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From Deliverance

Postby devwolf » Mon Mar 19, 2012 4:25 am

In which some Garou go searching for answers.

Featuring: Nik ~Thunder's Heart~ / Kaz ~Ears to the Ground~ / Draco ~Dragon Shadow~
with GMing by Tybalt


It's early evening by the time Nik's car rolls into the long gravel parking lot of a seedy looking motel. It's the only place they've seen for the last half hour, positioned just off the highway beside a grungy two-pump gas station. It's nearly the land that time forgot, and a place only truckers and college students would dare to stop willingly.

Only three other cars are in the lot, a truck straight out of Deliverance, a minivan sporting bumper stickers from Route 66 and the central most point of the United States and various other tourist attractions, and a nondescript off-black sedan. Beside the gas station, cinderblocks for wheels, is another car, a dilapidated jalopy that has more rust than paint.

The facade of the motel glows in red and blue fluorescent lights and reads Shoreline Motel, the o's and l's no longer illuminating. Paint peels horribly from its exterior walls, showing more bare wood under layers of unprofessional painting. Light's are on in two of the rooms, viewable from the parking lot though the shades on all the windows are drawn. And the front office appears to be occupied, a warm glow of yellow far more welcoming than the exterior would imply.

But if there's any question as to their location, the questing stone seems pretty determined that it's in the right spot.

Nik doesn't look terribly keen on parking where he's parking, but he knows there's little choice. He glares daggers at anyone who may be about in a "touch it and die" expression as he slides out of the car, even if there isn't anyone about. He gives Kaz a dubious expression, apparently deferring to her rank, then glances towards the occupied rooms.

Kaz mutters, "Get this thing outta here, we should stick it aways down the road."

Draco is in the back seat of the car. He seems about to get out, but Kaz's order leaves him unsure, and so he sits and waits to see what Nik will do.

Nik merely nods. He gets back in and pulls away, scooting down the road quite a few yards before pulling off the road, parking and turning off the engine. He still doesn't look happy about it, but takes a breath. "Plans?" he offers.

Kaz says, quietly (though not in a whisper -- whispers carry), "Figured we could get an idea of who all's here and what all kindsa shift they have. But -- seriously. You're the scout. I'm deferring to you on this thing. Gimme m'archin' orders."

Draco has little to add. He's silent and watchful, looking between the other two garou as they decide on what to do.

This might not be the time or place for a chuckle, but Nik does it anyway, looking back over his shoulder. He scratches at his goatee a moment. "I think perhaps we should check out the cars first," he suggests, sliding out of his own. "I imagine the van or the sedan? I could open it, but an alarm might go off."

Kaz says, "You don't got the tech dampening gift?" again in that low, quiet voice. "But seriously, them cars don't look that up to date. Case 'em. Then 'splore the outside. If you want me or him f'diversion purposes, just yell over the link, yeah?"

Draco leans forward, asking, "The man we seek has fallen, correct? So, we may assume he's paranoid. And from what I've heard, I know we can assume he's powerful. I could perhaps pretend to be a tourist and ask for a room?" His British accent at least lends a very minute plausibility to the idea.

Nik slides out of the car, but stops at Draco's comment. "That might not be a bad idea. The last place they'd look for someone who might be looking for them is in the room next door. The first place would be the bushes outside. Also... Kaz. See if Dimitriy is here as well. I don't want him skulking about in the woods if Gerik's in the room." WIth that, he heads first to the parking lot and the sedan.

Kaz mutters, "Yeah, well," and then suggests, over the link, -Maybe Nik should. He's the one with the beard he can shave off later.- But this truly is merely suggestion and not order, as she bunkers down and starts chanting Dimitriy's name.

Draco watches his elder get out of the car. Uncertain if that means he should follow, he looks to

Kaz and then gets out of the car to at least be ready to do anything, should something need doing.

The sedan isn't a luxury model in any sense of the word, however five people could ride within and only be mildly cramped. The windows are tinted, not so much that viewing inside is impossible, but enough to make it difficult. A fine layer of dust covers the doors and panels, the tires, too, showing signs of long distance traveling. Tracks are left on the windshield where the wipers couldn't reach, leaving water spots and dried road film outlining arches above the viewing space.

