PI complications

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PI complications

Postby Flint » Thu Jun 27, 2013 10:01 pm

Characters: Val, Nicodemus, Thomas, Jeremiah, Naomi
Where: Harbor Park: The Meadow

The ex-husband of one of Val's PI clients finds her in the park.

It is currently 11:51 am Pacific Time on Thu Jun 27 2013.
Currently the moon is in the waning Gibbous (Galliard) Moon phase (73% full).

Nicodemus is parked in one of his favored spots: perched atop the back of one of the park benches near the fountain. Although he's mostly reading and poking at his black Kindle Fire device, he does, sporadically, look up from it to eyeball the park. Anyone watching long enough might potentially wonder if he's waiting for someone—or perhaps keeping tabs on what's going on in the park. Maybe he's a cop? Other than that, he looks and acts pretty darn normal.

Mid-day finds Jeremiah in one of his usual spots in the park as well, underneath a tree some distance from the rest of the homeless population, some distance from the fountain, but where the Gnawer can keep his own watch on things. Though it's hard to say whether he's watching, reading, or simply zoned out. Most of the population of the park seems to avoid him, some even going so far as to choose a different path to avoid the ahroun.

Val makes her way in to the park and after a quick look around, makes a bee-line for Nicodemus. Her expression is somewhat on the perturbed side, but she still manages a smile as she greets the Mage. "Hey!"

Speaking of the homeless population, there's a man that's been among them for some time. He hasn't seemed remotely of any interest before—just another one of the downtrodden—but as he gradually separates from the group, patting another man's shoulder and chatting amiably with him, he somehow seems much more distinct. After all, while Thomas looks rather scruffy, he's wearing clothes that are fairly clean, apart from some dirt on his jeans and boots, and he's favoring that usual duster and battered hat combination. Strange that he just didn't seem worth noticing before.

Nicodemus nods a reply to Val as she arrives nearish the fountain area. "Hey, what's up? Think I could bug you to do some cat sitting this coming week?" He notices Thomas's approach and offers a nod his way—pointedly so that Val also notices that someone's coming.

Val shrugs and crams her hands in to her pockets, lips twisting up in to a rather sour expression. "Sure, I can do that. Where you heading off too?" Val asks the Mage. "Also have a new email to add to our ignore list. Had someone emailing and wanting to hire me for a PI case, but they wanted to meet in person. Just outside the park, actually. No-Show. Annoying." Looking over at Thomas, the small woman inclines her head in his direction. "Afternoon Thomas."

Jeremiah turns, attention flicking to Thomas for a moment, and offers the man a brief nod as he passes, mixed with the usual unintentional glare full of Rage. His attention also goes to Val, who doesn't get nearly as much outright hostility, although the Gnawer doesn't say anything, either.

In from the west side of the park is a once almost familiar face that has been MIA for months now. The woman dressed in formal blues, is bee-lining toward the sausage vendor.

If Thomas notices Jeremiah's glare, he shows no sign of it. He returns Nick's nod, but that bee-lining woman seems to catch his attention more thoroughly. He shifts his course toward her, a grin prickly around his lips as he goes. One hand pulls out his cigarette tin with an almost idle gesture.

"Seattle," Nick replies, then waves a hand dismissively. "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I know. Shouldn't be more than a week." He grimaces at the email hoax. "Pain in the ass, those no-shows."

Striding in to the park from the same entrance that Val used, walking right past the sausage vendor and heading straight for the fountain. The man is somewhere in his mid-forties, with a bit of a pot-belly and his face is an absolutely startling shade of purple. Someone certainly woke up on the wrong side of the bed. The man is wearing a full business suit, which must be more than a little warm, what with summer having arrived.

Val nods and runs a hand through her hair. "Oh well, life could be worse. Having a small roost built on top of Snakes and Lattes to give the kids some shelter and I'm starting on starting to move out of my place. Taking my time about it, in part because the apartment needs some repair work. Should be done by the end of July. And Nick, you let me know if you need my help with anything. Okay? That place is crawling with nasties."

Jeremiah turns slightly under the tree, a hand lifted in greeting towards Naomi, and also his attention remaining on Thomas for the moment. Still, the Gnawer doesn't move from his spot, and most people in the park simply avoid him.

