Red Talon Hook!

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Red Talon Hook!

Postby Runtywolf » Sat Jan 14, 2012 6:41 pm

At this point in his life, Earth-Whisperer has sired several litters of pups, each of which has had at least one Garou. The specifics of each litter has been left nebulous intentionally, so others can app into them if they so wish. The earliest available would be one born in 2005ish, though later is more likely (as a 2-year-old EW is unlikely to have been able to land down a mate so early), so storycraft accordingly.

All of the pups would have been moderate-to-high PB, and raised in the Talon-centric Sept of Frozen Blood until they rited, whereupon they could go wherever they wished. EW himself would have been available to raise the pups himself until 2010ish, when his mother would have taken over as he traveled south to the Hidden Walk.

Obviously, please contact me if you're interested in this hook, and we can hammer out the details. ;)
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