ~Aw, fuck,~ and waits for Mouse's further instructions. It looks as if she'd rather kick something, though.

Isaac's ears twist backward again, somewhat confused, but intent on the instructions.

First-Strike reaches down, and unwraps her first bundle. It's a stone on which the symbol for endings has been carved, along with glyphs honoring Bison, Magpie, Cougar, Fog, and Chimera all encircling. She lays it on top of the now-buried Caern stone, and intones, ~Oh, Grandmother's Heart, the seasons are turning. Winter is coming. Your children ask you to sleep out the storm. Rest safely, until we come to wake you again.~ Once the stone has been placed exactly where she wants it, she looks up and meets Jacinta's eyes.

Earth-Whisperer's expression suddenly seems somber, but determined, as this is a necessary thing. He holds his tribe's stone in both hands, ready.

Speech-and-Silence's enjoyment of affairs has faded away again and the ragabash is looking both solemn and nervous, now, as he watches the place where the caern stone once stood.

In the midst of this, All-in-Stride shifts up into crinos, falling to stand beside Ishmael and Eden, attentive, alert.

Reflection opens his right hand baring the large stone brought with him baring sigils of Chimera and Great Fenrir... and of hope. The Fenrir then kneels to take up the stone that Wildfire left behind in his left hand. He is now ready to do his part in this ritual.

Scar stands, his stone in hand. He seems perfectly in control of himself now, stern and solemn.

With one hand, Tempest's Wake unwraps a large chunk of obsidian as she begins to walk the seasons. Each step is slow and deliberate, and as she passes, some might see the deep gouges carved into the mostly smooth surface. Each one a glyph, for Wendigo, for Buffalo, Magpie, and Cougar, for Fog, and for Chimera. Eventually she takes up a position in the center. ~Oh, Grandmother's Heart,~ she rumbles out, tension in the sound of her voice. ~The seasons are turning. Winter is coming. Great Wendigo's children ask you to sleep out the storm. Rest safely, until we come to wake you again.~ Once she places her stone, she moves to stand just a short distance from Mouse.

First-Strike lifts her eyes from the ground to signal the Uktena next--and once they have laid their stones, the Black Furies. Each repeats the mantra, although this time it is 'Uktena's children' and 'Pegasus's children', respectively. Each time, Mouse drops her eyes back to the ground. Once the Furies have settled, the Walker Theurge looks toward Tim, and nods.

Golden picks up the large, irregular chunk of sandstone which has been sitting next to him. Carved on the various faces are glyphs, some recognizable as the claw glyphs of Garou (Wisdom, Enigma, Change, Winter, Dawn, Chimera), while others have a more human style to them--heiroglyphs, for certain, and scripts of other languages. The symbol of the Silent Striders--the Long Road--is most prominent, and stained black-brown against the red-gold hues of the sandstone; the sharpest of Garou noses can detect the scents of blood and charcoal. He moves to walk the seasons, murmuring under his breath as he goes, and then lays the stone in place, saying, ~Oh Grandmother's Heart, the seasons are turning. Winter is coming. Owl's children ask you to sleep out the storm. Rest safely, until we come to wake you again.~ His hand lingers on the stone, his eyes where the boulder once stood, sad and hard and full of regret. Then he turns away and walks to the waterfall, and settles into a crouch.

Alexandra assumes a form that can actually carry the stone she brought with her, shifting slowly up from lupus to crinos, so that she can retrieve the stone that she brought with her. The young Shadow Lord is doing her best to conceal that she's nervous about the part she'll be playing when her tribe is called, but she's not been able to shift long enough to have learned how do a very good job of it just yet.

First-Strike turns her gaze from the ground to Stacey.

Peacemaker takes in a breath and opens her hand to reveal her own stone, one that's smooth and mostly white, but with hints of color. Glyphs of Peace, Hope, Unity, Unicorn, Renewal, and Healing have been carved onto it. She walks around the circle of the seasons reverently, and then gently sets her tribe's stone in it's place. ~Oh, Grandmother's Heart, the seasons are turning. Winter is coming. Unicorn's children ask you to sleep out the storm. Rest safely, until we come to wake you again.~ Her ears lower sadly as she stands and moves back to the place of her auspice.