"So I've heard," Nick says to Val. He then motions with a subtle gesture of his chin that someone's coming from behind Val. "I'll give you a call if there's a need. Hell, I'll give a couple others a call if there's a need. But I think this is more personal than a group thing." He could be more vague, but it'd probably take more effort and begin to be incomprehensible.

The woman exchanges money, smiles and a laugh with the vendor and turns to walk away with her procured sandwich. It's then she notices some of the people in the park, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth for most, but a curious tilt of head aimed at the man with the potbelly.

Thomas fishes out one of his handrolled cigarettes, and waves at Naomi with it. "Cuanto tiempo! You've been hiding, I think. Still with the sausage addiction?" He tucks the tin away, and lights up with a whiskery grin. It's only Naomi's head tilt that has him glancing back over at the purple faced man.

"Valerie Konstin-ipolus?" The angry man bellows as he gets nearly two thirds of the way to the fountain, completely mangling Val's last name in the process. His expression turns to one of vicious delight when Val turns around to look in his direction. "Ha! I found you, you bitch!" The small bird-woman just looks befuddled by the verbal onslaught, then there is dawning comprehension on her face, followed by an expression of careful neutrality. "Think I know who that missed appointment was now," she asides quickly and quietly to Nicodemus. "Mr. Terran, yes?"

"Don't you Mr. Terran me!" The man all but explodes. "You ruined my fucking marriage!" Guess someone found out what PI their now ex-wife used…

This gets Jeremiah's attention, and for someone who didn't seem so interested in moving before, he gets up, leaving jacket and book and most of his belongings under the tree to go over, at a stride that's nothing but purposeful and quick, to the fountain. Wordlessly, the Gnawer comes up behind the man, a hand set onto the guy's shoulder to pull him back from Val several feet. And then the ahroun places himself between Val and the man, somewhat, chewing his lower lip and directing that glower onto Mr. Terran.

Naomi turns to spot Thomas' grin and offer and heads in his direction. It's only the sudden outburst from the man that really draws her back into the other goings on. As she reaches Thomas, she tilts her head even more at the scene unfolding, and mostly under her breath, mutters something to him.

"Got it on video if we need it," Nick mutters to Val as he slides off the park bench, takes a half dozen steps away, and aims his smartphone at the potbellied guy—making sure he sees he—and his actions—are being recorded.

Thomas seems interested in the scene, but not terribly concerned, up until Naomi's mutter. His grin fades entirely as he murmurs something in return, and then he crosses over toward the growing altercation with very quick strides. "Excuse me," he says, in a voice somewhat lacking his usual accent. "Agent Lee, of the SSCBB. Is there a problem here?"

Needless to say, a quiet day in the park has turned in to something of a show, as most of the people in the general vicinity turn to watch the unfolding drama. It's even better than watching reality TV! Val doesn't seem all that concerned with the situation, until Jeremiah gets involved, at which point she goes rather pale. Mr. Terran directs his anger at Jeremiah when the Gnawer gets between him and Val, only to have his anger melt like a glacier dropped in to a volcano. Now, he just looks uncertain and when Thomas approaches him, he gets downright jumpy and scared looking.

Nicodemus casually asides to an onlooker standing nearish him, voice pitched loud enough so that Mr. Terran can hear it if he's paying attention still, "I think they're about to arrest that guy." The way he says it? It sounds really probable.

The Gnawer keeps the glare up for a moment, but anyone with any knowledge whatsoever would be able to see the iron grip that Jeremiah has on that Rage, and then with a deep breath, steps back. Mostly, if anything, he seems a little bit protective of Val, remaining somewhat in between her and the angry ex-husband. Thomas gets a swift shake of his head, 'no', and Jeremiah still doesn't speak, tucking his thumbs into his belt loops.

Thomas produces his wallet and flashes its contents toward the small gathering for the barest of seconds, before tucking it away. "Is there are problem here?" he repeats, looking sternly between Val, Jeremiah, and then the purple-faced man. "Sir?"

Naomi stays put where she's met up with Thomas, but her eyes are on the scene unfolding. Today, she's in dress uniform, which means she's carrying nothing. Judging by the twitchy hand that isn't holding a sausage sandwich, she doesn't seem pleased with being unarmed.

