January 18, 2012

News of the Sept, as spread ICly by Galliards and others.

January 18, 2012

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Caern Convos for January 2012

Kavi, Bridge Builder, Adren of the Glass Walkers reports:

- Ava, Quid-Pro-Quo, and the Glass Walker kin, Rina, came across what appeared to be a mugging, and together killed several ghouls and a vampire.
- Devon has succeeded in his Rite of Passage. He is now a Cliath with the deed-name Red Hands Wields the Knife.
- The Glass Walkers have a new cub, Flint, a galliard called Takes it All in Stride.
- Chris is back. His chiminage is to teach three things, gifts or rites, to three Sept members. One of them should be a Walker, the other two not.
- Ishmael came back, too. His chiminage is already done.
- Slug has an apartment on the first floor of the tenement.
- Non-Tribe Sept Members who would like to have an apartment at the tenement, or stay for extended periods, should talk to Mouse about appropriate rent.
- Please remember to be circumspect in your arrivals and departures from the tenement. Our best defense of the building is secrecy.
- If there are any elders or kin whose Bridge-Phones have broken or been lost, please see me so that they can be replaced and the original can be terminated.

Javid, Mourns the Living, Cliath of the Silent Striders reports:
- April Shifting Briar the Black Fury dreamed of flying.
- Sera Follows-The-Tradewinds dreamed of flying as an insect in search of a home for her children.
- Tim Golden-Jackal the Silent Strider dreamed a pregnant lady in orange and black crossing a desert, losing all of her people to the journey as she went to a place to raise her children.
- Flint Takes-It-All-In-Stride of the Glass Walkers said he and Kavi dreamt an ark.
- Javid Mourns-The-Living and Tim Golden-Jackal dreamt of a crossroads and a mouse on a hill.
- Owen Wildfire of the Get of Fenris and Jamethon Reflection's Howl, also of the Get of Fenris, are trying to form a pack to help find the cause of the brambles around the bawn and resolve the situation.
- Cheese-Doodle of the Glass Walkers is looking for homids to help kill stuff.
- Melodie Rodriguez, Shrouded Arrow the Black Fury hopes that the new totem, Grandmother Tree, of her pack, Heartwood, will give them insight on the bramble problem.
- Devon Red-Hands of the Glass Walkers Found out that the plants aren't randomly growing. He says their roots are all entwined and all the same plant, and that it forms a ring around the Caern.
- Djehuti Wisdom' Long and Twisting Path who's first Sept was Grey-Sky in Seattle, and recently come from the Sept of the Western Eye, was checked for the Wyrm and cleared by Morgan Carries-Fire of the Fianna.
- Javid made a satire disparaging cubs, and others, who tried to scoff at their fellow Garou and act haughty, as well as a poem retelling the death of the pack April Shining Briar, the Black Fury, was in before coming to the Hidden Walk.

General Knowledge:
(As reported by Djehuti, Earth-Whisperer, Kevin, Jacinta, Mouse, Nik, Owen, Rori, Salem, Touch Deer, and Jacinta, Zosia, others)


AlphaLittle Silvertip Mauls the Horned Serpent, Athro Ahroun of the Uktena
WarderJacinta, We Come to Understanding in the Wake of the Tempest, Adren Ahroun of the Wendigo
GatekeeperNorman, Oath-Ring, Adren Theurge of the Get of Fenris
Master of the RiteMouse, First Strike, Adren Theurge of the Glass Walkers
Master of the ChallengeOwen, Wildfire, Adren Ahroun of the Get of Fenris
GroundskeeperJamethon, Reflection’s Howl, Adren Theurge of the Get of Fenris

- Norman performed the Rite of the Winter Winds on the Winter Solstice. Participants were Tempest's Wake, Madder-than-a-Bag-of-Cut-Snakes, First-Strike, Wildfire, Bridge Builder, Speech-and-Silence, Life-On-The-Line, Shrouded Arrow, Black Light, Shifting-Briar, the cub Devon, and the kin Rina and Quin. Reflection's Howl and the kin Brad Killdeer were present for the conclusion. The rite appears to have been successful, however it appears to have had some odd repercussions.
- During the rite, the participants were attacked by a swarm of overly large wasps.
- Each step that the participants took was accompanied by a growth of some pretty impressive brambles. Those brambles now make the bawn almost impassible, and appear to be fruiting and flowering, oddly, and producing hallucinogenic spores.
- Nearly all members of the sept, and apparently far beyond, found themselves suddenly one rank higher.