First-Strike reaches back and unwraps the second of her bundles. It's a stone, all painted in gold, with the symbol for Corax painted in black over it. The stone has been /covered/ in shiny, glittery things (no silver, notably); colored glass, semiprecious stones, costume jewelry, and others. Opposite the Corax symbol is a brightly painted sun. The Walker Theurge turns and paces the seasons with this garish offering, solemn as ever, before returning to the quickly building mound of stones. ~Oh, Grandmother's Heart, the seasons are turning. Winter is coming. Raven's children ask you to sleep out the storm. Rest safely, until we come to wake you again.~ She sets the stone in place, then nods toward Earth-Whisperer.

Ears manages a grin at this, though she still looks as if she'd like to kick something. Or cry.

Scar's ears flick forward in surprise at the inclusion of the Corax-stone. Then he tips his head, looking thoughtful.

There's also a massive black primary feather on this stone, which the poser forgot.

Earth-Whisperer hoists up the rounded, tumbled river-stone in his hands, pounded as it is with the blood of prey, fresh soil, and other forest-floor plant matter. A number of claw glyphs decorate its surface, struck clearly and sharply, of Griffin; Wolf; the Hunt; Gaia. He treads the path of the seasons slowly, rolling the stone against the dirt for a brief moment at each step, more soil collecting thereon, before adding his tribe's stone to the sacred pile. ~Oh, Grandmother's Heart. The seasons are turning. Winter is coming. Fierce Griffin's children ask you to sleep out the storm. Rest safely, until we come to wake you again.~ Swifly slipping down to lupus, he paws the dirt once in a kind of reverence, and then turns to take up his place at the waterfall.

First-Strike now looks to Viv, and nods.

Wildfire re-enters the Caern, arm draped over Long-Path's shoulders in comraderie. It doesn't last too long though as he returns to his spot amongst the Get, his boiling kettle apparently boiled out for now.

Djehuti is sweaty, dirty, and apparently rather glad to have engaged in the endeavor; he joins with Camille again and his attention sharpens on Viv.

Bag-of-Snakes is standing hunched over in a much less menacing pose than her normal brash attitude. For a second it seems she hasn't even heard First-Strike, but then she draws herself back upright, and brandishes the stone which the Glass Walker so recently had to mend for her. It's covered in glyphs and runes which appear to have been drawn on in marker pen rather than carved. She circles the seasons in the prescribed manner, and speaks in an voice which is even and somehow yet emotional. ~Oh, Grandmother's Heart. The seasons are turning. Winter is coming. Great Fenris's children ask you to sleep out the storm. Rest safely, until we come to wake you again.~ The stone is added to the pile and the Jarl returns to the rest of the moot.

Reflection only reaches out and opens his left hand as Wildfire arrives at his side, the stone the Modi had left behind there waiting for the fellow Fenrir.

Tempest's Wake's ears flatten at Owen's arrival, but she does not turn to him, does not take her focus off the ritual in progress.

Oath Ring unknots the pullover from his waist and takes from it a stone, larger than his outstretched Crinos hand. It is of plain grey granite, worn smooth by years of water and weather. A hard rock, one that will last through the centuries. It is not round, though. It is elongated, coming to something like a point at each end, vaguely triangular. If you squint, and look at it from a certain angle, it is something like a boat. The sides are marked with pale and dark patterns- clay and blood, for those with a nose to tell- lines of round circles along two sides. Each circle is ringed in a different colour, and each is decorated with runes or glyphs. Between them, they are poems of magic and strength for a voyage through the realm of sleep and dreaming. The Godi places the rock, murmuring words under his breath, no more than a whisper in a form not well suited for the language.

"Skeggjoeld, skalmoeld,/Skildir ru klofnir,/vindoeld, vargoeld,/aeor veroeld steypisk.

"Deyr feh, deyja fraendr,/Deyr sjalfr it sama./Ek veit einn at aldrideyr:/ Domr um dauoean hvern." He steps away and returns to his place.

