Rite of Renunciation: Jacey

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Rite of Renunciation: Jacey

Postby Hazmat » Fri Mar 23, 2012 5:19 am

It is currently 20:22 Pacific Time on Thu Mar 22 2012.

Currently the moon is in the waxing New (Ragabash) Moon phase (1% full).

Shore Around Half Moon Pool

The shadowy canopy of evergreens recedes here, opening into a small clearing choked with vibrant undergrowth, a mass of flowers and thorns, vines and mixed, unseasonal fruit. Immediately to the east, the ground rises into a small, rocky outcropping, at the base of which stands a large pool of crystal clear water; the barest rivulet of a stream wends its way south and west from the pool across the clearing, losing itself in the forest. This whole area has about it a sense of silence and quiet vigor; the air is cool and fresh, the scent of the flowers and fruit is almost heady, the colors of the forest are a feast for the senses.

The half-moon shaped pool lies just to the east. A faint trail seems to follow the little stream southwest into the forest.

Salem sits crosslegged at the edge of the pool, cradling a silver bowl in his hands. His expression is distant and meditative.

Jacinta is there, as well, though some distance from Salem. She follows the edge of the pool, between ice encrusted waters and encroaching brambles.

Jacey crosses out of the forest and onto the more opened clearing, picking her way carefully through vines and thorns. She pauses briefly, spying Salem and Jacinta, the Warder's presence gaining a small look of curious surprise before it's brushed away.

Wildfire makes his way through the brambles of the Bawn after a time, avoiding any fruits and exploding fungi carefully as he goes. When he does arrive, its just him, solitary and without fanfare. He is also suprised by the Warder's presence, but, like Jacey, remains wordless.

Salem stirs from his meditations as Jacey and Owen arrive and pushes smoothly to his feet, the silver bowl in his hands. He regards Jacey solemnly. "Are you still determined to go through with this? There's no backing out, after this."

Jacinta halts her pacing when the Fianna arrives and turns to the pebbled shore. Her arms fold across her chest, the last of the bark now gone from her skin, and she watches Jacey with cold, blue eyes. Owen's arrival is acknowledged, but her attention returns quickly to the girl.

Jacey glances toward Owen when he arrives, a small frown pulling at her expression that doesn't entirely smooth away when she looks away again. Her gaze goes back to the Philodox, feeling Jacinta's gaze on her but choosing to ignore it. "Yes, Salem-rhya," she answers simply.

Wildfire settles back onto his haunches, intent on keeping quiet for the moment. His gaze remains fixed on the youth in question, though he remains as stoic as stone.

Salem nods. "So be it." He kneels down to dip the bowl in the pond, through a hole he's already broken in the ice. He shifts up to Glabro as he straightens back into a stand and switches to a very formal Mother's Tongue. ~Today a Garou turns her back on her birth. Today a Fianna turns her back on Stag. Today a Fianna dies, and a new Garou is born.~ He looks at Jacey. ~Remain in the form of your birth and remove all items you were not born with. Discard them as you discard your old life, step away from them as you step away from the tribe that Rited you.~

Jacinta's expression remains cool, cold, disapproval clear in her gaze and posture as she watches.

Jacey exhales slowly and begins removing her possessions. Jacket and scarf, shoes, unhurried and with a sense of thought about her actions. Despite the chill, everything carefully set aside until she stands again until she stands again, as she was born.

Salem walks over, his limp barely noticeable tonight, and pours one third of the bowl's contents over the girl's head -- icy cold water on a frigid night. ~A Fianna dies tonight,~ he intones in a rumbling baritone. Another third of the cold water is poured out over her. ~A Fostern dies tonight.~ The final third -- somehow, it's even colder than the first two pourings. ~Reforges the Lost dies tonight.~

And then Salem shifts up into Crinos and howls, a thunderous, discordant cry. ~Witness, Luna! Witness, Stag and Stag's kin! Witness, spirits! Witness, Gaia! Witness, Sept of the Hidden Walk! This one willingly sheds her tribe, her rank, her name, her skin! Reforges the Lost is dead!~

Jacinta continues to watch, her expression showing nothing but disgust. As Salem rises up to howl, she turns her head, nostrils flaring.

