Miscellaneous Resources

Below, we've collected a few miscellaneous resources that we thought our players might find useful. We hope to continually add to this page, so check back often.

Aspen's Dice Roller

A dice roller Aspen designed for use on GarouMUSH.

Official Forums

An online forum system for GarouMUSH.

Rank 1 Gifts

We've reprinted the rank one gifts that we use on GarouMUSH as a reference aid.

Firearm Guide

A firearm guide designed to help players with the difficulty of using weapons on our game.

Hidden Walk Glyph

A glyph designed specifically for GarouMUSH's Caern of the Hidden Walk. It combines the standard garou glyphs for hidden and caern with two long jagged lines that are supposed to represent the chasm created when the latest incarnation of the mush's caern was born. A version of the glyph that can be used as a subtle backdrop for webpages can be downloaded here.