Dancer Hunting. (23 March, 2012)

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Dancer Hunting. (23 March, 2012)

Postby Flint » Sat Mar 24, 2012 1:28 am

Cast of characters:
Kaz · Salem · Lefty · Emma · Nik · Winter · Djehuti · Alexandra · Quiet · Val

With cameos by:
Thomas · Not-Here-Nick (Nicodemus)

GMed by Tybalt and Runetree

The moon is in the waxing New (Ragabash) Moon phase (7% full).

Kaz brought her RV, so as to give people rides. (From Edgewood.) While driving, and likely also before, she explained that (as far as they know) Gerik and his pal/relative Dmitriy are still at the hotel. And there may well be five Dancers/Fallen Lords total. Gerik was, when Andrei and Ky knew him, an Adren theurge, Dmitriy a Fostern Philodox. The others are unknown. Val has hopefully made it so their guns-with-silver don't work, but be prepared for silver, and folks with the technology jamming gift, feel free to use it if they start shooting, despite the fact that Kaz has her rifle. (And is planning to use it. Kaz is actually planning to snipe from cover until it's not practical anymore.) These folks are apparently thoroughly Tainted, so Kaz is not planning with niceties of taking them back for judgement, but will do so if other people want to make them unconscious. Presuming they are still at the motel, we are hoping to lure them out of it with Val-imitating Ky (so innocents don't get killed), so feel free to lurk appropriately in ways dangerous to people running out of motels. (And then Kaz checks Questing Stone just to be sure they're still there. Ish.)

Nik has also supplied mobility, providing the Chevelle packed with Ahroun. Namely Emma, Alex, and Quiet. Cellphones are helpful in this case, and the Ragabash turns down the blaring of the radio to call Kaz. "Where we meeting?" he asks, while Erasure's "Always" plays in the background. Getting pumped up, apparently.

Memory promised that she'd meet the wolves at a specific spot, where there will be some sort of parking for their vehicles. And there she is, perched on an electrical pole, waiting for the Garou to arrive. She must have rented a car and stashed it somewhere, before flying the rest of the distance, or something.

Kaz answers, as she drives in the traditional fashion (badly, in other words), "Rendevous with Val. Mile're so from the motel, so's we can sneak up proper-like and not get fucked by being seen til we want to be. And so's Val can lure them aways away and avoid us havin' a pitched fight right /there/ in their /parkin' lot/."

Salem, riding along with Kaz, remains quiet, not part of the planning. The grizzled halfmoon seems to be in an incredibly foul mood; seething in fact.

Djehuti states quietly, as he rattles in the RV, "I would indeed like to try and bring them back for justice, if we have the opportunity. But I understand that death happens to us all, as well."

The motel is the same dilapidated motel that they've come to expect from the two scouting missions, and three vehicles are parked, at the moment, in front of the motel. The lights in two of the rooms are on, though the blinds are drawn tightly shut. The minivan in front of the hotel, in specific, seems to have acquired several new and sizable dents on the outside since it was last seen. Next to the minivan is a dark, ubiquitous sedan, and next to that a beat-down, run down 40s truck that is still running if only because it's been moved since Memory last saw it.

Kaz grunts at him, and then adds, after an iteration of Questing Stone, "They's there." So she's redundant, when did that ever stop anyone?

Cracking her neck and rotating her shoulders, Quiet gets ready with some light stretching. No need to cramp up while in the middle of bashing heads in. Her gaze follows where Kaz grunt-points, taking note.

Memory eyeballs the gathering Garou, keeping tabs on them and following a short distance away from the warparty. With a squawk, she flies ahead quickly disappears from view.

Winter steps out of the 'bathroom' in the RV and closes the door quickly behind him. "30 to 45 minutes people. That's a threat." He says in all seriousness then walks forward to look out of the front window. "Winter is coming." He remarks, then finally cracks a grin. "Seriously… since that book came out? I can't help it."

Lefty sits by herself in a corner. The Gnawer ragabash's usual grin is missing. In fact, she looks rather sullen.

Kaz gives Salem and Lefty a wry look, at one point, and then snorts at Winter. Soon enough, they arrive at the rendevous spot. "I'm sniping," she tells everyone quietly, "So Emma's the combat-heavy leader, Nik (as relevant Lord) is the Raggie-type leader. Let's get goin'." Then she goes to find a useful hummock, nearby, to lurk behind.

Memory shifts long enough to pull out her phone and fire off a text message, well out of view from the gathering warparty. She sends a text message to Dmitriy: Found your phone! The joys of being a cop. I've drawn them out for you. You should hear them soon. You'd better have my reward when I come by to collect.

Nik parks where indicated, turning off the car and stashing the keys. He dismounts his loyal steed and nods at Kaz's words. He heads for cover, then, shifting to Glabro as he does so. Oh yeah. He's also normal height now. Hooray!