Wildfire remains where he is, stock-still except for the beginnings of hackles beginning to raise.

Jacey shudders, despite every effort not to, whether from the cold or otherwise is hard to discern. Fists clench at her sides for a moment, while the water runs off her head and body and onto the ground, then relax again. Her eyes continue to follow Salem, silent.

Scar lowers his muzzle and stands, looming, over the girl. Then he looks away from her and formally addresses the rite's two witnesses. ~A Garou stands here, nameless and tribeless. Is there any here who will take responsibility for her and bring her back into the Nation?~

Jacinta snorts at the question, derisive, answer enough. She refolds her arms, and looks at the dripping girl.

Wildfire seems to echo the Warder at first, snorting as well, but unlike her doesn't remains silent for long. His form swells to match that of the Glass Walker, looming over pretty much everyone now, hackles fully raised on his neck as he bares his teeth. ~She thinks to join the Fenrir,~ he growls out lowly. ~To think one such as her would join my tribe. /My tribe!/~ he snarls, stepping forward to stand right in Jacey's face. ~Fenris accepts only the strong. You, who are now nameless, are untested. Why dare you seek to walk now with the Father of Wolves?~

Scar remains silent, the silver bowl empty in his hands, watching for Jacey's response. (And considering he's not being burned from touching it, it's probably not pure silver. Or silver at all.)

Jacey's gaze remains on Salem, unwavering when at first neither answers. Her jaw clenches in effort to stay the chattering that threatens, resulting in shivering instead. It's when Owen speaks she acknowledges him again, gaze moving his way, unflinching when he growls in her face. "As I said before, since I first came to Hidden Walk I have not felt a connection to Stag. I have felt conflicted and outcast. Of all the tribes, it was originally Fenrir's blood that welcomed me amongst them. I have fought beside them and learned from them. While that might have continued, I hear a calling, a challenge to answer, a new home to forge."

~The calling of a 'RONIN'?~ Wildfire roars right into her face (oops, spittle). He sneers at her for a moment in silence before continuing on. ~You who are without tribe, without name, without pack,~ the last word is emphasized a little, ~are but nothing now. You will have to prove yourself to the tribe. Each member of the Fenrir will face you and test you in their own way to judge your worth. Then you will face me. And then, only then, will we see if you are worthy of even asking Fenrir to accept you. Do you understand?~

A muscle in the girl's cheek twitches, possibly the beginnings of a flinch or reactionary of hot breath and spit on her face. She doesn't speak again, facing the Jarl silently until he's laid out his terms. Finally, she follows without preamble or excuses, "Yes, Owen-rhya."

Wildfire keeps a lip curled as he continues to stare at the Galliard before him, eventually dismissing her with a sweeping wave. ~I am done speaking to this nameless meat-bag.~

Scar nods. ~It is done, then.~ He shrinks down into homid form. "Thank you for bearing witness," he says to Jacinta and Owen, formally. The now-tribeless Garou gets ignored.

Jacinta watches Owen and his interaction with the renunciate, then snorts again, and gives a single nod of her head to Salem. "Ii-i."

Wildfire gives a solemn nod to both the Master of Challenges and the Warder, but the newly Renounced only gets to look at his ass as he turns and departs.

Turning from Owen and Salem, the Galliard briefly and finally looks at Jacinta. There's just a hint of askance in her gaze, but it's gone again as she turns to find her way away from the pool and out of the woods. She'll shift to lupus at some point, once she's away from the others.

Salem meanwhile tucks the bowl away in his duffle bag, shoulders it, and drops into lupus himself for the long trek back to the city.
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