Strider Stuff.

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Strider Stuff.

Postby djehuti » Mon Jan 23, 2012 5:59 am

1. Djehuti's a Strider, and has Been Around. More specifically, in the past five years, he's been in and out at the Wheel of Ptah, as well as the Sept of the Gate (in Ethiopia). Also, he's been up and down California on business. (Frequent stays at Gaia's Bones and Western Eye, among others.) He's also been to Mongolia, and had packs at the Sept of the Green (for about a year, about 10 years ago) and a small Sept near Hadrian's Wall (for about 6 months, 8 years ago). So in other words, if you want to have known him and/or be in a pack with him and/or have a reason to be coming to the Walk, contact me on-game.

2. Djehuti has a brother, Darren, who he would not be pleased to see again. Neither would the Walk. (Dun dun duuun. Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!) For more info on that one, contact my appwiz (Kimpe).

3.Djehuti's a Harbinger, so he gets gitchy feelings, as helped along by his frequent use of Precognition. (Generally he does this via a) casting knuckle bones, b) trancing and water-scrying, or c) meditation and drawing during it. More often b & c.) Obviously, GMs, feel free to abuse this.

4. For people who'd like to bring Kin in, Djehuti has a) his mother (Fury Kin), who's 54 and a teacher, b) his sister, who's Fury Kin and a veterinarian, 37, and c) a brother, who's Walker Kin, 39 and in IT (he's married to a Walker Kin who's a Federal Marshall, if interested folks would rather play law enforcement types.) They're all out of state just now but will be moving soon to be closer to Djehuti (and their mom, who's retiring), so there's reasons for them to come IC. The various flavors of Kin make sense ICly, honest.

5. This is mostly an IC thing, but Djehuti knows all kinds of RItes (quite a number of mediation Rites, and various other ones; not a lot of punishment Rites), and is perfectly happy to teach them. Though he's occasionally and unpredictably traditionalist about some things, like it not being appropriate to teach someone not of his auspice Dedication. In any case, come find him IC and talk to him about them.
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