At the motel, there's the sudden noise and moving of shadows across the windows as if someone—or someones—are getting into a fight all by themselves, and it soon calms not long thereafter.

A return text message is quick to come, for the Corax. "Prove it."

Djehuti melts into crinos, a small piece of cloth in one hand, and lurks behind a tree, near Salem.

Off in the direction that the Raven took off in, comes the sound of a voice that is likely familiar to to a number of the Garou in the war-party. "Where are you!" Comes Andrei's voice, loud and sounding very irate. Followed by a string of Russian, that is likely some sort of very vehement swearing. 'Come out and face me, you coward!' Comes Andrei's voice, now speaking in Russian. More swearing follows. Now, Ky's voice speaks up. "Uncle, what are you doing? Why are we out here! We shouldn't be out here!"

Salem shifts up to Glabro as he slips into hiding to wait.

Emma shifts into Crinos once she's put herself in a suitable position for ambush and quick reaction. Her eyes watch the rest of the group as they settle into place as well, mentally keeping track of who is where. As Val begisn the process, she turns her eyes to where the targets will emerge.

Moving to the right of Emma, Quiet shifts up to crinos as well. Her claws drag across the rocks and trees around her, sharpening them to a startling degree before she falls still. Her fur, on the other hand, take on a moon-light silverish hue.

Winter takes on the dire wolf in contrast to the rest and moves into position next to Nik, the current Ragabash-Uber. He bumps the Shadow Lord lightly and looks up at him, in a manner as if to say that he is ready for action and orders.

Alexandra stays reasonably close to Quiet, following the Fostern Ahroun's example when she assumes the warform, hunkering down to watch and wait.

Kaz frowns at one point, and then looks as if she got a headache. (Though since she's hiding, that's hard to tell.) -Shockingly, they're Wyrmy,- she tells Nik and Emma via her Gift. -Let's rock.-

Nik gives Winter a wink and gestures. He seems to mean to circle around their quarry once they make themselves known, perhaps both to keep them from getting away and to perhaps split them up from whoever is still in the hotel. -We're ready.- He tells Kaz. And then his form blurs into crinos as he heads off in that direction, making a wide circle.

No movement comes, for a startlingly long time, and then the young man that Val saw before walks into the clearing, apparently alone. "Give them to me," he states, audible to anyone listening who heard the original lure, and bulks up into black-furred crinos, a now twisted and distorted mockery of a Garou, to turn and stare at the raven-shifter, growling.

Kaz shoots him. Or, at least, there's gunfire from a hummock.

The shadow of a bird, barely discernible, passes by overhead, and then vanishes into the upper branches of the surrounding trees.

-Ready here Kaz- confirms Emma as well. To the Ahroun at her side, she beckons them to ~Wait… let the gunfire draw his comrades out before committing.~ She lowers herself a little more, haunches coiled and ready to explode forward in a charge once they're all (or the majority) out.

Forgiver chomps his teeth in an eager affirmative gesture and somehow manages to pull his body together and down in a way that makes him look much smaller and more compact than the average hispo. He's trained at this. Forgives-The-Greatest-Sin, the sniping shot like a starting pistol, launches off out and away from Thunder's-Heart to complete a wide circle as commanded; Blur of the Milky Eye making him even more of just a streak in the available dim light.

Long-Path tenses, though he doesn't move yet. And then he hears Emma confirm his instincts, and relaxes half a touch, still ready.

Salem watches the emerging enemy keenly, keeping half an eye on Emma.

Wrath remains very still as she nods sharply at Emma's orders. Her eyes slide towards Alexandra to make sure she is ready too before slowly lowering herself as well, her legs tightening as her claws dig into the earth below.

Memory looks directly at the tainted-Garou who came in response to her lure. Then up at the shadow that passes overhead, hissing at it, even as Kaz's gun fires. She leaves her perch and heads deeper in to the woods, away from the Shadow-Thing and behind the gathered war-party. "You've lost your mind!" Ky's voice complains, from Memory's new location. "I'm leaving and you can stop me!" There is a brief silence. Very brief. 'Get back here, you ungrateful whelp!' Andrei's voice snarls out in Russian.

The Dancer halts a moment, blood spurting from his shoulder where the gunshot hits, and whirls into a run in the direction of the voices that Memory emits, frothing and clawing once at his own shoulder in pain as he gives chase, rumbling much louder, now. ~Give them to me!~

Meanwhile, in his circle, Forgiver runs straight into something, neither smelled nor seen in his path, and the blur drops, revealing a crinos that is most definitely one of the Dancers. The black-towards-green furred crinos snaps out of his own watch, launching onto Forgiver, claws digging into the Gnawer Ragabash's shoulder.

