Terminus Group hiring.

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Terminus Group hiring.

Postby Runtywolf » Sat Apr 28, 2012 7:00 am

Also reposting this here...

Most of the details for the company can be found on the wikia site:


Naturally, Glass Walkers are welcome to visit, provided they don't interrupt normal business. Ishmael would happily provide all Walkers with the code necessary to use the service elevator to get to the (veil-safe) third floor. This password will be changed often, so don't lose those email updates! This is just an IC precaution in case someone should get captured, etc.

The full amenities of the Terminus Group building, however, will be available only to employees (as they will need proper clearance and so forth). Any Walker who wants to be an employee can; Ishmael and Holland will find a place for you. This is just to prevent random new bloke X from trolling on up and yanking whatever or causing a ruckus without being vetted through other means first. (The one exception to this rule will be the Walker Don, who will always be granted full access.)

The 3rd floor is, for all intents and purposes, Walker territory, but being as this is a private company, the rules of territory are somewhat more lax insomuch that kin/Garou who are company employees will be allowed access to the company facilities as their clearance allows, regardless of tribal affiliation (unless the Don declares someone an enemy of the tribe or something). Non-Walker Garou/kin who sign up with the company must agree that they realize and respect that this is the case, and so act appropriately.

I think that's everything. So if you're interested in joining in on this RP, hop on over, or chat at Ishmael or Holland to get hired.

Quick edit: Next to the Walkers, the Fangs do get some preferential treatment, as was part of the company negotiations. See the wiki page for more infoz.
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