After Oath Ring moves and performs his part in the ritual, Reflection's Howl follows. The stone he has is large, though not the small boulder that just came before it. One that stone are the previously noticed glyphs of Chimera, Fenrir, and hope. But when he goes into position to place the stone, the moving of it from his palm reveals on the 'underside' the stone has been carved with a curving from all sides, sharpened into a point in the center. The whole time he has been squeezing the stone, it has been puncturing the Godi's hand deeply. The simple stone left in his open palm is pushed up after a moment by his healing... Gaia's gift to the Garou. As this is happening he offers a murmur of, ~We will return.~ Once the wound has closed entirely, Reflection kneels and pushes the stone down into the earth, giving of the essense of himself in the ritual. This all done, all there is left to do is to go stand by Oath Ring in the Theurge's traditional home within the Caern.

Wildfire retrieves his rock, a plain, rough but rounded stone streaked with thin lines or some rust-red mineral. He carries this forward, his attention given to no one but the ritual. He places this next to the other Get's. ~The volva sees the earth reappearing from the water, and an eagle over a waterfall hunting fish on a mountain. The surviving Aesir meet together at the field of Idavollr. They discuss Jormungandr, great events of the past, and the runic alphabet. In the grass, they find the golden game pieces that the gods once happily enjoyed playing games with long ago. The reemerged fields grow without needing to be sown. The gods Hodr and Baldr return from Hel and live in peace.~ He takes in a deep breath, then steps backwards to rejoin his tribe.

First-Strike looks up, and nods to Elliot.

Ears smiles, just a touch, leaning forward as if drinking in a story. Perhaps she sees it as one.

By the steam vents, Reflection can't help but... smile, even in the form he wears, as Wildfire tells his story. He seems somehow more content for hearing it. There is definite pride in the Godi's bearing.

Shockwave hefts himself up and moves forward, carrying his own stone with him. It is a piece of granite, covered in the blue glyphs of the Fianna, of Gaia, of many of the same the others have used. His is banded with green 'round the center, and he settles it with the others as though nesting something of great value. ~Living, fighting, resting, rebirth. Such are our ways. Oh, Grandmother's Heart, the seasons are turning. Winter is coming. Stag's children ask you to sleep out the storm. Rest safely, until we come to wake you again.~ And then the Righ backs away, taking up the spot with the rest of the New Moons.

Carries-Fire follows along shortly after Shockwave, with her stone held in all four hands. It's a simple, water smoothed oval stone, on which she has painted--in blue, no surprise--the glyph for Fianna, and Chimera. All around these glyphs are stick figures--rats, and stick trees, and stick-werewolves howling and brandishing teeth. She sets it very carefully atop the stone pile, and then moves into the windy area.

First-Strike flicks her ears, and then looks toward Zosia.

Falcon's Heart rises, her silvery-white crinos form gleaming with nobility and regal bearing, and bears the stone she has brought as though it were the finest silver klaive. It's been roughly formed to suggest a falcon, with the suggestion of wings and a beak. Many red-stained glyphs cover it--Honor, Glory, Wisdom, Magpie, Chimera, Cougar, Buffalo, Wyvern, and Unicorn chief among them--carefully formed and traced repeatedly. As she walks the seasons her eyes take in the sight of the Caern around them, and then she comes to the steadily growing collection. She lays her Elder Stone down, saying, ~Oh Grandmother's Heart, the seasons are turning. Winter is coming. Falcon's children ask you to sleep out the storm. Rest safely, until we come to wake you again.~ She traces the glyph of Chimera once, then moves to the steam vents with a purpose.

Bright Eyes rises to follow her Tribal Elder, bearing a large, rounded rock surely taken from a river. Black and shot through with silvery white quartz, its been painted with glyphs of Honor, Pack, Ragabash, and Silver Fang. She places it down among the others, then moves to the Waterfall, taking a spot a few feet from Golden.