Enough time passes that it starts, perhaps, to be unlikely that the initial round of gunfire is going to draw anyone else out. However, the Dancer in pursuit of Memory runs right in the direction that the gunfire had come from, perhaps regardless of anything. ~Where are they.~ The snarl, it would seem, suggests that the young man wasn't too happy to be used as cannon—or in this case silver—fodder.

Kaz shoots again, carefully, aiming at the gentleman she already ventilated.

This, perhaps oddly enough, is not the first time Forgiver has run right into an invisible enemy and it shows in how he handles the situation at hand. The smaller Gnawer remains almost eerily quiet and more /lets/ the enemy get on top than anything else. The Ragabash explodes up into the crinos form as he uses the strength and momentum to leap into the air, twisting around as his fur sloughs off in one large sheet like a slippery dead layer of flesh. The intention is to shake off the foe and land practically atop of him, facing the appropriate direction to immediately strike.

Thunder's-Heart slows when he hears the news from Winter that there were sentries. He begins to prowl slowly, eyes scanning his side for just such a being, nose twitching as he hunches onto all fours. His ears twitch at the shots from Kaz, but he remains focused as he attempts to root out any baddies.

Heart-of-Fire holds her position as long as she's willing to, ~Wrath, Seeks. With me to the room. Scar, I'll trust you to handle the one giving chase to the bird if Ears does not bring him down. Strider. Assist whichever of us calls for back up.~ And with that, she's moving fast toward the room to make sure the others aren't left out.

Memory keeps up her act, although she seems to be running out of material. She's been reduced to swearing in Russian, loudly and with Andrei's voice.

As soon as Heart-of-Fire moves, Wrath bolts after her, keeping to pace though a few steps behind so they don't cause a door jam when they get there. A brown cloth is held in one giant paw-like hands.

Long-Path affirms quietly, clearly restless for action but sensitive to orders.

Seeks-Raging-Water springs into action at the Get Ahroun's command, dropping to all fours to cover the distance to the room more quickly, or perhaps to present at least a slightly lower profile as she crosses the open space between her and the room.

Lefty remains by Kaz, though the ragabash seems antsy and wanting to move. Her teeth show in a snarl, but she remains where she is while Kaz continues to put holes in the Dancer coming towards them.

Near to where Nik is, there's a sound that should be gunfire, from up a tree. Except it isn't, no bullets fire whatsoever, and not long thereafter, the Shadow Lord Ragabash is hit squarely in the head with a projectile rifle, rather than with the bullets from that gun. However, even for the perceptive, there's nothing up that tree, just a branch that's hanging a little heavier than it perhaps should be.

The scout that Winter ran into snarls, pinned a moment and turning to dig claws into the Gnawer's chest even as the Gnawer gets a much better vantage of attack against the Dancer.

The younger Dancer, riddled with bullets, nonetheless gets close enough to the trees where the Walker Philodox waits, and there's a clear fight left in him, some amount of pursuit as he drags his claws against the nearby stones.

Meanwhile, the motel room when they reach it is dark. The cars are dark, the curtains are drawn and there's no light behind, and even should they bust open the doors of the rooms that were occupied by the fallen Garou before, those rooms are empty—haphazardly so, clothing and munitions boxes scattered, dressers hastily jammed up and against doors to block entry. But neither Gerik nor Dmitriy are anywhere in sight, and the scent that lingers is old.

Scar abruptly lunges out of cover, propelling himself toward the young Dancer chasing after Val with lethal intent. There's no audible snarling from the grizzled halfmoon, no growls or roars, just the cold slash of claws, supernaturally fast.

The bird appears again as it launches itself from the trees, lazily circling back toward the motel, though it remains quite high up. Some sort of hawk, perhaps, judging by its size and how it glides.

Long-Path rapidly follows after Salem, unnaturally fast himself, timing it so he slashes in just after the Walker, reinforcing his strikes.

Forgiver growls at the incoming injury, yet takes full use of his superior vantage point. First, a small blast of fire appears just at the Dancer he face's eyes. Then, Forgiver acts very unlike his name, flashes forward and in for the Dancer's throat with his own jaws, not messing around with trying to just /hurt/ the fallen bastard.

Patient, Kaz is not, but she can at least pretend, so she carefully lines up the younger Dancer one more time, pausing to gauge Salem and Djehuti's line of attack and only then firing.

Thunder's-Heart winces as a rifle hits him in the thick crinos skull, more out of surprise than pain. He hadn't considered checking the trees. He growls up at the branches, amused, and runs at the trunk full tilt. Ducking his head, he aims to barrel into it shoulder first like a linebacker, hoping to knock the sniper down. -Three of them are out here, leaving two in the room.- He sends over Mental Speech. -Unless someone fed them after midnight.- It seems he doesn't see the bird.

