What Is MUSH?

There are those that say MUSH stands for Multi-User-Shared-Hallucination, but in truth, that acronym (and others like it that use Habitat instead of Hallucination) are nicknames that came afterward. Regardless of when it happened, the moniker is a good one. MUSHes are text-based environments that are ideal for setting up written roleplaying games. In the early days of the internet, before massive multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft came out---indeed, before the world wide web existed---MUSHes and MUDs were a popular way for folks to game. They are similar to chat programs like IRC, AOL, and any of the more recent chat systems like Google Talk, however MUSH offers a far more detailed environment. It allows the user to build an entire world around them. Players can dig 'rooms' that can be described as anything they can imagine--from a common living room in a brownstone apartment, to a cloud city in a far off galaxy. The object-oriented code allows users a multidue of ways to create unique environments. For more information on the origin and nature of MUSH, as well as sites for good MUSH code, see the links below.

MUSH at Wikipedia

A good wikipedia entry about MUSH. A similar entry about MUD can be read here.


A good source for information and explanations about MUSH and MUSH code. It also contains a nice repository of both code and how-to articles.


Similar to the above link, a repository for MUSHcode and articles.

Gwen's Mushcode

A wiki site with a fantastic collection of MUSH links and code.

Amberyl's MUSH Manual

The MUSH Bible.

Myrddin's MUSH Code

Yet another fantastic repository of great code and information.

Raevnos' MUSH Code Page

And still one more page of code and information on MUSH.


Talvo is a resource for PennMUSH code and users, although there are articles and code for TinyMUSH as well.

TinyMUSH Homepage

The homepage for the open source code that GarouMUSH is built with.