- Many people are having dreams that seem to be related to the bramble growth. Some have developed scars. Jacinta has asked that the dreamers come to see her, or to tell someone the tales of their dreams and have those brought to her. Kevin appears also to be attempting to collect the stories of the dreams, and is offering bribes of food and coffee.



- Jacey and Kevin scouted the realm side of the hole in the ground in the foothills (where the weird spiders are, and the metallic fomori appear to be originating), discovering that it was an ancient mine. They returned with some goop and a partially fossilized finger.
- Elliot, Mouse, April, and Slug scouted the umbral side of the mine problem. April summoned a rock spirit to help answer some questions.
- The brambly growth seems to extend a bit beyond the bawn, affecting, to a lesser extent, the scarred forest to the north and the forest north of Kent Crossing, to the west.




- There may have been a Get of Fenris tribal moot, but no one outside of the Get is privy to what may have occurred.
- Earth Whisperer plans to sire pups this season, in order to strengthen tribal blood in the area.

TribeCommon NameDeed NameAuspiceRank
Black FuriesKathryn-LauraRaging PhoenixAhrounAdren
Bone GnawersCamilleJudge DreddPhilodoxAdren
Children of GaiaStaceyPeacemakerAhrounAdren
FiannaElliotDeed NameRagabashAthro
Get of FenrisVivBag-of-SnakesAhrounAdren
Glass WalkersMouseFirst StrikeTheurgeAdren
Red TalonsEarth-WhispererEarth-WhispererRagabashFostern
Shadow LordsNikThunder’s HeartRagabashFostern
Silent StridersTwo StripesStorm-WordsGalliardFostern
Silver FangsZosiaFalcon’s GraceTheurgeAdren
UktenaCiuraqLittle SilvertipAhrounAthro
WendigoJacintaTempest’s WakeAhrounAdren


- The Crew has officially disbanded. Nine Lives, the former pack totem, continues to hang around in the pack’s old territory in the southwestern slums. Salem can be found there from time to time, as well.
- Jamethon and Owen have been talking about attempting to put together a pack to help out with the current situation.
- Heartwood has formed under Grandmother Tree. Jacinta is alpha, and with Morgan, Melodie, and April, the pack intends to protect the bawn.
- Mouse has officially joined Fidelity.
- Slug, Ishmael, and Riley are looking to form a pack, perhaps under Cockroach.

Departures & Arrivals:

- Nik, Thunder’s Heart, Fostern Ragabash of the Shadow Lords, has returned to the Hidden Walk from spending time with his late brother's daughter. His garage has reopened.
- Touch Deer, who had left in search of Jacinta, has returned.
- Jane, a Get of Fenris kin has arrived.
- Iakovos, a Black Fury kin has returns.
- Djehuti, Wisdom’s Long and Twisting Path, Philodox of the Silent Striders, has arrived.
- Rori, Cliath ahroun of the Fianna, has arrived.
- Earth Whisperer, Fostern ragabash of the Red Talons, has returned from the Sept of Frozen Blood.
- Ishmael, Fostern theurge of the Glass Walkers, has returned.


- April taught Jacinta the rite Calling the Guide.
- Mouse taught a tribal gift to Salem.
- Jacinta taught a tribal gift to Touch Deer.


- Jacinta previously challenged Silvertip. Terms were given earlier in the month. It appears to have something to do with a monster or a bane somewhere in the north of the state.





- Javid, Devon, and Thea have all succeeded on their Rites of Passage and are cliath.
- The Glass Walkers have a new galliard cub named Flint, Takes it All in Stride. Kavi is his primary teacher.

- Ishmael is open to taking art/crafting/tech requests within reason.
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Re: January 18, 2012

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Zosia's new rite name, btw, is Seeker of Falcon's Shining Heart or Falcon's Heart. :) New change, along with a number of other people's.
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