The Old Library

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The Old Library

Postby InleRah » Thu Feb 02, 2012 2:41 pm

So, I got to thinking that a new Gnawer hangout would be a good idea. And so I built one.

I miss the old church, and the old Rialto. We've also had the Zoo and the Odeon. All of them are gone now, except the Odeon. Jihg's vision for the Odeon, though, was hard core old skool Gnawer--no working plumbing, no amenities, very dark, etc etc. And that's cool, but my Gnawer likes to bathe. :) And to have a working toilet. It may not be hard core, but I think it's reasonable. Gnawers don't go without because it's against some creed, they go without because they're not born to privilege and they have no choice. But that makes them resilient and inventive. So, when opportunity presents, they take advantage. Which means they become good at stealing cable from the neighbors, or fixing old plumbing, or whatever needs doing in order to have some of those amenities others take for granted. So they don't do without, they make do...with ingenuity.

And that brings me to my new mush construction project. Out of respect for Jihg, and what the Odeon was meant to be, I didn't just take his building and renovated it ICly and redesc it OOCly. I want it to remain there as is, and remain a place for Gnawers to retreat to if needs be. So, I set out instead to think of a new place, and then realize it. There were two main ideas that I settled on. One was a junkyard (because, wow, that could be useful) with maybe a working pawn shop attached to it or something. The other idea was an old library. The city already has a beautiful library (called the Athena, uptown near the waterfront). My idea was for the library that the city had before the Athena was built. I started with an old building, from 1902. I built a history around it that took it up to the 70's or '80's when the Athena was built. Since then, my old library's been empty, so it's fairly run down, and yet the sturdy construction means it's still in workable shape. There is a small plot around whether the library should be condemned and torn down, or whether it should be preserved, renovated, and added to the city's growing historical landmarks.

Enter Lefty, who came across the boarded up building last week and sort of "moved in". It's in (or adjacent to) her pack's territory, which makes it ideal (at least for her). The exact location is Regan Avenue, Downtown (#2358), near the pool hall and directly across the street from the old cathedral that now serves as the night club The Temple. Over the last week or more, Lefty has been "acquiring" old couches and furniture. She even found an ancient Frigidaire and hooked it up. She's been working on the wiring and the plumbing. She's recruited some of her packmates to help, and the place seems to be coming together. It's a huge building with two upper floors with rooms that can be turned into individual bedrooms/crash space for those that need it. There's also a basement that would serve nicely as a cub holding pen.

Camille's post about a Super Bowl party got me thinking, and so I wanted to use that excuse (and this Sunday as a date) to introduce the rest of the tribe to the new place. If you want an IC scene to get the invitation, just poke me. But if we don't cross paths between now and then, consider yourself invited anyway. And if you can RP on Sunday, I'll be around to hang out and eat chips and watch the game on her stolen TV that Mouse and the Walkers were kind enough to help hook up for her (right guys? ;))

If you want to check the place out and don't feel like walking around looking for Regan Avenue, you can @tel directly using the dbref number 868.

It is intended as a Gnawer place, and as such (because it may be in Fidelity territory), Lefty will go out of her way to make sure it is known that all Gnawers are welcome and have permission to be there and stay there. Other garou are welcome unless they cause trouble, in which case that will be dealt with on an individual basis of course.
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Re: The Old Library

Postby Shell » Thu Feb 02, 2012 3:22 pm

Very cool! This almost makes me want to app a Gnawer (save for the fact that there aren't enough hours in the day for me to devote proper attention to too many lives)!
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Re: The Old Library

Postby Hazmat » Thu Feb 02, 2012 6:20 pm

Count Salem in for whatever other renovations or fix-me-ups Lefty might want for the new hangout. He's actually quite good at that kind of thing after all the time he spent on the Tenement. :)
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Re: The Old Library

Postby Ivy » Sat Feb 04, 2012 6:03 am

Awesome! :D
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Re: The Old Library

Postby SilverGnawer » Sun Feb 05, 2012 7:13 pm

Hey, Rite of the Super Bowl, man!

Yeah, Camille will be there as I'm able. :D And this is a great idea, very tribally appropriate and the Odeon can stay as a safehouse sort of place. Camille usually stays either with her family or sometimes at the warehouse she inherited from Yi (quite by accident) so that'll give the Tribe a few varied places in the city to hang out/use as retreats/safehouses/etc which is good.
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