About GarouMUSH

As said on the main page, GarouMUSH is a cooperative storytelling MUSH themed around White Wolf's line of World of Darkness Storyteller games. It focuses primarily on the garou--the werewolves. So, the primary influence comes from Werewolf: The Apocalypse. GarouMUSH's been around for quite a while, now. It came online in 1993, thus making it one of the oldest World of Darkness MUSHes in existence.

One result of having lasted so long is that White Wolf has moved on (many times) since GarouMUSH started. There have been several editions and revision of the various games White Wolf produced within the World of Darkness. Currently, White Wolf's version of the Werewolf universe is called Werewolf: the Forsaken. We do not use this version on GarouMUSH; our universe remains rooted in earlier versions of the game, thus keeping our game continuity intact. However, if you found Forsaken to be an interesting role playing game, you might enjoy GarouMUSH, which explores the roots of the current iteration of White Wolf's Werewolf legacy.

GarouMUSH is, above all, a story-oriented game. Our players place their focus on character development, rather than on stats, rules, or 'leveling'. We emphasize drama, not dice. In our game, inter-character dynamics are more important than numbers on a character's sheet. Lastly, but most importantly, we relish skilled writing above all.

As a result of this emphasis, we ask that anyone wanting to join our game submit a detailed and fairly complete background and personality concept for the character they would like to play. We ask that this application (as well as the actual role-play on the MUSH) be legible and adhere to the rules of English grammar, spelling, and punctuation. This is not standard to online role-playing venues, but the players of GarouMUSH have come to expect quality role-play and an on-line world that reads much like a storybook, not the random scribbling of players who will not take time to generate legible in-character poses. The application is therefore both a help to the player, to let them get a solid character concept in their minds before jumping in to playing, and to the registration wizard, who will assess the player's abilities to write and construct a small-scale story.

For more information on the application process, please see our Application Guide.

The literature that has been used to craft this game-world (the Werewolf: The Apocalypse line of products from the White Wolf Game Studio, as well as other game lines in the Storyteller series) is extensive, and the background is accordingly rich and detailed. This shouldn't be perceived as daunting; while we recommend the Werewolf line to die-hard GarouMUSH players on their own merits, the books are not required to play here. Our on-line news files include all of the information new players will need to know about the World of Darkness.

More specifically, in order to preserve game consistency as well as adapt a tabletop system to on online text-based medium, GarouMUSH's rules are based on a hybridization of aspects from the 1st and 2nd edition core books, with some Gifts, Rites, and other aspects brought in from Revised. We integrate some information from the 100 or so other Garou sourcebooks and supplementary texts, but not all. What is and isn't utilized can be found out on the website, on-game, in character, or by asking another player or wizard.

The medium we use to play our game is called a MUSH. For more information about MUSH, see our page called What is a MUSH?

To see other useful resources for our game, visit our Miscellaneous Resources.

We look forward to seeing you on game!