Lefty breaks ranks from beside Kaz to run to the aid of Winter. she lopes out on three crinos limbs until she reaches where the two are fighting. She tries to time it so her teeth bit down on the lower spine of the BSD fighting against Winter.

Memory leaves the cover of the trees and flies straight up, fully intent on getting well above the chaos below and the shadow-bird thing in the air.

Heart-of-Fire looks around quickly once inside the room, snarling at the lack of targets. -None in the room. No targets in the room. Eyes outside.- She looks to her small group then, ~Back outside, they're hiding on us. Go go.~ And with that she turns back to take her small trio of Ahrouns back outside to see what else has come up.

Kaz relays that apparently Nik and Winter could use the help.

Finding the motel room empty seems to really piss Wrath off. She lets out a snarl of disappointment while twitching uncomfortably in a room full of silver bullets. As Heart-of-Fire moves out, Wrath waits for Seeks-Raging-Water to follow suit while her eyes remain inside the room, flanking the Ahrouns with wariness. ~Questing stone. Who was it seeking?~

Seeks-Raging-Water considers, ~If I were planning this, there would either be a trap or an ambush waiting for the ones who entered the room. Be careful.~ She waits a moment after Heart-of-Fire steps outside the room, then follows suit.

The last shot from Kaz rings out and not long after, the Dancer is torn apart by the two philodox—only managing once or twice to dig claws into the Glass Walker—into a bloody heap of fur and flesh that soon reverts to birthform, a young man who might once have been handsome, of clear enough ancestry and breeding at one point.

From the tree, two handguns that have apparently failed as guns get thrown down, at someone perhaps but the throws are wildly, wildly off, and at the same time, it reveals a man, clinging to that heavy branch and then quite quickly losing his grip. But the scout in the tree doesn't manage to shift until *after* he's hit the ground with the audible snapping of several bones before he snaps into a twisted, greenish hued crinos and launches for the Ragabash who had knocked him down from the tree. And then right *past* the Ragabash, tripping to the ground over a tree root.

The scout that the two Gnawers face sneers, almost growls, claws flashing in attack in a futile burst of rage, but between Lefty and Winter, not only do they rip out its throat, but the body is well and torn apart. Nonetheless, the Dancer he leaves equally nasty gashes for the garou, as with dying breath, he twists to rake claws down the elder ragabash's neck and shoulders.

Thunder's-Heart turns from the tree to meet the advance of the Dancer he'd knocked free. He pauses in surprise as it trips, then with a wolfish chuckle, he leaps towards him while he staggers, claws first. Aiming to rend at his back.

Memory keeps climbing higher, then she shifts in the darkness, becoming a much larger winged form that drops something roughly a foot across and round in shape. The dropped object plummets towards the shadow-bird, aimed for the space between the shadow's shoulder blades.

Kaz frowns slightly, and then counts on her fingers. A moment later she shrugs, and then lets out a grating, irritating, annoying call, familiar to those who have fought with her before. At least this time she's not in crinos, so it's not an actual howl.

Heart-of-Fire barks at the Ahroun with her to spread out and hunt down those missing Dancers. She lingers near the room as if reconsidering the bullets within, heading towards the others while keeping an eye out for whoever may return to grab the munitions. An eye and a nose.

Ferret hisses and snarls as she gets clawed from the Dancer almost at the same time he dies. Blood wells on her shoulder and neck, but she ignores it for now, turning to look for other targets.

Scar drops to all fours, completely ignoring the gash in his shoulder where the Dancer tagged him, and searches grimly for other targets.

The possible hawk circles a few times around the back of the motel, focusing on what might be a service exit. It goes into an abrupt dive only moments before Memory drops her rock, and the large rock strikes just as it's starting to pull up again. There's an alarmed squawk and a mess of feathers as the bird goes tumbling into the dirt.

The scout gets caught in Nik's claws, twisting to strike at the ragabash, but missing, clumsily, and it's not long after Djehuti gets there that the two together more than easily kill the twisted creature, now just a crumple of broken bones and blood at the base of the tree. The scout crumples to death right on top one of the guns that failed and was used as a projectile, earlier.

Seeks-Raging-Water takes one last sniff of the scents in the room, trying to see if she can find any kind of scent trails that might suggest which direction the missing two Dancers went, if indeed they did leave on this side of the Gauntlet.

Dust settles and the last echoes of gunfire fades into memory. It seems all is quiet. The bodies of three twisted abominations that had once been Garou lay bleeding or in pieces upon the ground. Nothing is moving, save those still alive. Not a sound is made but that of feet and paws shuffling against the ground. The far off sounds of a highway hums just at the edge of hearing, but no vehicles travel this way. A breeze kicks up that briefly brings cleaner smelling air to the foulness of death and sulfer.