Nik emits a sound of horror over the Mind Link. -Shave off my /beard/?- he says, flabberghasted. -But I'd be naked!- He grins and glances over his shoulder at Draco. -I'll unlock the car and go see about the room, if you see what you can find in it?- He resumes his walk towards the Sedan. -Get ready to hide...- he tells the others as he uses his Gift to attempt an unlocking of the door.

Draco seems at least mildly amused by the joking. The metis climbs out of the car and waits til
Nik is way ahead of him before he even starts moving back towards the worn down motel.

Kaz, meanwhile, mumbles names.

The door locks click with the sound of electronic unlocking. There's silence for a baited second, then... nothing. Not a sound from the car or otherwise.
It takes a moment before Kaz's rite picks up anything, and once it does it points directly at the motel.

Nik relaxes a little as the car opens, glancing back towards Draco. He moves on, casual as can be, and reaches out to the van. Same business, though he seems a little less expectant of this one to give off any alarm, if it's even locked to begin with. -So far so good...-

Kaz says, "Cha," in muttered half-victory, and sends, -OK, Dmitry-babe is here, too.- The connection cuts out, and Kaz mutters under her breath. It comes back again, and she adds, -You want, I can check the Umbra, too.-

Draco moves in once Nik gives the all clear. The theurge wastes no time, and he tries to look as if he belongs. There are no furtive glances to see if anyone's watching him. He simply approaches the car from an angle that will (hopefully) make it less likely that anyone inside the motel will see. He enters from the passenger's side, slipping inside so he can rummage through the glove compartment, check under the seats, look over at the back seat, etc. He's not sure what he's looking for, but he's fairly sure he'll know it if he sees it.

The van is almost a luxury class cruiser of a mini van, though lacking the bells and whistles. Tinted windows line the passenger seating areas with the windshield and driver's side windows being perfectly clear. It's a dark green creation with wood panelling and a luggage rack on top. It, too, has the same layer of grime and dust from days of travel on the road. There's no alarm in the van, either. No telling click of the lock. In fact, nothing happens. A look in through the driver's window would show the locks already popped open.

A stench hits Draco when he opens the door to the sedan. Strong, the smell of decay and dirty socks and rotting fruit. However, the interior of the car looks quite clean. There is clutter, normal to a vehicle on a road trip, consisting of a couple of soft drink cups and a few candy bar wrappers. Someone forgot a sock under the passenger side seat, just visible from the back.

Nik gives one last glance back towards Kaz and Draco before the Ragabash saunters towards the office as if he belonged, opening it while looking about with a little frown of distaste, as anyone might if they had realised that this is the only place available to stay the night for miles.

The smell in the car has Draco holdnig his breath as much as he can. He finishes in the car as quickly as possible, pulling out the dirty sock under the seat to get a better look at it. He does it with two fingertips only, not really /wanting/ to touch it. But he does so, just to be thorough. If it yields nothing more useful than the other half of the sock, he shoves it back and climbs out. The van is given a look as Nik moves to enter the office. He moves quietly to the side of the van to see if he can slip inside and look around in there, too.

At the moment, Kaz apparently sees herself as backup, as she stays where she is, watching carefully.

Inside the front office is immaculately clean, much in contrast the shady exterior. The walls are painted with a soft blue, nearly white, the light fixtures give off a warm and healthy glow. There's a potted plant in one corner beside a display with local attractions. No surprise, there's little offered in a way that implies it's rarely refilled. The counter takes up most of the space, stretching almost wall to wall. Behind it sits a young man, probably in his late twenties, pimpled and scruffy in the way of a youth who rarely has to shave. He has a scraggly mop of hair, not greasy but messy, and seems more interested in the comic book he holds than helping any prospective tenants.

Nik takes a moment, as if perusing the quality of the place. He swipes his hand back over his hair as his eyes cover everything he percieves to be important. "Hey," he says, interested. "Is that the newest Avengers?" he offers the kid a smile. "Can I get a room? I have a shit ton of luggage and if five isn't taken, I'll appreciate not having to go far from where I've parked."

There really is nothing extraordinary about the sock except that it's missing its mate. The van, likewise, could belong to anyone traveling. Within it's a bit more dirty, fast food bags and styrofoam clamshells littering its interior, along with empty soda cans and sports drink bottles. At least no one left their underwear in this vehicle.