The man gapes and sputters, as he now looks frantically between the terrifying homeless man, the slightly less creepy guy who claims to be a cop, and the petite woman that is his target—and just out of reach. Suddenly, the man's jaw sets, pale face going red once again. "Only cops in Texas wear hats like that," he decrees to the world at large, before attempting to shove Jeremiah out of the way. "Get out of here! This is none of your god damned fucking business," he screams at the Gnawer. The man is sweating buckets now and is clearly terrified. Only anger, willpower, and stubborn pride is keeping him within range of so much /Rage/. Val takes a careful step back, lips pressed together in a thin line.

"Sir," Thomas says firmly and more forcefully, while attempting to neatly and very quickly slide right between Gnawer and enraged ex-husband. "Didn't say I was a beat cop. I said I was Agent Lee of the SSCBB." He reaches an equally firm hand toward the man's shoulder. "Gonna have to ask you to calm down, sir. You're causing a scene."

"No sir," Jeremiah manages to say to Thomas at the first question of the problem, voice distinctly ruined and Jackaled, a squeak that doesn't match the rest of his demeanor. Shoving Jeremiah doesn't work, and if anything there's a moment, a distinct moment where Jeremiah's lips pull thin and there's a step forward, and that grip of iron willpower is the thing that keeps him from losing it, but there's nothing to hide the fact that he looks like he'd happily like to tear off Mr. Terran's head. His lips pull back from his teeth, and he just stands there, stone-still and for the moment in control.

Nicodemus, with his left hand holding the smartphone so it's recording, makes a subtle, two-fingered horizontal movement with his right hand. Other than that, he stays his distance from the scene, mingling on the edge of the growing crowd of gawkers.

Naomi, for her part, seems to be watching Jeremiah as keenly as the others are watching the pot bellied man. Her eyes take in the possible exits, as well as drift to nearby buildings and streetlights to gauge for something.

Something about Jeremiah and Thomas just scares the ever-living piss out of AngryMan. He starts to back away from the two Rage-filled shifters and gives his head a bit of a shake, as if trying to clear it. "Fine. I'm going home," he declares. Defeated and covered in terror sweat, Mr. Terran attempts to leave the park. Only pausing long enough to glare angrily (or at least make the attempt to) at Val, on his way out of the area.

Thomas gives the man a firm nod. "I'm thinking that's a good idea, sir. Ain't nothing here worth causing more trouble about. Now, you." He half turns toward Jeremiah, and gives him a narrow look. "You go and calm down as well."

Naomi is watching the entire group with a deep scrutiny. She stays where she's at, and only an occasional flicker of a glance is given the angry man on his departure. The sausage is not yet even nibbled at, which given Naomi's reputation, certainly says something.

Jeremiah looks at Thomas for a moment and simply nods. The ahroun's already got himself under control, much further from potentially blowing a gasket now that Mr. Terran's leaving, if not precisely calm, and his breathing settles. "I'm fine, sir," Jer mutters, squeakily but now very quietly. "Jus' didn't want asshole there botherin' Val. She's been good t' me." Without any actual argument, Jeremiah turns to look at Val a moment, and then to return to his spot under the tree to get his jacket.

Nicodemus watches as the man departs, ensuring he's really and truly leaving, and then redirects his attention towards Thomas and Jeremiah with a somewhat hesitant, somewhat quizzical expression. He then turns to the crowd, pockets his smartphone, and claps his black-gloved hands together to get their attention. "Show's over, folks. Go back to what you were doing. Nothing to see here." He sounds remarkably like a cop. Probably because he used to be one. "Nothing to see here."

Thomas visibly relaxes, and all the 'official-ness' he was attempting to radiate simply vanishes. He turns a sideways grin toward Naomi, complete with still burning cigarette, though it fades a little at her obvious scrutiny. "Mm?"

Val releases the breath that she'd been holding, when it's clear that the Mr. Terran isn't going to be coming back. She acknowledges Jeremiah with a faint nod of her head and someone weak smile. "Well, that was fun," she says sarcastically and drops in to the nearest convenient seat, as some of the colour returning to her face. The crowd of gawkers quickly starts to disperse.

Naomi is caught watching the group and at Thomas' grin, she offers her own. "I'd clap but I got a hand full of delicious meat. Think he's gone for good?" she asks with hurried attempt to return to casual, newly returned to St. Clair attitude.

"Ain't sure," Thomas replies, with an easy roll of his shoulders. "Might do to file a complaint, so there's a record." This, he directs at Val.