A glint reflects off the lone lamp meant to shed light over the parking lot, faint and easily missed in all the chaos of combat. A report rings out, startlingly loud and shattering the sudden silence, accompanied by a flash and the acrid smell of gun smoke. Two more follow in quick succession. The rounds cut through the air. One bites deep into the back of Alexandra's thigh while the second buries itself into the meat of Emma's trapezius muscle. The third flies wild, given to haste, and poings off a rock into obscurity.

It's not the best cover, but perhaps decent enough to hide the shadowed figure, large and hulking, teeth and eyes catching in the weakened street light as it runs toward the group of Garou in what might be an answer to Kaz's howl.

-Ah, fuck,- Kaz sends. -Pity about my gun, but folks, use that tech dampening Gift, if you get the chance.- And then she lets loose her call again, apparently assuming that if someone's able to shoot, they're not being drawn by her Gift yet.

Memory is glaring down at the bird she knocked out of the sky, full of suspicion. Then, she hears more gunfire and her attention shifts to the source of the noise. If she can get a bead on the shooter, he will soon find a rock plummeting towards his head.

Thunder's-Heart shoves the dead Dancer aside, disgusted at the lack of fight it'd put up. He picks up the broken rifle just as the other shots ring through the air. He looks up just in time to see Memory take out a bird and fly off, and then he's gesturing for Forgiver to come with him to make sure that hawk was down for good. He takes off running towards where it'd landed.

The bird appears to have several broken bones, or at least, it is not moving much, except in an 'ow that hurts' sort of fashion. Definitely a hawk. It tries to drag itself out of the light from the back door.

Ferret's ears prick at the gunshots. Instinctively, the Gnawer crouches and tries to pinpoint the direction they come from. A moment later he decides there's a ready enough target right here, and she lopes to help Thunder's Heart attack the Dancer that fell out of the tree.

Scar lopes on all fours toward the more visible Dancer, uttering a series of mocking snarls to draw its attention.

Long-Path looks around, growling, then takes off after Salem again. (Apparently he's taken him as a pseudo packmate, today.)

As the bullet hits her, Heart-of-Fire gives a sneer and turns sharply to face the direction it came from. Using her nose, she moves to track the scent of gunfire and catches sight of the lamplight. -Parking lot maybe… got hit from that direction.- Then she really kicks it in, moving at full speed into the area she best guesses there an enemy.

Ferret's ears prick at the gunshots. Instinctively, the Gnawer crouches and tries to pinpoint the direction they come from. She follows Emma's lead and turns toward the lamp post.

Seeks-Raging-Water lets out a growl of pain as she's shot. Never having been shot at before, she's not much for tracking the bullets back to their source on her own, but once Heart-of-Fire gives her a direction she takes off full-tilt, barely slowed at all by the gradually healing injury.

Forgiver has no problem with the orders at hand but has some other purpose in mind while following said order. He crouches down and waits for the perfect timing, then for a moment until he gets close enough… then with rage-driven speed the massive crinos's hands blur down into the ground and he burrows through the gravel /just a fraction/ under the surface leaving a thin layer of weak gravel earth remaining, across the path of the approaching Dancer. He is, all in all, heading in the direction of the hawk thing.

The hulking, toothy shadow manifests into a fourth crinos-shaped monstrosity, a terrible howl rising to respond to the original. When hateful eyes focus on the gathered Garou, its run becomes an all out sprint fueled by rage. Within the space of a heartbeat it's in their midst, jumping onto Salem as he becomes the aggressor. The jump is just a little delayed, staggered, slowed by the crumbling of earth beneath its feet. But soon claws dig into the Walker's neck and shoulders making every effort to throttle him. Pinpricks of stark white, like small specks of glitter, flash in and out of existence along the edges of Salem's field of vision.

Another round is fired off toward the Garou, this one sinks deeply into one of the corpses. It's followed by a click-click of ineffectual misfiring. A scream of frustration and rage and full out paranoia follows before the firearm, a matte black pistol, is flung with full arm strength. It catches Lefty in the forehead and is followed, surprisingly quickly, by a second Crinos, mad with Rage and going to meet Emma head on. ~You'll die this night,~ he bellows. ~Every last one of you!~

Wrath sets up shop near the hotel room, determined not to let any of the living Dancers get their hands on any more weaponry.

Thunder's-Heart seeks out that hawk creature, leaping upon it to make sure there is little life left in the raptor.

Scar, rather than try to get away, actually grapples with the Dancer trying to choke the life out of him, twisting to bring his legs to bear and, catlike, deliver a vicious series of clawful kicks.

Djehuti circles around Salem's Dancer, and claws at its back, speedy and sure.