Isaac's stone is simple, a chunk of marbled granite that seems to match the natural rock nearby. There are no carvings, no glyphs, no decorations at all, but he rubs the heel of one ham-hand over one curve as if to polish it as he walks the seasons, and breathes on the spot before he sets it down.

First-Strike watches Isaac for a moment as he goes past, and then looks toward Nik.

Thunder's-Heart unfolds from where he crouches, glancing once at the cub with the hopes that she would pay close attention to what he says in Mother's Tongue. He solemnly carries his chunk of bloody, jagged shale to the center. It bares the dusty, scratched marks of the Shadow Lord, Chimera, the Storm, of Winter and Blood. The rivulets of dried blood from the top of stone run like veins of lightning down the faceted sides. The pair of crow's feathers tied to it flutters in the breeze. ~Oh, Grandmother's Heart,~ he intones, voice silk. Each sound is enunciated very carefully. ~The seasons are turning. Winter is coming. Grandfather Thunder's children asks you to sleep out the storm. Rest safely, until we come to wake you again.~ He carefully places the stone alongside the others and gives a permissive glance to Alexandra before he joins the other Ragabash at the Waterfall.

Night's-Shadow moves forward to place his stone - dark, covered in glyphs, glinting with moonlight - reverently with the rest of his tribe before moving to go with the other theurges.

Like Eden before her, Alexandra is quite clearly new to the shape that she wears. She follows shortly after Thunder's-Heart, doing her best to mimic his movements. The ritual words are beyond her extremely rudimentary knowledge of the Mother Tongue, but between what she does know and her ability to imitate those of her elder, are at least passable, and she makes up for for her lack of poetry with solemn intent. Her stone is from the same shale as her elder's, though marked only with the glyph of the Shadow Lords. Once the stone is placed, she moves to stand among the Ahroun, though she's somewhat ill at ease away from the Garou she knows.

First-Strike unwraps her next bundle. Instead of stone, she has brought a thick piece of green glass, smoothed along the edges, round. Across the surface has been etched the tower glyph of the Glass Walkers, and the curling glyph of Cockroach. In white paint is also pressed a human palm print--hers, presumably. The rest of the piece of glass is unadorned, but polished to a clear shine. She paces the seasons once more, and once she returns to her spot by the growing cairn, very carefully sets the glass into place. ~Oh, Grandmother's Heart, the seasons are turning. Winter is coming. Cockroach's children ask you to sleep out the storm. Rest safely, until we come to wake you again.~

In the windiest area, Bridge Builder picks up his own contribution, a large hunk of slate traced only with the glyphs for his tribe, his totem, and those of the caern, from where it rested at his feet. Like the others, he walks through the seasons before placing offering on the growing pile. He pauses, then, and glances toward Mouse before finally making his way back to the galliard's place.

Scar's stone is unadorned but for simple glyphs for Cockroach and Rat carved into its surface. He follows Bridge Builder in walking the seasons and placing his stone on the pile, then limps over to join the other halfmoons.

Speech-and-Silence stoops to the bundle he brought with him to the caern, and unwraps it, revealing that he has been toting around half a St Claire municipal paving slab liberated from some city sidewalk. Armed with this, he walks around the seasons, before propping his slab up against the pile of more conventionally shaped rocks and joining the other ragabash by the waterfall.

Ishmael leads the cubs around the circuit, (such as Eden), and then breaks off to join the other Theurges, directing the cubs to their appropriate places.

When it's Glass Walker's time, Eden lumbers carefully, her steps relatively new and unsure in Crinos, to place her stone where it needs to go. She does her best to repeat the ritual words, though it may not be picture perfect. She looks to both Mouse and Ishmael to be sure she's done it correctly before she returns to Ishmael's side.

All-in-Stride follows Ishmael, kneeling carefully as he places his own stone amongst the others. There is a moment of hesitation, and the galliard cub walks to join the others of his auspice.

Evac walks forward at a slow gait, gently adding his own stone to the pile. Crudely drawn symbols and glyphs adorn his rock, the clarity of which reveal that it was a labor of love rather than artistic ability. He bows his head once, and walks the seasons shortly after the cubs have completed their circuit. He looms with the rest of the ragabashes over at the waterfall.

