How to apply for a character on GarouMUSH

How do I get a character?
How hard is it to get a character?
How do I start?
What kinds of characters (races) are being accepted?
What goes in an application?
What happens after I e-mail my application?
What will my reg-wiz do with it?
I got accepted! Now what?

How do I get a character?

Write an application and send it to

There is, of course, a bit more to it, which we will now talk about.

How hard is it to get a character?

It's really not very hard if you can do the following things:

  • Write English with basic proficiently.
  • Come up with a believable and well-developed character.
  • Read the Guide for writing a character page for more worldview context.
  • Submit the application to
  • Work with a wizard to tweak the character to conform to GarouMUSH's worldview.

The application process is somewhat more lengthy than on other MUSHes, but we consider the distillation of character to be vital to the process. And it makes it more fun, in the long run.

How do I start?

There are a few options. Read the webpage. Read the Wiki. Or just log on, say hi, talk to people, check +census (to see what kinds of character concepts we have already), and check to see if the character name you want is taken already. (+finger .)

After that, you can start brainstorming.

What kinds of characters (races) are being accepted?

New players can apply for the following characters:

  • Humans
  • Kinfolk
  • Homid Garou of Rank 0 (cubs or pre-change cubs)
  • Homid Garou of Rank 1 (Garou who have completed their Rite of Passage; the footsoldiers, rather than the generals.)

In order to obtain the most RP, new players should probably try to obtain a cub or a cliath.

Cubs are trained on-game, but some of the IC restrictions may be frustrating, out of character; among other things, cubs don’t tend to be promoted to cliath for 4-5 months after coming on-game, and can be limited in the areas they’re allowed to go. (For their own protection.)

Cliaths are expected to know the general worldview; but the major advantage is that the player can jump into the game feet first.

Humans and kin can be difficult to obtain RP with, as they are not permitted into certain areas where Garou tend to congregate.

Other character races (vampires, bastet, mages, spirits) or unusual characters (kinfolk or humans with special powers for instance) are available only to existing, experienced GarouMUSH players.

What goes in an application?

In a nutshell, we're looking for a well-developed character concept that includes history, motivations, strengths, weaknesses, ethics and morality, and so on. Also, of course, the character's tribe, breed, auspice, and rank if it's a garou.

Please include a short application "header."

This short non-narrative summary should begin each application, just to let the wizard know immediately what kind of character you are seeking to play. Often times from the narrative, it is difficult or never clear, what vital characteristics (such as breed, or tribe, or rank) the candidate character possesses.

The form of this header should look something like this:

Name: Bob MacKenzie, ~Pees-On-Trees~
Race: Garou
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Ragabash
Tribe: Bone Gnawers
Rank: Cliath (1)
Age: 19

The rest of Bob's application would follow this summary, but within the first ten seconds the wizard sees your application, he can form an idea of what he can expect to read.

For more information, see the character guide, for both details on application hints, and for more worldview context.

What happens after I e-mail my application?

You'll receive an automated e-mail, stating that your application was received and who your -reg wizard is. (If you don't receive it within a few minutes, you might want to ask a wizard about it.)

You should get a response from your -reg wizard within 7 days. If you do not get a response, you may e-mail your -reg wizard to ask about your application's status. It's generally a good idea to include both the "application received" e-mail as well as the application you sent in case the application was accidentally lost or deleted.

If you still get no response from your -reg wizard within the next few days, you may opt to send your -reg wizard an e-mail stating that you are resending your application to the rotator and to disregard the application sent earlier. (Wizards are generally very good about responding to applications in a timely fashion, but every now and then one drops through the cracks, a computer bites the dust, or someone goes on vacation or otherwise gets consumed by real life.)

What happens after I email my applicatin?

Once we receive your application, one of the wizards will go over it; you will receive one of three responses:

* 1) Your application will be turned down outright.

Generally, this is because the concept you've submitted simply will not fit into the framework of our game, or the application is of such low quality that it is not worthwhile to revise.

This doesn't mean you should necessarily give up. Rejection has happened to us all, including the writer of this guideline. (That would be Nita, current headwiz.)

If you get rejected for poor use of English, that could be a permanent obstacle to getting a character approved or a matter that can be solved by simply taking more care in revising the application.

If you got rejected for worldview issues, take the advice given in your rejection letter and come up with another character, using the OOC resources at your disposal.

Remember that this is a rejection of the character concept, not a rejection of you as a player. If you think you've got a good concept in you, go read the Guide for writing a character and try again!

* 2) There will be a request for more information.

Much more commonly, the reviewer handling your application will contact you with further questions and/or a request for revision.

* 3) Application acceptance.

In the case of an outstanding original application, the reviewer will contact you and inform you that your character has been created with such-and-such a password.

I got accepted! Now what?

First off: Congratulations and welcome aboard!

As mentioned, your -reg wizard will include a name and password for you with your "character accepted" notice. Simply connect to garoumush and log in using the name and password provided.

You'll start off in the first of a few rooms entitled "Birthplace" where you'll set up your characters stats and other information.

Some of the Background bonuses have been modified for the particular online environment of the MUSH. You might want to type "+info backgrounds" and review these backgrounds prior to selecting them.

Once you've finished, you'll be deposited in the OOC Lounge.

Type "News Newbie" for information on setting up your character and spending freebies. If you make a mistake, you can send an @mail or e-mail to your -reg wizard, who can correct the problem.

If you have some experience with MUSH coding, there's useful code on the Sample Werewolf in the OOCL.

Before you go running off to roleplay, be sure that you have set your character's description(s). Garou have five different forms (homid, glabro, crinos, hispo, lupus) and thus should have five different descriptions.

Your -reg wizard may also advise you to hold off on going IC so that they can look over your stats to make sure that they reflect your application, and possibly suggest a combination that makes more sense for the character than what is currently being represented.

Actively try to get in touch with people--particularly members of your character's tribe--in order to arrange for your character to be brought onscreen and introduced to the sept.

Last but certainly not least, enjoy yourself!