The hawk flounders a little more frenetically as it spies the oncoming Garou. Both Nik and Winter can see those broken bones reknitting themselves, right before the bird launches itself—lopsidedly—into the air. It /looks/ like an ordinary hawk, except that it squawks down at them in perfect, if extremely irritable Mother's Tongue, ~Check your fucking targets, fuzzies, I'm on your side. You want the big ugly guys screaming for your blood. There.~ And the bird turns and flaps, still clearly not fully recovered, toward the roof of the building.

Kaz grunts, squirms out of her hiding spot, and goes to get a better view of things. Soon enough, she can see Salem and Djehuti and new-Dancer, and steadies the gun, preparatory to taking a shot soon.

There is a satisfied look in the Get Ahroun's eyes as a target not only comes into view, but charges toward her. Sharpened claws flash out as she moves in on the Dancer, ignoring the opportunity for trash talk and instead focusing in on her attack. She fuels her attack with rage, feinting a high strike and following up with one aimed toward the belly. Whatever the small Ahroun lacks in strength is made up for in speed it would seem.

Ferret staggers back as the pistol smacks her in the forehead. the Gnawer's expression is comic-book classic. One can almost see the thought bubble that says 'ow!' over her head. Shaking it off, she barrels forward again, catching up to Emma and throwing herself at the garou attacking the Get. She goes low, muzzle wide and teeth first, aiming for the garou's groin.

Where Heart-of-Fire meets the charging Garou head on, Seeks-Raging-Water takes a moment to see if she can determine any weaknesses in his attack style that she can exploit, then stays on all fours to charge in low as well—where Ferret goes for the groin, she moves to sink her teeth into one calf and claws into the other, hoping to hamstring the foe.

Memory folds her massive wings, as the Crinos-Corax dives back towards the fight. Her second and last rock is released, plummeting towards Salem's attacker. Aimed right for the back of the Dancer's head. Then, she is shrinking back in to raven form and returning to her first target.

Thunder's-Heart seems surprised at the response he gets from the Hawk. ~Whoops.~ is all he says, though he gives the bird another suspicious look before turning towards the din of battle. He heads towards it, fast as he can, his form blurring as he moves to back up Emma.

Forgiver finds himself popping up out of the ground to... nothing! He is up on the ground in a second and since he finds himself looking at the backs of the Spirals attacking his new friends, the Gnawer seems to consider this a good place to attack from. Forgives-The-Greatest-Sin reaches out and concentrates a moment before growling out in rough Spanish through Crinos throat, "Fuego." He goes for the 11 on the Dial of Create Element and tries to burn the face off of the bastard running in for the attack.

Teeth flash and clamp down on the side of Salem's face, however the Walker Philodox finds purchase enough to to get his feet firmly wedged against the Dancer's belly. It's not enough to spill innards, the Fallen twisting and writhing as it works to gain complete control over the Glass Walker, but it does begin to bring out a warm wetness working its way between toes. It's too preoccupied to notice Djehuti coming up from behind or the stone from above, the Strider's claws are able to sink into flesh and marginally pull one Crinos from the other while a stone drops heavily into the Dancer's head, dazing him minutely.

A hand flashes out to catch Emma's by the forearm, the face controlling it pulled into a rictus of maniacal grin. His own fingers curl inward, piercing flesh with claws and using a sudden show of strength to push the Get into Lefty's attack. A claw freed of bodily manipulating others raises to rain sharpness and rend flesh as laughter comes from the Fallen's lips. Laughter turns to scream when its face bursts into flames, searing and adding the smell of cooking meat and burning hair to the mix of sulfur and death. That claw is turned on himself pulling, peeling at smouldering flesh until Alexandra's tear into flesh and push him into the pile of Emma and Lefty.

Forgiver grins something entirely too pleased at the pain of another and heads in speedily to assist more hands on. His shoulders still bleeding from previously recieved wounds, the Gnawer still merrily calls out across the parking lot, ~That one can live! I like how he cooks!~

Memory is, once again, nothing more than a raven. She folds her wings and lands on the Motel roof, all fluffed up in annoyance and putting on a rather aggressive display in the direction of the 'hawk'.

The hawk digs talons into the roof and manages to steady itself, wings half spread. It turns its head from one fight to the other, large, yellow eyes blinking. It clearly can't fail to notice the raven, but for the moment, it seems more focused on other things. Abruptly it focuses on one of the two remaining Dancers, and lets out a piercing hunting cry.

Scar might have half his face torn off (certainly not the first time /that's/ happened) but the way he continues to claw and bite back at the Dancer on him, he might as well be untouched. His good eye widens out into a bright yellow circle of fury as he struggles with the Wyrm-tainted Garou.