Jeremiah picks up his jacket, shrugging it on, and digs through his pockets in a slightly hectic manner that only seems to come up with disappointment, because the Gnawer finds a lighter, and somewhere to put his book away, but no cigarettes. Distinctly calmer now but still radiating that Rage, the ahroun makes his way back to the group, much more slowly, a stroll now, and looks to Thomas. "Could I get a smoke, sir?" the question comes, the words still squeaky.

"Nick has the whole thing recorded if it comes to that," Val tells Thomas, running a hand through her hair and looking far more relaxed now.

The crowd seems to realize the show is over and they start to shuffle off, a few talking amongst themselves about the sudden but brief spectacle. Soon the fountain area is deserted, save for the gathered newcomers, once again. Nick nods to Thomas and Naomi in passing, shoots another look at Jeremiah, then asides to Val, "I'm going to tail the guy. Make sure he's not off to get a handgun or something stupid. I'll give you a call if there's cause for concern, but I'm pretty sure he's gone off to rethink his life choices. Take care, okay?"

"He's already got one Nick. Saw it bulging from his pocket. Small, but small still hurts." That's Naomi's offer to Nick as he makes way to tail the other. "Careful."

Thomas nods at Nick. "Yeah, that's why I got real up close and personal like. She told me he was packing heat." He regards Jeremiah critically for a moment, before he says, "Don't think it'd help your throat any."

"Alright Nick," Val says, offering the Kinsman a smile, but not moving from her seat. "Thanks." Thomas' comment causes the small woman to blink, then her lips screw up as if she just bit in to a lemon.

"Missed it. Thanks for the head's up," Nick says as he picks up the pace so as to not lose sight of the departing man.

Naomi looks back then to Val and Thomas, and somewhat to Jeremiah as well. "Well, that was more excitement than I thought I'd see just on account of getting back into town. Things been that lively the whole time?"

Jeremiah looks at Thomas for a long moment, studying in return, and chews on his lower lip. "You said I's should calm down. It'll help," is the Gnawer's response, and there's a hand up to rub at his throat, though the gesture looks a little too deliberate. To Naomi, the young man just shakes his head and shrugs his shoulders.

"Help more'f you stop talking," Thomas suggests. He shakes his head at Naomi. "Nah, been relatively quiet. Think we're gonna have to blame the new excitement on you."

"Yea, been mostly quiet," Val says, as she pushes out of her seat. "THink I'm going to head home for a little bit. "Good to see you back in town Naomi."

Naomi nods to Val, "Yeah, was gonna give ya a call or stop by. Maybe give me a call later?" She looks back toward Thomas and tilts her head, "I get blamed for enough things as is, thank you."

Val wrinkles up her nose, as she briefly pauses in her exit from the park. "Place is kinda a mess right now. But yea, I'll give you a call later. T'care Naomi," Val says, then off she goes.

Jeremiah makes a face that suggests mildly grumpy but without that same force of directed anger behind it, and silently, goes to search through his pockets again, coming up once again empty handed. There's a half-nod to all present, and the Gnawer turns to leave, trying to figure out which direction he want to go in.

Thomas gives Jeremiah a brief, narrow look in response, before turning a faint grin toward Naomi. "Duly noted. Well, crisis averted, lunch obtained. Where've you been off to the past little while?"

Naomi watches as everyone disperses, then turns back to Thomas. "Work. Heh, actually get to say Duty Called in my line of work. Was back overseas for a bit. God it felt good." She grins a little, "Now, a return to the grind. I really need to consider where I go from here though."

Jeremiah looks at Thomas for not even half of that brief look, but it isn't long before the Gnawer just averts his eyes, head tipped to one side and shoulders falling for a moment. Naomi gets a hand lifted in parting wave, and then Jeremiah moves off towards the street and the nearest corner store.

Thomas seems to have reverted entirely to his casual demeanor now, as he turns his attention fully back to Naomi. "What're your options?" he asks.

"Thought about being a CIA agent, but I am a terrible liar." She grins at this, eyes drifting with Jeremiah's subtle posture exchange and departure. Once he's out of earshot, she shakes her head, "Kid is still living here homeless?"

Thomas shrugs and shakes his head. "He ain't the only one. Means well, but he don't seem to get along with a lot of people." His head tips a little. "CIA. Ain't just everyone who can casually mention that as an option."
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