While Kaz is playing lookout, she glimpses movement at one of the windows, just a shadow passing, breaking the light hitting the curtains briefly.

Nik murmurs over the link as he disappears inside. -Generally peaceful. Kid here reading a comic book. Nothing seems amiss. Asking for room number five.-

Draco slips back out of the van and makes his way as stealthily as he can back towards Kaz.

The Gnawer tells Nik, -Someone in number 7, so that might be useful. Me and Draco'll do an Umbra check once you drop y'lil' bags off and then go head to--' And the quotes are practically audible-- -'Find a restaurant,' so you don' gotta be hangin' out there alone. Unless you wanna poke around more?-

Without so much as looking up, the attendant pulls out a card and a pen, placing them unceremoniously on the counter. "Name, address, vehicle make and color," he rattles off in bored monotone. The pages is turned and he takes a breath. "License plate number and state. We're not responsible for any theft or damage to vehicles. Something happens, take it up with your insurance company."

Nik frowns a little as the boy doesn't look up, but he takes the card and fills it out. The information isn't entirely false, but it's the information of the late Justin Hendershot, including his old mustang. "Sure," he mutters. He peers around a moment. "Man I think I've seen this place in a zombie movie once." The Ragabash steps away. "Some guy named Gerik checked in, in the movie, and was stuck in his room with his friend while the place just swarmed with the undead." He chuckles, shaking his head as he moves towards the door. -Let's see if this guy likes horror flicks...- "Always thought it was a weird name."

Nik mindspeaks. -Sounds good.- He seems a little distracted, perhaps filling out a form. -Let's see if this kid likes horror flicks... gimme one more moment and let me see if there's any way to figure out which room he's in.-

-Yeah, OK,- Kaz says, still watching carefully. -Just gimme a holler if need be.-

Draco settles in next to the Ganwer and waits to see how Nik does. Over the link, he tells them, -The worst thing I found was a really horrendous smell in the sedan. You don't think he'd drive around with a body in the trunk or anything, do you?-

-Hell yeah,- Kaz says. -These fuckers are fuckers. But if you didn't check, you din't check. It's cool.-

"It was used in a horror movie once," the young man replies, finally looking up at Nik. He takes the card and looks over the information provided, and after a moment he takes the pen to finish filling out the form. "Thank you, Mister Hendershot. Will that be credit or cash?" No keys are yet handed over, and he looks rather expectantly at the Ragabash, pen tapping annoyingly against the counter.

Nik peers briefly out the window, as if reevaluating the parking lot. "Oh yeah?" he says, half interested. He moves back to the counter, pulling out his wallet. "Cash," he says absently, glancing out the window as he frowns, peering down at the total due and forking over the money, not leaving him with much left. "No one really rowdy is there? I'm pretty tired and don't want to hear some honeymooners going at it all night."

Movement again from the same window, the curtain swaying with it. This time it opens some, a rough hand pulling it back to view the parking lot, the face that follows distinctly familiar, in the sense that his breeding is undeniable. But there's also something kind of off about it, a poisonous cast to his visage. A second shadow appears behind him, hand reaching out to savagely pull the curtains closed again, giving Kaz just a glimpse of another face. One that could easily be kin to the two Lords back home.

Nik grumps. -That's a no go on information. I need to hit an ATM.... *grumble mumble*-

Draco pulls back further into the shadows to hopefully not be seen. He looks to KAz, silently asking (or appraising her expression) if she knew them. Draco then says over the link, -I have money.-

Kaz, who has been lurking in a spot hopefully not visible to anyone in particular, grunts. From her expression, they may not be familiar, but they sure are someone she'd like to kill. -Think both of 'em are in number 7. The fuckers.-

The keys are passed over once the money is collected and put into a locking box. They're old style keys, metal, attached to a fob that's far too large to fit into a pocket comfortably. "Absolutely quiet, Mister Hendershot," the man says as he goes back to his comic. "Welcome to Shoreline Motel, enjoy your stay."

Nik heaves a sigh. "Great," he tells the kid, disappointment helping support that tired traveler ruse. He moves to step out of the Office.

Nik appears presently, frowning a little in the direction of the parked car as he heads for the room. At the news, he can't help but glance at the room mentioned. He doesn't bother heading to number five. -They're probably travelling under assumed names. But they're alone?- A spike of anxiety.

