Turtle's RP Hook Outlet

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Turtle's RP Hook Outlet

Postby Ren » Thu Mar 22, 2012 6:49 pm

1. If you have a lost cub, but you're not sure how to get him/her onscreen, Turtle is and has been a finder of stray Garou cublings. It's practically a hobby.

2. He's no Corax, but he does have a pretty hilariously extensive series of contact networks. Feel free to abuse this.

3. Someone went and annoyed a few powerful Nevada based vampires. Can't imagine who that might be. But a GM interested in such a plot can shoot me a mail.

4. Someone from the Western Eye area might recognize him as Lee Shang, an Uktena kin who tends to drift in and out of the area fairly regularly.

5. For that matter, anyone from the Southwestern area of the US (and possibly beyond) may be one of his many, many contacts (though they almost certainly won't know what he actually is). Again, if you need a hook into the area, feel free to shoot me a mail.

6. Any GM interested in involving a Foil with an, ahem, looong history of aggravating Garou antagonists, feel free to poke me. I may not have what you need, but I'd be glad to help you out. :)
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