The Strider blurs into even more movement, clearly trying his damndest to eviscerate the Dancer from the rear, even if it's quite impossible, anatomically.

Ferret and the Get ahroun tumble to the ground together. There's curing and growling, and the two spend a moment untangling from each other. When they do, they see the Dancer trying to put out a fire on his face. In tandem, the two attack again Emma goes for the throat while the Gnawer tries to rip open the Fallen's belly.

Kaz carefully, carefully aims. She waits for a free moment, between Strider and Walker. And then she shoots.

Thunder's-Heart joins Quiet as he sees the other dancers being taken down by the more warrior types. He disappears into the room to snoop about, digging into packs, looking in drawers, whatever he can. Along with the Shadow Lord Ahroun, he begins to pack up any evidence that the Dancers had been there.

With Ferret and Heart-of-Fire in a heap of claws and fangs with the Dancer, Seeks-Raging-Water contents herself with darting in to bite and slash at the Dancer and then draw back out of the melee, waiting for the best time to dart in again.

A round goes into one shoulder and comes out a spray on the other. The slug itself narrowly misses clipping Djehuti's ear. The Dancer pulls back with a snarl when his shoulder is bitten into, then lunges forward to front another attack on Salem, but it's bite goes fantastically wide and finds only gravel instead. It opens the door for the Glass Walker to get a mouthful of fur and flesh, and most importantly, throat while his opponent is trying mightily to recover his wits. Djehuti's claws continue to tear into flesh and muscle, cutting through tendon until they hook into structural bone.

The back of a hand cracks hard against the side of Alexandra's face, about the only thing the Fallen piled with Lefty and Emma is able to do before a sudden non-ignorable fear grips him hard. The Crinos form shrinks instantly, a grotesque almost lupine form replacing it. It's possible it had been a wolf at some point in its life. Emma's teeth find his throat and hold, but barely, the fox-frenzied quasi-wolf thrashes and dances about in haste to break away and flee even as Lefty's claws tear into its stomach. Rich, hot wetness meets her claws readily and just in time for Winter to come up from behind and capture the beast before it flees.

Scar clenches his jaws tight around the Dancer's throat, biting down /hard/ and holding it until his enemy is dead.

Djehuti, meanwhile, tries his damndest (he's doing that a lot) to try and pry open the rib-cage from the back. Which isn't generally possible. But then, neither is Crinos-strength.

Captain Kaz of the overkill brigade fires another shot at the Dancer Salem and Djehuti are killing, presuming she can get an opening.

Ferret does her best to keep pulling the guts out of the now smaller Dancer. Emma lunges towards the thing's throat, now that Winter's there to make sure it can't get away. Her goal is to rip it out completely.

Memory is still all puffed up and highly agitated, as she waddle-hops closer to the hawk. She follows the other bird's gaze, hissing softly, in response to what she sees. She voices a series of clicks and low rumbles, as she splits her attention between the hawk and the carnage below.

The hawk clacks it's hooked beak at Memory, and shuffles away from her. One of those golden eyes is now fixed on the raven, and it responds in a very non-hawklike series of clicks as well.

Thunder's-Heart finishes gathering up what he can of the Dancers' belongings, hefting the pack and rifle, and he heads out to see that the dancers are, indeed, still alive. But probably not for long. He frowns, tugging out a knife, and he allows Quiet to use it to slide into the Umbra before he follows her.

Memory's head whips to look at Thomas, eyes narrowing, as she hisses at the hawk and half spreads her wings.

Seeks-Raging-Water shakes her head, slightly dazed for a moment as she's struck by the powerful backhand blow. Seeing Winter capture the creature and Emma and Ferret eviscerating it, she turns her attention instead to the one that Scar and the Strider are in close combat with, but it, too would likely be dead before she could get to it. As such, the Cliath Ahroun begins to sweep the area for any evidence, such as the thrown guns, that the Dancers were here, beginning to gather them up to be dealt with appropriately.

The hawk spreads its own wings, beats a warning into the air, and pushes off. The awkwardness from before seems mostly gone; no trace of injuries now. Instead of answering, it glides low over the parking lot and then starts climbing again once it reaches the trees.

Forgiver holds on tightly to the frenzying wolf-thing, biting at it himself a few times, snarling quietly in disgust at it.

Memory doesn't appear to be inclined to let the hawk leave just yet, as she takes off in hot pursuit.

The Dancer held in Salem's jaws froths pink and red and gurgles messily. Clawed hands scrape and scratch at the Glass Walker with no lack of fight despite obviously losing ground. Djehuti's hands pull and a snap sounds at the same time Kaz's rifle offers another report. Blood is everywhere, spraying not just from a near perfect head shot but drizzling onto the older Philodox and all over the ground. The Dancer spasms, kicking, flailing, catching the younger Philodox in the legs with feet as the throes of death take him. A final breath rattles out, bubbling in redness as it sags and slumps to the ground.

