External Links

We've compiled a list of links to websites that we feel can be very useful to our players. We will try to keep this page as updated as possible, but since these are external links, we have no control over whether they remain active or not. Whenever we find a new, useful resource, we will add that link here, so check back often.

  • All of the links on this page take you away from the official GarouMUSH site.

The GarouMUSH Wiki

A wikia made by some of our players. It is a font of useful information, and we encourage people to use and responsibly contribute to it.

White Wolf Online

The official web site of White Wolf. Among other things, the site offers information on all books within the World of Darkness.

The Badger's Den - Garou Glyphs

A wealth of downloadable garou glyphs.

Werewolf Gifts

A link to a searchable site with werewolf gifts. Very handy!

Werewolf: the Apocalypse Revised

Someone made a website of the entire Revised edition of W:tA. We thank them. It's very useful.

Moon Phases

Garou are intricately linked to the phases of the moon. This is a great site to keep track of them. It's also great for looking into the past and selecting a date with the correct phase to serve as a character's birthday.

Drive Thru RPG

Drive Thru RPG is a great place to buy roleplaying books and other roleplaying items.

World of Darkness Dice Roller

An external dice roller for the World of Darkness.

Washington Native Plant Society

A great site to explore the rich flora of Washington State (where garoumush is set).

Burke Museum Field Guide

Burke is Washington's official natural history and cultural museum. A great resource for the area.

GarouMUSH at Livejournal

garouMUSH maintains an account at livejournal.com. It's a place where our players can read, post, and stay connected not only with the game but with other players.

GarouMUSH's LJ Friends List

While the former LJ link takes you to posts made to the GarouMUSH LJ, the latter above link takes you to the GarouMUSH LJ's Friends list, which contains posts made on subscribers' personal pages.

Character Pages and Links

Yi maintains a page that has links to other player's web pages, log pages, and other various links.

The Mud Connector

The Mud Connector is a fantastic Mush and Mud resource.


A MUSH client for Mac users.


Another popular MUSH client made for Mac users.


A MUSH client for Windows users.


Another popular MUSH client for Windows users.


Perhaps the original MUSH client. Tinyfugue was designed to be used with the unix family, originally, but now there are versions for a variety of operating systems.


Interested in starting your own MUSH? Here's the place to get the source code.