First-Strike nods to the Bone Gnawers now.

Camille steps forward, walking with the seasons. She carefully places a piece of broken concrete, cut and shaped like a rat, and painted with glyphs of survival, and rat, and endurance. ~Living, fighting, resting, rebirth. Such are our ways. Oh, Grandmother's Heart, the seasons are turning. Winter is coming. Rat's children ask you to sleep out the storm. Rest safely, until we come to wake you again.~ Then she moves to join the Philodox.

Kaz steps forward, placing a twisted piece of granite and concrete and wood. ~From my first pack's home here. To help put to sleep my other home.~ She looks about to say more, and then just belts out a sad howl, before heading to the rest of the Galliards, wiping her eyes with a big paw.

Ferret follows after Camille, and along with Kaz and the other Gnawers, walking the seasons. The ragabash's usual jocularity and humor are absent. She moves slowly, head bowed. The stone she carries has been lovingly decorated with child's fingerpaints. It's hard to make out exactly /what's/ been painted, but regardless she moves forward, chooses a special place, and fits her stone in among the others. Then, she retreats back to her auspice station.

First-Strike, instead of nodding, murmurs, "Stargazers," in Keir's direction.

Finally, only the lone member of a tribe is left. The blind ahroun rises, carefully picking up his stone and carrying it with him. He makes his way to the center stone, crouches, and runs his hand just above a few of those already settled - he does not touch them, but perhaps he is sensing where they are. The last spot is found, and he reaches to settle his stone in that spot. ~This sept does not know me, but I heard your call, my lady, and I come to bid you rest.~ His head bows for a moment, breathing in deeply in and out, and the metis can be imagined to smile, just slightly. ~To this caern which has seen the shifting of many moons: may your dreams be good and may your sleep be restful, and I hope we may see you when you awaken. O, Grandmother's Heart-~ He presses his stone firmly into place, fingers lingering, ~The seasons are turning. Winter is coming. Chimera's children ask you to sleep out the storm. Rest safely, until we come to wake you again.~ He lingers there for a moment before slowly rising. It takes him a moment to get his bearings, and allows Mouse to direct him to the other ahrouns as he heads that way.

First-Strike makes little show of it. She leans over and murmurs, and her directions aren't audible, but are clearly short and to the point. Then she spreads her hands. ~Oh, Grandmother's Heart, the seasons are turning. Winter is coming. All of your children ask you to sleep out the storm. Rest safely, until we come to wake you again!~ A stone, smaller than all the rest, appears between her hands, which she sets right on top of the cairn. One claw traces a single symbol: Beginnings. Then she tips her head back and howls to the skies. As before, the cry is mournful, but unlike before, it's clearly inviting everyone else to join in.

And join Djehuti does. Long, building, atonal, passionate. It's clearly a little removed from the emotion, but it is a Caern, and he does care. And so he howls.

In joins Bag-of-Snakes from amid the full-moons. ~An end and a beginning!~ she howls morosely, passionately.

Earth-Whisperer does do, his howl mingling with First-Strike and the others', lamenting, but melodic--a promise for new beginnings.

In the windiest area, Bridge Builder lifts his muzzle to howl along with the others, the keening notes of mourning clear in his song.

Isaac takes in several breaths before he manage to let out a howl, though is is less mournful, and much more full of hope.

Speech-and-Silence's howl expresses his regret at parting from the place, and his vow to return and rebuild when circumstances permit.

Shockwave howls long and loud, full of the voice that Fianna are famed for.

Carries-Fire's howl is, as before, rough and brazen, but this time it carries a peal of pure sorrow.

Scar lifts his head and howls along with the rest of the Sept. There's mild sorrow there, but more hope. Far more hope.

Golden howls with the others, his voice a mix of sorrow and joy in equal measures.

All-in-Stride joins in soon after the elder Glass Walker Galliard does, as long and as loud as the cub has breath for.

Kaz doesn't say a word, just howls out her misery and her grief, before that peters out with her breath. And then she howls anew, some of the hope creeping into her now.