The foxing wolf kicks and slaps with paws in every effort to get away, regardless of Winter's hold on him. Lefty finds the Dancer's guts are warm and squishy, wet with life that's slowly being pulled away, but she finds it half a task more with the flailing of paws. It keeps him busy enough for Emma to try again, finding her own mouthful of vital flesh easily. Between the three, it doesn't take long before his fight, too, is spent and Death comes to collect.

Left are two males. The one slumped, throated, broken, and shot younger than the second. Once a well dressed, clean cut man though only Val would recognize him out of the party. The second is older, his breeding unmistakable even in death. Those looking upon him could be staring down at an older version of a cub they left back in the woods, 100 miles away.

Overhead and stretching for obvious miles, a rare sight breaks out. An aurora dances across the heavens, faint this far out, more brilliant as the eye travels in the direction of Saint Claire. Fantastic hues of green and blue and even red seem to hop and twist across the night sky, casting a rainbow of illumination down upon the ground for several minutes before it fades away.

Kaz mutters, "Fuckin' A," as she stares at the aurora. She gawps at it for quite a long time, before shaking her head and calling, "Val! You wanne'd'a talk t'them?"

In the trees now, the hawk drops sharply, wings beating wildly at the air. It lets out an angry screech, chittering madly, and while it's not yet grounded, that's clearly where it's heading.

Long-Path melts into homid, murmuring, "Bring them back with us. Right now, we should leave, before officials come."

Memory quorks angrily, as she draws closer to the other bird. She is chattering away rather madly as well, although the pair of birds are likely a fair distance from the Garou by now.

Seeks-Raging-Water shifts down to glabro as she continues in the site cleanup, though she does pause to look up at the display in the sky, impressed.

Scar shrinks down into glabro form, grimacing as he begins to actually feel the pain of his wounds. The old Walker is awash in blood, his face and hair well-painted with it. Yet that doesn't stop him fishing for his cigarettes, or from lighting one up.

Kaz looks up, looking for Val.

Thunder's-Heart growls, irritated. He throws back his head and lets out a howl for the bird, an anxious one. He doesn't quiet remember how long they have. ~Some of of us should collect the bodies.~ he agrees.

Ferret and Emma, both covered in gore, slowly let up once they realize the foxed Dancer has stopped moving. They get out of the way when the Kaz calls the bird down, both slipping down to glabro as well.

Winter moves off from the corpse as well, shifting up to glabro and nodding assent to the Shadow Lord ragabash.

The hawk lands ungracefully, but it's a far cry from the nasty crash from before. It hops over the ground, wings dragging, then turns and clacks up at the pursuing raven. Its feathers bunch out in obvious threat and aggravation.

"For one thing, we must Gather their souls," Djehuti says. As if there is absolutely no question about it. He starts helping to collect them, then, putting them (for now) inside the RV.

Kaz tilts her head, then nods at nothing much. "Val's got 24 hours. Don't burn them or nothin' til then." She now disappears briefly into the hotel, sneaking past the desk clerk. She eventually emerges, looking mildly smug, and regards the hawk and Val curiously.

Memory dives in to the cover of the trees, after her target. Well, there go the birds, gone from the sky and hidden from the eyes of the wolves. The Raven lands in a tree, a few feet above the downed hawk and chitters away.

Salem rolls his good eye toward the raven the hawk and glowers sourly at the both of them.

Thunder's-Heart nods at Kaz. He moves to help load the bodies up into the RV, tossing a few into the trunk of his own car. ~We'll meet at the rest stop up the road~ he suggests to the Gnawer. ~The raven can find us there when she's finished.~ He shifts down to homid and climbs into the car, the rifle he'd acquired inspected with interest.

Kaz adds something sotto voce to Nik.

Alexandra finishes gathering discarded weapons and the like, throwing them into the back of the RV. That done, she shifts down to homid and climbs into the back seat of the Chevelle. "So what happened to the window, anyway?"

Djehuti also obscures obvious areas where crinos/hispo claws made prints. And buries random blood splotches.

Kaz shakes her head at Nik, and snorts at him, amused.

Nik chuckles at Kaz's murmur, glancing back as the Ahroun climbs into the car. "Quiet and I had a momentary falling out," he says with a shrug, and he starts the vehicle. Speak of the devil, a sullen-looking Quiet enters the passenger side.

Salem extinguishes his cigarette on his way back to the RV; he's limping rather heavily.

Now that Djehuti's slowed down, he's also limping. He continues cleaning, carefully, before they leave.

There is an extremely aggravated screech out in the woods somewhere. Memory is not a happy bird.
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