Great Hunt!

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Great Hunt!

Postby Sky » Wed Jun 20, 2012 4:27 am

Come One! Come All! The Great Hunt is scheduled for noon MUSHtime on Friday the 22nd.

ICly, this rite is set for the eve of the solstice. (See +info/rite THE GREAT HUNT for details.)

If you want to participate, but might be late, please @mail Sky with which character(s) you intend to bring, and what time you think you'll be able to make it.

If no one online and present knows the rite, we'll handwave the ritual itself.

Death is a real possibility. The Great Hunt is typically one of the more dangerous activities. If you're looking to lose a character, or are interested in a character being scarred, let me know and I'll work that in. I don't /intend/ to kill anyone, however, any character who participates faces risks.
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