By the steam vents, Reflection tilts his head back to the sky and unlike his usual howls of power... this time he is clearly feeling a great longing. His howl is full of need and hope and carries a hauntingly prayerful quality.

Eden sighs, sensing the melancholy around her even if she's new, and gives a mournful howl, or at least the best she can do with still being somewhat of a stranger. Even if you're new to a place, emotions are infectious.

Sightless-Faith howls with the rest, long and full of a mixture of farewell and hope.

Thunder's-Heart joins his howl with the others, mingling with the rushing sound of the waterfall so close by.

Stacey joins in the howl, her young voice sorrowful.

Wildfire howls out a long, mournful dirge, one of anger draining away into a sense of loss.

First-Strike howls until her lungs no longer have air, and then she drops her nose to the ground again. The rite, clearly, is finished.

As the mournful howl begins the Wendigo ahroun drops to all fours, shifting to hispo. She joins in with the others and her howl carries on for a very long time. Eventually, she looks around the caern, turning to the four seasons one by one, and her quiet directive is simple. ~Follow.~ From there, she slowly lowers herself to the ground, sorrow in her posture. It isn't exactly a whine or a whimper that comes from her throat, but neither is it a howl. The sound is soft, barely enough to be discerned, but it, too, speaks to the mourning and loss that is clearly seen.

<OOC> To the caern, Tempest's Wake: Some of you will have seen this rite, before - Jacinta's run it twice here. Some of you may recognize it, if you've spent time among the Red Talons. That was the beginning of it and after you get a chance to pose we'll hit the nice big pause button, and the Rite of Defiance will complete just before the revel starts, tomorrow.

This much, the Shadow Lord cub can do without further guidance. Alexandra is too new to the sept for her howl to carry the same sorrow that marks so many others, but neither is she immune to the emotion that surrounds her.

Oath-Ring howls with the others. His is a howl from which the heart is gone, from which a vital piece is missing; a howl of chill bleakness and utter loss. It fades as though the emotion is too much to continue, as the sound around him quietens anyway to follow the Warder's instructions. He takes Lupus, and huddles belly-down on the ground.

Earth-Whisperer follows suit after the Warder, hunkering down.

Ears in fact follows; both in tone and posture. In fact, she melts into lupus to do it, belly to the ground and wistful.

First-Strike drops to lupus, and then to the ground. It seems she, too, intends to follow.

Ishmael also takes to lupus, doing the same.

Thunder's-Heart :hunches over into lupus, paws on the ground, and chin nearly as low. He watches First-Strike with trepidation, fur bristling despite himself.

Scar follows suit, shrinking down into lupus form and lowering himself to the ground.

Isaac watches the others as they drop down to the ground, and he does, as well. At first sliding belly-down in crinos, and only after shifting back down to lupus.

Bag-of-Snakes takes on lupus form and her grubby white pelt is soon pressed against the earth of the caern... or the former caern.

Shockwave slides down into lupus and goes belly-to-the ground.

All-in-Stride drops back to lupus, the cub pressing himself to the ground, tail close to his legs.

Speech-and-Silence has plain misgivings about this, but after several seconds, adopts lupus and hunkers down.

Sightless-Faith seems uncertain for a moment, but the sounds around him register with him. He settles to the ground as well, ears forward.

Following the example of those around her, Alexandra takes a few moments to change to lupus before following, keeping herself low to the ground, uncertain but determined to do the best she can, whatever may come next.

It takes another moment before Wildfire realizes this is a Rite and not the actual Revel. He shakes himself out, then proceeds to quickly follow the Warder's lead.

<OOC> To the caern, Tempest's Wake: Everyone pose who wants to? We'll hit that big ol' PAUSE button, and pick up tomorrow. Handwavy bits about people who aren't here now and will be then, and are here now and won't be then. DON'T MATTER! (:

Golden shifts to hispo and hunkers down, following the Warder's lead.

By the steam vents, Reflection starts to fall forward and melts down into the wolf just in time for his front paws to hit the ground instead of his face, the beginnings of a small howl that doesn't yet manefest in his throat.
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