The drapes are pulled shut roughly, leaving a corner askew and offering a peek into the room. Voices can be heard faintly from within, arguing though the words cannot be made out from where Kaz and Draco wait. Moments later, the light goes off in that room and all is silent. From two windows down, movement can be seen, one shadow crosses, and a moment later two follow it back into the room. No one but Nik exits the office door.

-Dunno. Ain't seen nothin' but them. They ain't happy.- Then, a little worried, Kaz says, -Now
them and the whoever from number 9 is together. Just one dude from 9, but... You may be being paranoided at.-

Draco brows wrinkle, but he doesn't have anything to add to Kaz's comments.

Nik seems conspicuous as he hangs out outside... that is until he pulls a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and settles one between his lips, lighting it up. -Feh. I just quit too...- He mulls over Kaz's comment. -If we can get them out of their rooms, we'd be able to see better...- He glances down at his still-lit match, and then to the van. A grinch smile begins to pull across his features. -Ya know... they're not responsible for any damage to vehicles here?- He notes with malicious intent.

Kaz says, -Hold that thought,- firmly. -Let us go check the Umbra, to see if he has a pet bane, or a pack Totem. You go find a restaurant. And then, we meet back here in half an hour. If you still think that it is best for the three of us, alone, to stir up a hornet's nest, then we can set up my gun and I can at least /cover/ you.-

Draco seemed about to say something, but Kaz seems to have covered it, so the younger metis simply nods.

Nik cackles and flicks the match onto the pavement, crunching it beneath his boot. -Was hoping a good fire would stir up the hornet's nest- he admits. He takes a long, slow drag of his cigarette, coughs, and scrunches it against the wall, placing the rest into his pocket. -I'd like to crunch their car up into a pretty sculpture- he admits as he stalks towards the car.

Meanwhile, the three stand as though in conversation. If watching, one can get the sense of a pause in the conversation a beat after Nik cackles. There's no movement immediately, then two of the shadows break off and fade as though moving away from the window. The third moves back whence it originally came before the visitors.

Kaz rolls her eyes. -Fuck of a scout you are, dipshit. Shut the fuck /up/ when they are being /paranoid/.- She takes a breath. -Now. Get in the car and get out of here for a bit. We'll check the Umbra. Come back in 20.-

Nik snorts, but this time over mindspeak as he continues his journey. -Less suspicious than sneaking around- he notes. He enters the car and starts the ignition, frowning a little at the other two. "Keep in touch," he whispers despite the distance to their target, trepidation in his voice.

Nik sets his car into neutral, letting it roll down the hill a little farther before he turns on the ignition, driving off to park several miles down. He shuts off the car, stows the keys in the compartment made just for stowing keys, and hops out of the vehicle, shifting lupus. He then books it back in the direction of the hotel, keeping to cover.

The walk down the road is rather uneventful. Quiet even. No sign of life out this way. The road itself is a gray scar through the earth, cracked and refilled many times over with black tar, the lines in some places needing to be repainted while the shoulder crumbles in other spots. Within the shadow it's much the same, though here the occasional animal spirit can be viewed furtively darting across the scab of highway.

Nik's drive is likewise without excitement and he finds a pull off to park his car in. Looks like it may have been used more than once for such a thing, an old tire rests on its side, litter collects in a leafless bush. A glove lays on the ground as though waving farewell. Cover isn't easy to find for the Ragabash's run back, but it isn't impossible. The failing light lends to longer shadows from the bushes that sprout along off the road and the street lights above are spaced far apart.

Kaz falls into crinos, stops to let her nose twitch, and then mutters, ~No Wyrm,~ to Draco, before motoring it over to where the hotel is in the Realm, just to be sure there's nothing Suspicious.

Draco is right behind Kaz. Likewise, he falls into crinos, but since the other metis most likely hasn't seen him in that form it may come as a shock to her. The furless werewolf sports scuted crocodile skin with horn-like protrusions on his head and muzzle. His elongated tail whips out behind him. He nods to her, regarding sense Wyrm.

That's OK, Kaz may well come as a shock to Draco. Though she did warn him ahead of time, about the ears.

Thunder's-Heart has his nose at work as he moves, and though it still aches from the wound he'd suffered earlier today, Draco's gift has him thankful he'd arrived when he had. He relays the motion through Mental Speech as jogs, ears swiveling, searching for signs of a setup.

Miles, the two Crinos in the Umbra seem to travel, covering far more land in the shadow reflection than they did in the realm. But for a couple of passing bird spirits, it seems rather quiet. Even when they come to the motel. The building looks even worse in its spiritual image, a hollow shell of a thing that may have been gutted by a fire at some point in its history, rebuilt on the other side of the Gauntlet but not yet caught up on this side. It's dark. Very dark, and foreboding.

Nik finds nothing waiting to jump out and bite him back at the motel. The cars are still sitting where they were left, incriminating footprints left around them. Both lights are now off when he returns, the curtains to the first room have been set to rights, but in the second they are partially open. Wide enough to allow a face to look out without touching either edge. Which is the sight that greets the Ragabash, a cold expression, dispassionate eyes that match his cub's perfectly in color and shape if not in warmth, a face so similar he could be looking at the boy's reflection in twenty years. This, the wolf can see easily, though it doesn't seem as if the man in the window has noticed him. Yet.

Ears melts into lupus and starts snuffling around; she explains to Draco, as she does it, that she's using a Gift that might tell us something about the area. Once she's done, she adds, ~Come on, 'less you got other thoughts?~

Dragon-Shadow does not seem to. He shifts down, following Ears' lead, to lupus. Like his crinos form, the wolf one looks more dragon than lupine. He pads after her as quietly as he can.

Thunder's-Heart hunkers down as he sees the face, always glad for his dark fur. He intimates over Mind Speech that someone is looking out, but he doesn't know if it's the Gerik they seek or Dmitiyyiyi. He concentrates to activate a gift to help him hide further.

//You paged Ears with 'The land used to be lush and green, as much as any semi arid environment can be. The motel was built several decades back, coming in a good score of years after the highway was built. It was a place of ill repute, a holdover for people trying to cross state lines while dodging law enforcement. At some point it took a turn for the worse. There was a disagreement, a fight, followed by a fire set deliberately.'.//

Ears says, as she falls back into crinos and lopes back to where they crossed over, ~Place has been a low-level draw for illness for a long time. But nothing this dramatic.~ Once they're back, presuming they get back, she crosses over (in homid) and creeps to meet Nik.

Dragon-Shadow once again follows beside Ears, crossing and shifting when she does.

It's still there, that familiar face with impeccable breeding staring out the window. He still hasn't noticed Nik lurking about though his gaze has passed over the Ragabash a couple of times since he went into hiding. For what seems like an eternity that face remains nearly pressed to the glass, just staring. The second man appears, lesser to the first and lacking kinship to anyone the Ragabash knows. Words are exchanged, too quiet to be heard beyond the glass, and the man's face twists in anger. The drapes are jerked closed, so much force put into the action they're nearly ripped from the rod.

Thunder's-Heart emits a breath as the curtains are yanked shut. -Almost done- he assures the others, blurring his form as he darts out from the darkness. Shifting to homid, he leans down to mar any footprints he sees, backtracking to smear his own until he reaches grass. He sighs, not able to do much for scent, and heads back to the rendezvous. -Still think you should let me set something on fire.-

Dragon-Shadow comments, over the link, -Doing so would do nothing for us, and it would alert them. Then we'd have to find them again, and scout again. I'm not sure I see the advantage.-

Kaz is a patient waiter. She doesn't even offer to play cards with Draco. But at Nik's suggestion, she thunks her forehead. -If you set it on fire, they'll be somewhere /else/ next time. Fuck, they may /still/ be. They ain't real stable, looks like. And I want to come back here with more of us, not just us, two of us wounded, and /kill them dead/. So. No fires. Come on, let's go.-

Nik grumps, but doesn't have much of a response. Of course they were right. He joins them, smirking as he gets into the car. "You sure you don't wanna stay? I was assured the room was quite nice." He starts up the engine, obviously being sarcastic.

Draco comments to Nik, with a thin smile, "Keep the lighter handy. You'll get your chance soon." To Kaz, he says, "We should attack soon. I think with enough septmembers we can take them. The sooner the better, no?"

Kaz nods, quite firmly. "Fuck yes."
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